Why Didn’T Hamilton Pit Abu Dhabi?

Why Didn
According to a statement made by a former Formula One commentator named Peter Windsor, Lewis Hamilton did not have a tyre change at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix because “it was impossible for Mercedes to forecast what would happen.”

Why couldn t Hamilton pit?

Why Didn Why Didn Skip to content Lewis Hamilton’s hopes of salvaging a respectable point haul after starting the race in 15th place were dashed as he failed to take advantage of a crucial opportunity to pit during a Virtual Safety Car window. It appears that Hamilton did not hear the original directive to come into the pits, according to the radio signals sent by the Mercedes crew.

After the request was repeated, Hamilton, who had already moved through the entrance to the pit lane, said “too late” when he was asked about it. Due to the fact that he did not take advantage of the chance to enter, the door that leads to the pit lane was eventually locked. Because of this, Hamilton had to wait an additional three laps before making his obligatory stop.

Unfortunately, by this time, the VSC period had already elapsed, thus he lost more positions than absolutely necessary. When the VSC period started, he had pushed his way up to sixth place behind his teammate, but he ended up finishing the race in tenth place overall.

  • When Daniel Ricciardo came to a halt on the approach to the pit lane entry, it triggered the VSC period that was going to take place.
  • In addition, Fernando Alonso’s Alpine had experienced some sort of issue, and he was now making his way back to the pits at a significantly slowed pace.
  • Hamilton was made aware of the issue, and his crew informed him that he was currently in the “VSC window,” which meant that he should be prepared to make a pit stop in the event that a VSC was activated.

As he neared the last turn, he was given his first command to pit, which was to “box, box.” However, he did not accept this instruction: It was relayed to Hamilton that: “Box, box. Box, box. Maintain vigilance with regard to the pit lane “at the very last turn As Hamilton reached the entrance to the pit lane, where Ricciardo had already stopped, he was given the instruction to pit once more.

35 Bonnington Alonso has a car problem. Just a reminder, you are in your VSC and Safety Car window.
36 Bonnington Ricciardo has stopped just before the pit entry. Just reminder you are in VSC Car and Safety Car window. But be mindful, pit lane may close.
36 Hamilton You let me know man.
36 Bonnington Just keep an eye on it. Roger.
36 Bonnington So box, box. Box, box. Keep an eye on the pit lane.
36 Hamilton Car’s slowed down.
36 Bonnington Okay box, box. Box, box.
37 Hamilton Agh. It’s too late.
37 Bonnington VSC, So VSC keep delta positive, the pit lane has closed.
37 Hamilton Sorry about that guys. I just
37 Bonnington Delta, delta.
37 Hamilton There was a car in the way.
37 Bonnington Just that keep delta positive. Another car has stopped in the pit entry.
37 Bonnington So if you go to strat mode one. Just keep an eye on those pit lane boards. As soon as the pit lane opens, we are in. So pit lane still closed.

In addition to Hamilton, there were two other drivers who were in the same predicament. Kevin Magnussen and Nico Hulkenberg, along with him, had started the race on hard tyres and had chosen not to pit during the earlier deployment of the Safety Car. They saw the latter VSC period as a perfect opportunity to do a tyre replacement at a minimal cost, therefore they changed their tires during that time.

Magnussen, the driver who was directly behind Hamilton but seven seconds behind him, was able to make it through. When Hulkenberg got on the scene, Alonso’s Alpine had already begun its descent towards the pit lane. Hulkenberg went over the line that marked the access to the pit lane in order to guarantee that he would be able to enter the pits: Hulkenberg was forced to go around the line of people waiting to enter the pit lane.

When entering the pits, drivers are often required to maintain their position to the left of the white line. Nevertheless, the race director’s notes for the event state that the following are eligible for consideration as an exception: When approaching the pits, drivers are required to maintain a position to the left of the solid white line that is immediately prior to the pit entry.

  • This rule is in place for safety reasons.
  • It is forbidden for a driver who, in the opinion of the stewards, had committed to entering the pit lane to cross any part of the car, in any direction, in the painted area that is located between the pit entry and the track.
  • The only exception to this rule is when there is a case of force majeure that is recognized by the stewards as meeting the criteria for this exception.” This appears to meet the requirements, as there is now one automobile stopped on the entrance to the pits and another car moving in slowly.

