Why Are There Abandoned Supercars In Dubai?

Why Are There Abandoned Supercars In Dubai
The Sharia legal system is followed by Dubai’s judicial system. Under this system, it is a crime to not repay a debt, which means that breaking the law in Dubai might have serious consequences for you. The court system in Dubai does not have the slightest bit of compassion for people who are forced to declare bankruptcy.

  • People get loans from the bank in order to purchase these supercars, and when they are unable to pay off the loan on their vehicles, they are forced to abandon their cars and their life in Dubai and escape the city.
  • According to the letter of the law, they will be sent to jail if they are unable to pay the expenses associated with their automobiles and credit cards.

It is not uncommon for people to depart the scene of an offense while leaving the keys to their vehicles still turned in the ignition. This applies not just to people from other countries but also to those living in the country; these people acquired those supercars by taking out loans in order to keep up with their friends, but now they are stuck with the burden of paying off their debts.

How many supercars are abandoned in Dubai?

Why Are There Abandoned Supercars In Dubai Every year in the United Arab Emirates, it is not unusual to see exotic sports cars such as a limited edition Ferrari Enzo, Lamborghinis, Porsches, Bentleys, Nissan Skylines, and even a Honda NSX simply laying around at airports and parking lots and being allowed to deteriorate.

The majority of the world’s major cities struggle with difficulties such as high unemployment rates, high crime rates, and a lack of affordable housing, but Dubai is struggling with an overabundance of luxury vehicles, a problem that has become so widespread that it has made headlines all over the world.

Every year, between 2,000 and 3,000 automobiles are reportedly left abandoned in Dubai, as reported by Gulf News. They are just thrown away and abandoned by their owners for the sand and heat of the desert to collect on them. When it comes to the subject of why these hypercars are left behind in the desert, the answer is unclear.

  1. This has to do with the economic makeup of Dubai’s population.
  2. Over ninety percent of people residing in Dubai are considered expatriates or ex-pats, which means that they are citizens of their home country but are now living and working in another nation.
  3. This means that they are subject to the legal system of Dubai.
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Anyone would find it strange that individuals would just leave their six-figure-worth automobiles to be worn away if you showed them photos of Dubai’s abandoned cars, which are often photographed and circulated online. The state of the vehicle that was depicted in the pictures, which included that of an Enzo worth one million pounds, caused outrage on social media. Why Are There Abandoned Supercars In Dubai

Where is the supercar graveyard?

Why Are There Abandoned Supercars In Dubai Dubai Is Becoming a Graveyard for Supercars – No one could have imagined that each year in Dubai, automobiles that cost millions of dollars would be left abandoned, and not just two or three of them by their owners, but thousands of them by each individual car’s owner.

  1. In point of fact, they do that rather frequently there.
  2. When someone on social media saw the photo of the £1 million Ferrari Enzo, this sparked a heated discussion among users of those platforms.
  3. Ferrari Enzo in Dubai Supercar Graveyard The director of Dubai’s Waste Management Department, Abdul Majeed Saifaie, has stated that the automobiles would be relocated if there is any possibility that they will become a hindrance for other vehicles or that they will block the roadways.

If that is not possible, they will remain in the same location for many years. People had the misconception that these automobiles were abandoned by affluent and wealthy individuals who did not place much value on the automobiles and abandoned them either because they purchased another automobile or because they became tired of driving the automobile they already had.

What is a Lykan HyperSport?

W Motors is a corporation with its headquarters in the United Arab Emirates that was established in Lebanon in 2012 with the assistance of Lebanese and Italian engineers. W Motors is responsible for the construction of the limited-edition sports automobile known as the Lykan HyperSport.