Why Does Dubai Have Supercar Police Cars?

Why Does Dubai Have Supercar Police Cars
These police cars are a force to be reckoned with – both tourists and locals won’t be bored with well-mannered police road warriors in this town. The imposing fleet of supercars owned by the Dubai Police Department is unparalleled anywhere else in the world’s law enforcement agencies.

  1. Even though the cops are only doing their jobs, they are putting on a spectacular exhibition of public service in the hopes of fostering mutual relations.
  2. The fact that the fleet is not restricted to just one make and type of wallet-emptying luxury wheels is the nicest thing about it.
  3. It was in 2013 that the Dubai Police Department first got their hands on a Lamborghini Aventador.

They kept adding more and more rare supercars to the fleet, each of which was incredibly impressive in terms of both its looks and its capabilities. It would appear that getting detained in Dubai has its advantages. The Dubai police force is fully aware of the importance of tourism to the city as well as the country’s reputation for having extremely fast and extravagant automobiles.

Does Dubai really have Lamborghini police cars?

Why Does Dubai Have Supercar Police Cars Why Does Dubai Have Supercar Police Cars After adding a Lamborghini to its fleet, the Dubai Police Department is also engaged in a high-speed manhunt in this city of limitless bling. By Dylan Reynolds CNN. com Already, Dubai is home to the world’s tallest structure, the world’s largest retail mall, and the largest archipelago that was created by human hands.

  • It should thus come as no surprise that the law enforcement officers in this nation drive one of the most luxurious and pricey automobiles in the world.
  • The Dubai Police force’s official colors are green and white, and the most recent addition to its fleet is a green and white Lamborghini Aventador that is sure to turn heads everywhere it goes.

The news was made by the force through its Twitter feed, which is known as @DubaiPoliceHQ. This caused a flurry of tweets to be sent out with the hashtag #OnlyinDubai. Twitter user @eJbacher says said: “Lambo Cop Cars. Do not speed in Dubai. They will go after you and drive Italian sports cars while doing it.” Another tweet sent out by @knicks20 stated, ” Wouldn’t mind being pulled over by the popo in dubai.

  1. Lambo police vehicles.
  2. ” The force claimed in a written statement that the automobile, which has a personalized license plate with the number 8 on it, will be a step toward affirming the status of Dubai as “a city of luxury in all of its amenities.” The comment was made in reference to the car.
  3. According to the most current statistics, one in five of the traffic penalties handed out in Dubai was for exceeding 130 miles per hour while driving (209 kph.) The vehicle has a top speed of 217 miles per hour (or 349 kilometers per hour), can accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour (or 0 to 97 kilometers per hour) in 2.9 seconds, and has a claimed value of around $500,000 dollars.

(Photos provided by the Dubai Police Department) The Lamborghinis that are used by the Dubai Police Department are not the first of their kind. These high-end sports cars are also put to service by the armed forces of Italy and Qatar. Cable News Network reserves the right to copyright 2013 Why Does Dubai Have Supercar Police Cars Why Does Dubai Have Supercar Police Cars

What type of cars do Dubai Police drive?

Why Does Dubai Have Supercar Police Cars Because of the government’s unwavering commitment to public safety in Dubai, the emirate’s law enforcement agencies have access to some of the most cutting-edge hardware available, making it one of the most secure cities in the world. The Dubai Police Department has amassed quite the impressive vehicle collection throughout the years.

  • The police department already has a Bugatti Veyron, a Ferrari, numerous Porsche models, McLarens, and Bentleys in their lineup of vehicles.
  • In addition, they have Bentleys.
  • In addition, the Dubai Police Department’s fleet now includes a brand-new Genesis GV80 2021 model.
  • This vehicle has a menacing appearance, luxury equipment, and a 3.5-liter turbocharged V8 engine, and it was just introduced to the fleet.

The 2021 Toyota Supra, which has the potential to reach 100 kilometers per hour in under 4.1 seconds and was added to the fleet of Dubai police at some point in the past, has also been included. Take a look at some of the most popular options within their fleet, which include: Bugatti Veyron – The Dubai Police Department’s Bugatti Veyrons are notable for their peak speed of 408 kilometers per hour.

  1. Because to its recent purchase, the police department now has the title of having the quickest car of any police force in the whole globe, earning it a place in the Guinness Book of World Records.
  2. The Lamborghini Aventador owned by the Dubai Police Department is capable of reaching speeds of up to 350 kilometers per hour and can reach 100 kilometers per hour in under three seconds.