Is it possible that Hamilton missed the first communication that was sent to pit? Or did he hear it but choose not to pit because he wanted to err on the side of caution? Fans of the race approached the principal of the Mercedes team, Toto Wolff, and questioned him why Lewis Hamilton didn’t appear to respond to the initial demand for him to pit.

Wolff elucidated the situation by saying, “Obviously Alonso slowed down throughout the lap, Ricciardo broke down in the entrance, and we advised him to come in.” “However, there was a double yellow, one vehicle that was stopped, and another that was slowing down. Photos from the 2022 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix are available in this gallery.” It was simply a really confused scenario all around, and as he drove by, he slowed down because of the misunderstanding, which caused us to come out behind Magnussen, and once that happens, the race is definitely finished.” As Hamilton neared the situation, he could see Ricciardo standing up in the cockpit of his parked car.

This gave Hamilton every reason to proceed with extreme caution as he approached the scene. On the other hand, the crew had cautioned him to be ready to make a pit stop and urged him to check that the door to the pit lane was open. If he had been as knowledgeable about the regulations as Hulkenberg was, he should have had the confidence to enter the competition.

  1. However, it is important to note that the driver of the Aston Martin had a lot more time to ponder whether or not to enter the pit lane.
  2. It’s possible that the recollection of his activities at Monza in the year 2020 played a role.
  3. On that particular instance, he entered the pit lane when it was closed, which resulted in a significant penalty for him.
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Furthermore, if Hamilton had observed the Formula 2 sprint race that took place on Saturday, Dennis Hauger’s experience may have caused him to lose faith in the way that the regulations are enforced in this particular sector. Public service announcement: Join RaceFans as a supporter now! Why Didn Why Didn

What if Hamilton pitted in Abu Dhabi?

Why Didn Lewis Hamilton has been completely absent from the public eye since since the tragic events that took place on December 12th, 2021. As much of a brand as he is a sportsman, Lewis Hamilton is one of the few drivers to fully embrace the power of social media over the years.

As a result of his transparency on Instagram – a platform he uses to promote causes he feels particularly strongly about, as well as showcasing his own ventures – Hamilton has become the most well-known household name in Formula One. Hamilton is one of the few drivers to fully embrace the power of social media over the years.

Due to the depth of Hamilton’s depression following the 2021 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, however, those channels have also gone silent. At that point in the race, with ten circuits to go, Hamilton had to have been feeling fairly good about himself. It appeared as though he would take the Drivers’ Championship in 2021, beating out his long-time competitor Max Verstappen, barring a catastrophic accident or a breakdown in the vehicle’s machinery.

  • Although he had a comfortable advantage of more than 10 seconds, Verstappen was unable to respond to Hamilton’s performance since he was already in the lead.
  • The competition hadn’t exactly been a walk in the park either.
  • After getting off to a quick start, Hamilton was very lucky to avoid getting into an accident on the opening lap as Verstappen was able to move alongside him as they entered the apex of Turn 6.

Hamilton used a shortcut through the escape zone and maintained his lead throughout the race; nevertheless, he was not required to hand over the position to Verstappen since the stewards determined that the fact that Hamilton slowed down to enable Verstappen to catch up was sufficient.

After that, Hamilton had to contend with Sergio Perez of Red Bull attempting to slow him down. Perez was left out on the track as a sacrificial lamb after the Mercedes pit stop, and his sole duty was to slow down Hamilton. This allowed Mercedes to gain track position over Perez and go ahead of Hamilton in the standings.

He did an outstanding job with this. Perez slowed Hamilton down sufficiently to allow Verstappen to come back on the tail of the Mercedes, but Hamilton swiftly went about restoring the gap between himself and Verstappen. Perez did this without any regard for how his own race was going.

  1. Before the previously described catastrophe occurred, everything appeared to be under control.
  2. Nicholas Latifi of Williams was involved in an accident on lap 53 of 58, which resulted in the deployment of the Safety Car.
  3. What could Mercedes possibly do at this point in the race, when it’s almost over? If they brought Hamilton in for new tires, they would lose position to Verstappen, and there is no assurance that the race would continue after that.

If they choose not to pit, Verstappen would do so, and if the race were to continue, he would have the benefit of driving on more recent tires. It was a position in which neither side could come out on top, although the events of the closing two laps did not make things easier for Mercedes in terms of their strategy.

  • Race Director Michael Masi made the call at the halfway point of the penultimate lap for certain unlapped cars (particularly, five of the eight lapped) to unlap themselves.
  • This freed up the traffic between Hamilton and Verstappen, who had pitted while Hamilton did not.
  • The circumstances of the last lap are now well documented as a result of Toto Wolff’s radio transmission, and from that point on, Hamilton was condemned to lose “No Michael, no! That was not at all acceptable! “, in regard to Masi’s call.

© Mercedes

What did Lewis Hamilton say about Abu Dhabi?

Mercedes: I believe that this marks the end of the chapter – After Abu Dhabi, the FIA decided to make many adjustments, including the replacement of Michael Masi with two new race directors, the introduction of a new officiating room that is similar to the VAR, and revisions to the laws governing the Safety Car.

  1. Toto Wolff, the head of the Mercedes team, was asked about his thoughts on the report.
  2. He responded by saying, “You can interpret it any way, but, for us, there are the words that indicate ‘human mistake,’ and the admission of that is extremely important, and now we finish the chapter.” Please use Google Chrome as your browser since it has a more user-friendly video player.

Given the challenges that the Mercedes team faced over the course of the weekend, Lewis Hamilton referred to finishing on the podium as a “amazing” accomplishment. Given the challenges that the Mercedes team faced over the course of the weekend, Lewis Hamilton referred to finishing on the podium as a “amazing” accomplishment.

  • “Since our vehicle was not competitive for this year’s race in Abu Dhabi, I have not been giving the race much thought.” We need to witness a significant shift in behavior.
  • It makes me delighted to see that there is greater openness.
  • The more time I spend thinking about Abu Dhabi, the more difficult my life becomes.

The trophy is now in someone else’s display case, and this chapter of the story is over. I believe that the FIA will have gained an understanding of how things ought not to be handled. Why Didn

Was the FIA wrong in Abu Dhabi?

The results of the race and the championship are considered to be ‘legitimate’ despite the fact that the FIA has said that ‘human error’ was a part in the 2021 Abu Dhabi GP title dispute. However, the FIA has stated that race director Michael Masi behaved in ‘good faith’ during the event.

What was the controversy in F1 Abu Dhabi?

The governing body of Formula One, the FIA, has released their report on the controversy that occurred during the 2021 season finale. This controversy occurred when race director Michael Masi appeared to incorrectly allow Red Bull’s Max Verstappen the opportunity to overtake Lewis Hamilton on the final lap, which then allowed Verstappen to win the championship.

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Can Mercedes be pitted?

Bernie Ecclestone, a former F1 supremo, has stated that Mercedes might have used a “very ingenious” method to guarantee Lewis Hamilton’s eighth F1 world title in the finale of the season, which took place in Abu Dhabi. Ecclestone is of the opinion that Mercedes blew the chance to utilize their second car, which would have been driven by Bottas, to guarantee that the race was completed under safety car conditions.

  1. Ecclestone stated the following in an interview with Blick: “(It is) ingenious in a lot of ways.
  2. It would have been preferable to ensure that the Safety Car remained on the track during the whole event, which would have prevented it from having to be restarted.” “Despite the fact that it would have caused distress for a great number of individuals, the outcome would not have been altered in any way.” Nicholas Latifi’s accident on lap 53 of the 58-lap Abu Dhabi Grand Prix prompted the race officials to bring out the safety car.

Lewis Hamilton was leading the race when Mercedes made the decision to keep him on the track rather than bring him in for service. The team had the expectation that the race would be won during the duration of the safety car. During this time, Red Bull brought Verstappen, who was running in second place, into the pits to receive new soft tires.

  • After Sergio Perez’s vehicle experienced a number of technical issues, the team made the decision to retire him.
  • It was important for Red Bull to prevent Perez from stopping on the track, since doing so would have made the caution period much longer.
  • After all of the debris caused by the collision was cleaned up, there was just one lap left in the race.

The race control team made the controversial decision to let just certain lapped vehicles attempt to unlap themselves. They reasoned that it was to guarantee that the last race of the season does not conclude under the caution car and to prevent lapped vehicles from interfering with the leaders.

Why did Hamilton stay out in Hungary?