This is one of the quickest cars that the Dubai Police Department has in its fleet. The Dubai Police Department’s fleet includes a few four-seater models, including a Ferrari FF, which makes it one of the rarest and most distinctive vehicles in their fleet.

  1. However, there is no denying its strength and aptitude, as evidenced by the fact that it can reach speeds of 100 kilometers per hour in under 3.7 seconds.
  2. BMW i8 – The BMW i8, which has two electric motors with a combined output of 357 horsepower and can reach 100 kilometers per hour in just 4.2 seconds, helps the Dubai Police Department cut expenditures.
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Ford Mustang – The fleet of the Dubai Police Department includes a Ford Mustang, which is likely one of the most recognizable automobiles in the entire globe. One of the most significant vehicles to be added to the lineup in recent years is the Ford Mustang.

  • Another supercar in the Dubai Police fleet is the Audi R8 V10, which they initially purchased as the V10 Plus and then went on to acquire an additional handful of.
  • Additionally, the police department received two Audi Q7s for their fleet.
  • The R8 is a powerful sports car that can reach 100 kilometers per hour in fewer than four seconds.

The McLaren MP4-12C was the first production car manufactured by the firm since the McLaren F1 in 1988. It was introduced in the year 2013, and it is a thing of beauty. The maximum speed that may be achieved with this vehicle is 320 kilometers per hour.

  • Mercedes Benz SLS AMG- The Mercedes Benz SLS AMG boasts an extremely strong V8 539 horsepower 6.3 litre engine.
  • This is a valued beauty that belongs to the Dubai Police Department and is one of their prized possessions.
  • Ghiath Beast Patrol SUV – A monster new addition to the Dubai Police force, the Ghiath Beast patrol SUV is equipped with a 4×4 system as well as various other modern communications technologies.

W Motors, who also manufactured the Lykan Hypersport automobiles, is the company that was responsible for the construction of this vehicle. Why Does Dubai Have Supercar Police Cars While we swoon over these cars, it is important to note that the Dubai police force is apparently in the process of placing an order for a Tesla Cybertruck for the not too distant future. That will most certainly not be anything to forget!

Why are super cars left in Dubai?

Why do people in Dubai leave their supercars parked throughout the city? – The owners, when confronted with the prospect of declaring bankruptcy, frequently leave the country, taking their luxury automobiles with them, because, according to Sharia law, it is a criminal offense and the individual is susceptible to imprisonment if the debt is not paid in full.

Do the police drive ferraris in Dubai?

The latest luxury super automobile to be added to the fleet of the Dubai Police Department was recently shown for public admiration. The inclusion of a Chevrolet and a Lamborghini earlier this month was followed shortly thereafter by the launch of the Ferrari FF, also known as the Ferrari Four.

Do Dubai Police actually drive supercars?

These patrol vehicles are a formidable adversary that cannot be ignored. The imposing fleet of supercars owned by the Dubai Police Department is unparalleled anywhere else in the world’s law enforcement agencies.

What is the world’s fastest police car?

The Bugatti Veyron, the world’s quickest patrol car – According to Autoweek, the Bugatti Veyron is the most powerful and quickest police car that is currently available. It comes equipped with a robust 8.0L V16 engine that is capable of producing an impressive 1,200 horsepower and can accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour in only 2.46 seconds.

  1. The motor of the vehicle is constructed with 64 valves and four turbochargers, which together ensure a maximum speed of 253 miles per hour.
  2. The law enforcement agencies in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), notably those in Dubai, make use of it.
  3. According to Major Sultan Al Marri, of the city’s General Department of Transport & Rescue, the agency does not invest in the Bugatti Veyron to “show off,” but rather to depict police friendliness to tourists.

He said this to explain why the department purchased the supercar. The link between law enforcement and tourists is strengthened when officers are provided with luxury vehicle brands of this kind.

How much do Dubai Police make?

In the United Arab Emirates, the salary for a police officer comes out to an average of AED 206,118 per year and AED 99 per hour. Between 145,725 and 249,815 AED is the typical salary range for a Police Officer in the United Arab Emirates. The greatest degree of education that a police officer typically possesses is a diploma from an accredited high school.