At the Hungarian Grand Prix, many people thought that Lewis Hamilton made a significant error when he chose not to pit at the conclusion of the formation lap before the standing start restart. Nevertheless, you are able to make a convincing case for why it was, in fact, the best choice to make.

  • Since Hamilton was at the front of the pack, he had no clue whether or not the other drivers would opt to make a pit stop at the conclusion of the lap to put dry tires on their cars.
  • Even though it was obvious that the circuit was drying up fast as the sun emerged from behind the clouds, Hamilton elected to remain on the track in order to resume the race on intermediate tyres.

“When we actually left the pit lane at that point we were talking about whether or not we go on slicks because we could see it was drying out,” Mercedes trackside engineering director Andrew Shovlin told RacingNews365.com and other select members of the press.

  1. “When we actually left the pit lane at that point we were talking about do we go on slicks because we could see it was drying out.” And it was the decision that we ended up making the incorrect way.
  2. “The thinking though was a little, that given the scenario in the race there and with our opponents, was one of avoiding making a mistake by falling off or getting stuck in an accident.” As a result, we opted to go with caution and continue on the intermediates.

It came as quite a shock to see the entire field on the intermediates, and it was even more of a surprise to see the entire field disappearing behind us. Below the picture is where the article continues. In a scenario like the one that took place on Sunday, Hamilton was in a pickle since he would be in the same position no matter what he did.

  • Just picture it if he did the pit.
  • There would almost likely not be a space in the competition that would allow for the vehicle to be safely released, and the possibility of a collision that would cause damage in the pit lane was also rather high.
  • Given that Hamilton’s primary title contender, Max Verstappen, was injured and racing down in the standings, taking a cautious approach was the best course of action to do.

“When you’re first garage, you’ve got the disadvantage that as you come in and do your stop,” Shovlin adds. “When you’re first garage, you’ve got the benefit that as you come in and perform your stop.” “You’ve then got a train of cars following you in who will have pit boxes farther down the pit lane,” the announcer said as the vehicles entered the pit lane.

  • Then you have to attempt to locate some kind of a space that you can launch into, and you noticed that there were a few incidences where people were colliding in the pit lane.
  • ” Given that there is no way that Lewis can ever accumulate five seconds on a formation lap because everyone is trying to cluster up and get in, we assume that in the best case scenario, we would have been in sixth place out on the road.

The worst-case scenario would have been finishing tenth, but doing so would have been both messy and risky. This is why we keep coming back to the fact that the real mistake we made was that we should have rolled out of the pit lane on dry tyres, as should everyone else, because doing so eliminates the need to make the stop.

  • It was a bad break for us, as we blew a simple opportunity to come out on top of the competition.
  • It was regrettable.
  • But we could not deny the fact that we had all arrived at the same conclusion incorrectly.
  • There is no one to blame for it, but it is one of those things that you learn from an industry, and you try your best not to repeat the same error repeatedly.

On paper, Hamilton’s actions may have appeared to be illogical; however, a more in-depth analysis reveals that the seven-time world champion actually took the appropriate action, and it was one of the contributing factors that allowed him to take the lead in the championship by eight points over Verstappen.

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Why did Hamilton start alone?

Why Didn HUH? 1st August 2021, 7:02 pm Last updated on Monday, August 1, 2021, 7:03 p.m. After a significant accident occurred on Sunday, the Formula One Hungarian Grand Prix had to be resumed with just Lewis Hamilton on the starting grid. This was not due to the fact that the accident was so severe that it had eliminated all 19 of the other drivers from the race; rather, it was due to the fact that the surviving rivals made a strategic choice that Hamilton’s Mercedes team failed to take.

F1 On the very first lap, there was a significant collision. F1 Before the race was restarted, Hamilton was the only driver who did not make a pit stop to change tires. A rain shower that occurred thirty minutes before the start of the race led to a chaotic first corner that was caused by a collision between Valtteri Bottas and Lando Norris of McLaren, who then collided with Max Verstappen.

Sergio Perez, who was driving the other Red Bull, was taken out of competition by a reckless Valtteri Bottas. Because of the damage, Bottas, Norris, and Perez were all had to pull out of the race, leaving Verstappen to continue with a vehicle that was considerably impaired.

  1. The race was paused for twenty-five minutes so that the debris that had scattered throughout the track could be cleaned up.
  2. Every team, with the exception of Mercedes, made the snap decision to change their tires as soon as the race was begun when the track had almost completely dried up.
  3. At the conclusion of the pre-restart formation lap, Mercedes decided to keep Lewis Hamilton on wet tyres while the other drivers in front of him dipped for slick tires.

As a result, all of the drivers began the new lap from the pit lane. It meant that Hamilton was the only one who started from his grid place when the lights went down, which resulted in some unusual scenarios. After that, Mercedes realized they had made the incorrect call, so they took Hamilton into the pits on the very next lap. Why Didn

Why did Red Bull DNF?

At the Bahrain Grand Prix, a fuel system vacuum was to blame for both of Red Bull’s failures.

Can Mercedes bounce back?

Christian Horner, the principal of the Red Bull racing team, predicted that Mercedes will recover “very, very rapidly” after their sluggish start to the 2022 season. Mercedes were only able to finish third and fourth in the Bahrain Grand Prix due to troubles with their vehicles, which caused them to struggle throughout the race.

But Horner, whose fierce competitors include Mercedes, has wagered that they will get their revenge a lot sooner than many people now anticipate. “The head of the Red Bull team said on the official Formula One website, “I believe when you view their vehicle on track it definitely doesn’t appear easy for their drivers at the moment.

However, what we do know is their capacity to bounce back.” I mean, they’ve had tough preseasons in the past, and then they’ve gone on to win the first race of the season.” Therefore, until we have seen a sample of three or four races, you are not going to get a true picture of form, and of course, with the regulations being so immature, the development rate is going to be fast, it is going to be steep, and of course, a team like Mercedes – with the strength and depth that they have – will bounce back very, very quickly if they are on the back foot.” After neither of Red Bull’s cars crossed the finish line in the Bahrain race, the team will need to work hard to get their season back on track.

After being forced to retire due to engine problems, Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez were both awarded 0 points for their efforts. Horner is adamant that the team’s issues aren’t nearly as severe as Mercedes’s since they started out with a superior product. “The plus side for us is that we certainly have a competitive vehicle,” Horner said.

“I don’t believe we quite got the pace, but there was some terrific racing between Max and Charles.” “The negative side for us is that we clearly have a competitive car.” Due to the fact that there are still 22 races left in the season, it is imperative that we solve whatever problem we were facing and make significant progress before the next race weekend.”

Can Mercedes sue FIA?

Mercedes has decided not to appeal the judgment made by the stewards in Abu Dhabi, even though the FIA has announced an inquiry.

What happened to Lewis Hamilton 2021?

“I’ve been gone. Now I’m back!, “posted by Lewis Hamilton on Saturday on several social media platforms; Since the race in Abu Dhabi on December 12, Hamilton has not been heard from officially; Crucial moment looming for Mercedes driver as FIA begin probe into 2021 championship decider – Updated at: 12:01 PM on June 22nd, 2006 The reintroduction of Lewis Hamilton to social media coincides with a pivotal time for the Formula One championship.

  1. Lewis Hamilton has finally spoken out for the first time in over two months, announcing that he is “back” in his first social media post since the contentious Abu Dhabi Grand Prix title decider in Formula 1.
  2. Max Verstappen of Red Bull emerged triumphant after a late Safety Car and a now-famous climax, which caused Hamilton to lose the final race of the 2021 season and, as a result, the championship.

The manner in which these events transpired was highly theatrical. Why Didn When will the next vehicle launch be, when F1 2022 gets underway? The Mercedes driver, who was denied a record ninth title, gave one brief interview in parc ferme after the race on December 12, but other than that, he had remained conspicuously silent up until Saturday night.

  1. On Saturday night, he finally broke his quiet.
  2. After a hiatus of fifty-six days from his social media accounts, Hamilton tweeted the following on Twitter and Instagram: “I’ve been gone.
  3. Now I’m back!” Twitter You are unable to see this Privacy Options page because of the consent settings that you have chosen.

The brief but endearing tweet was accompanied with a photo of Hamilton grinning, which appeared to be taken near the Grand Canyon. The only time that Lewis Hamilton has been seen in public since the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix was when he went to Windsor to collect his knighthood a few days after the humiliating loss. Why Didn