  • This study of compensation was derived using data from a wage survey that was conducted in United Arab Emirates and was conducted anonymously with both employers and workers.
  • The pay statistics provided by ERI are derived from salary surveys that were carried out and researched by ERI.
  • The Assessor Series includes data on the cost of labor that is derived from actual housing sales data obtained from sources that are commercially available, in addition to rental rates, gasoline prices, consumables, the cost of medical care premiums, property taxes, effective income tax rates, and so on.
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Find data from actuarial salary surveys and use them to benchmark pay and compensation.

Can you claim abandoned supercars in Dubai?

According to the laws of Dubai, the owners of automobiles that have been impounded have a grace period of six months during which they can pay a fee and reclaim their vehicles. After the deadline of six months has passed, any cars that have been abandoned or confiscated will be put up for auction at a price that is a fraction of what they were originally sold for.

Why do cops pull over supercars?

It doesn’t matter if they do it out of envy or just because the drivers are acting like idiots; law enforcement officers love to pull over supercars. There are times when it is acceptable and times when it is not. The next four films will demonstrate that law enforcement officers have a strong distaste for those who drive supercars.

Which city has the fastest police car in the world?

Why Does Dubai Have Supercar Police Cars 6 Bugatti Veyron (Dubai) – via CNN With an acceleration time from zero to sixty miles per hour of just 2.46 seconds, the Bugatti Veyron is now the world’s quickest police car. The results are a direct result of the massive 8.0-liter V16 gasoline-powered engine that is found in the Veyron.

Which country has Lamborghini police cars?

Why Does Dubai Have Supercar Police Cars 1 Dubai: Lamborghini Aventador, $450,000 (Courtesy of The National) The Dubai Police Department has an armada of luxury vehicles, and one of those vehicles is a Lamborghini Aventador. As a result, the Dubai Police Department is aware of how spectacular this vehicle is.

What country do cops drive lambos?

Nobody could ever call a supercar practical, despite the fact that they may be astounding in their own right. However, there are some driving activities that can be accomplished by nothing but an extremely high-performance automobile. And it would appear that one of them is traveling a considerable distance in a very short amount of time in order to deliver a donor organ to a recipient.

  1. According to The Drive, this was the dilemma that the Italian Police were confronted with earlier this month.
  2. It was a stroke of good luck for everyone concerned that the department happened to have a Lamborghini Huracán on available so that the donor kidney could be driven 300 miles in slightly more than two hours.

Grazie alla nostra @Lamborghini Huracan abbiamo trasportato in time il rene di un donatore per il trapianto an una persona “Per salvare una life non servono superpoteri” anche solidarietà, tecnologia ed efficienza aiutano @CNTrapianti @MinisteroSalute #essercisempre #5novembre picture shared on twitter by @teUxqbMgvW — Polizia di Stato (@poliziadistato) November 5, 2020 The Italian police force does, in fact, make use of Lamborghinis.

  • On November 5, the truck, which is generally used for highway police, was put to service transporting the organ in issue from Rome to Gemelli University Hospital in the city of Padua, which is located in the northern region of Italy.
  • According to reports, the sky blue Huracán completed the 303-mile drive in almost two hours while maintaining an average speed of 145 miles per hour.

Normally, it would take a car more than five hours to accomplish the voyage. It is unknown why a helicopter was not utilized to deliver the kidney; nonetheless, the Lamborghini that had been specifically outfitted was more than capable of completing the mission.

  • This is mostly a result of the vehicle’s V10 engine, which has 5.2 liters of displacement.
  • The naturally aspirated engine is capable of producing 602 horsepower and is paired with an automatic transmission that has seven gears.
  • This combination allows the vehicle to accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour in only 2.8 seconds and reach a high speed of 202 miles per hour.

However, the car’s trunk, which had a refrigerator, is of equal significance to the robust powertrain since it was utilized to keep the cooler that contained the kidney. It is difficult to imagine a more beneficial way to put the storage compartment to use.

The Lamborghini Huracán Lamborghini owned by the Italian Police It turns out that the Huracán that was used to transport the organ to Padua is one of many that the Italian Police have on available for precisely these kinds of urgent situations. In 2017, Lamborghini offered this specific example to the department as a demonstration of their capabilities.

In addition to a climate-controlled storage area, this vehicle’s trunk also comes equipped with lighting, a police computer and radio, recording equipment, portable fire extinguishers, and automated external defibrillators.

Does everyone in Dubai drive Lamborghini?

It is not odd to see a high-end luxury or sports vehicle driving around Dubai because it is a city full of people who are passionate about cars. Even the Dubai Police Department employs a fleet of luxury vehicles, including Bugatti Veyrons and Lamborghinis, among others.

  • Aside from that, the percentage of residents who are able to buy the automobile of their dreams is significantly larger in comparison to that of residents in other cities throughout the world.
  • The reason for this is that Dubai is quite welcoming to owners of luxury vehicles as well as those who drive them.
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Some of the elements that contribute include salaries that are exempt from taxes, favorable road conditions, and straightforward financing options. In this tutorial, we will investigate the reasons why there are so many luxury automobiles in Dubai as well as the mechanisms that allow so many individuals to purchase them.

How much is a police car in Dubai?

Why Does Dubai Have Supercar Police Cars It is hard to rate the supercars, which is something that each person who is interested in racing vehicles is aware of. The Dubai Police Luxury Cars list. Every one of these exquisite machines is special in its own way. When compiling this list of the most luxury police cars in Dubai, we have opted to put them in alphabetical order to spare you the stress of having to remember their names.

This is the Aston Martin One-77. This 7.3-liter beauty can accelerate from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in 3.7 seconds. When the government of Dubai decided to buy it, it set them back around $1.7 million. And any auto enthusiast will tell you that the benefits much outweigh the costs of doing so. This world-famous automaker is known for producing some of the very best automobiles, like the Audi R8.

The R8 that is part of the Dubai Police fleet has an engine that is 4.2 liters in capacity and can reach 100 kilometers per hour in under 4.2 seconds. Another legendary vehicle in the Dubai Police fleet, the Bentley Continental GT boasts a 6.0-liter engine and oozes beauty and grace.

Do you have any curiosity regarding its maximum speed? Well, just a bit over 300 kph! The Dubai Police Sports Cars are quite popular among tourists and draw a lot of attention. Bugatti Veyron: Another one of those vehicles that cost more than a million dollars, the Bugatti Veyron is surely one of the most well-liked automobiles among locals as well as visitors.

Because of its 8.0 L engine, it is one of the most powerful vehicles in the collection of supercars used by the Dubai police. The Chevrolet Camaro, with its 6.2-liter engine, can reach 100 kilometers per hour in 5.50 seconds. Not bad considering the size of the powerplant.

  1. The Dubai Police Department’s luxury fleet is highlighted by the presence of a classic American muscle automobile.
  2. The renowned Michael Schumacher made Ferrari synonymous with blazing speed and thrills.
  3. The Ferrari FF 2 is a testament to Schumacher’s accomplishment.
  4. The engine in this Ferrari FF 2 is 6.3 liters in capacity, and the asking price when the Dubai Police Department was able to get it was a staggering $250 thousand.

Ford Mustang Roush: Ford is another brand that is well known all over the world. This American automobile has an engine that is 5.0 liters in capacity and can accelerate from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in 4.5 seconds. Ford’s distinctive designs are something to be admired by everybody who is passionate about automobiles.

  • The Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4: If there is one automaker that can be said to have dominated the spotlight more than others, it is probably Lamborghini.
  • The Aventador LP 700-4 is without a doubt one of the company’s most impressive cars.
  • This 6.5 L automobile is a show-stopper, and it will set you back a cool 500,000 dollars.

RCF (RC-F): The Lexus brand is also represented in the fleet of police cars in Dubai. Its top speed of 273 kilometers per hour is rather remarkable to say the least. The price of a McLaren MP4-12C, which was $1.1 million, is reasonable when considering the vehicle’s peak speed of 333 kilometers per hour and its 3.8-liter engine.

However, maybe more than the technological components, the majesty of the vehicle is what makes it a car that is worthy of such a significant expenditure. Another very stunning automobile, the Maserati GranTurismo was purchased for the Dubai Police Department at a price of half a million dollars. This vehicle is well-known for its speedy acceleration from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour as well as its strong 4.7-liter engine.

Mercedes G-Wagon: The G-Wagon may not be as glamorous as some of the other names on the list of Dubai police cars, but because to its utility and design, it is a favorite among those who are passionate about automobiles. Its 5.5-liter engine gives the police the ability to participate in high-speed pursuits, which, despite the fact that Dubai is a very safe city, are quite uncommon there.