What Time Is The Social Knockout Dubai?

What Time Is The Social Knockout Dubai
When does the fight start in the United Kingdom? The ‘Social Knockout 2’ event will begin at four o’clock in the afternoon British time, and it will be held at the Coca-Cola Arena in Dubai. Although there won’t be a lot of fights on the card—there are only six bouts that have been announced in total—there will be musical performances as well as special visits from famous people.

What time does the social knockout event start?

Social Knockout Dubai

Date – Followers of the influencers who will be competing in the event will be ecstatic to learn that the wait for the second installment of Social Knockout will not be too much longer. The event will be held on Friday, October 15, 2021, and it will get underway at 7 o’clock in the evening.

What is social knockout Dubai?

Social Knockout, the world’s first cryptocurrency event, put on an unforgettable show this past weekend at Dubai’s iconic Coca-Cola Arena, making history in the process. The event was attended by thousands of fans, including fans of boxing, followers of social media influencers, and even members of the royal family.

What time is Tk fight night?

It’s going to happen RIGHT NOW! 7pm UAE Time, 4pm UK Time.

Where is social knockout 2?

TK Fight Night Promotions is proud to present Social Knockout 2: “Bigger, Badder, and Better,” which is sponsored by KokoSwap Cryptocurrency. This event is brought to you by TK Fight Night Promotions. The event will take place on Friday, October 15th, at the illustrious Coca-Cola Arena in Dubai.

Who owns social knockout?

His boxing is getting better and better every day; he is talented, and I have no doubt that he will put on a great show for his fans,’ said Tam Khan, CEO of ‘Social Knockout,’ which is held under the banner of TK Fight Nights, and the founder of the TK brand. TK Fight Nights is a series of boxing events that are promoted by TK.

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Who won the Social knockout 2?

The Saudi Arabian TV personality Sarleen faced off against the Indian TikTok celebrity Jumana Khan in the first-ever female influencer battle that was hosted at Social Knockout 2. This event created history. Both of these ladies put in a lot of hard work in the gym, but it was Jumana Khan who emerged triumphant in this competition.

Who is 3Bidaan?

What Time Is The Social Knockout Dubai At the Coca-Cola Arena in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, on the undercard of the second ‘Social Knockout’ fight card, American social media sensation Slim Albaher finished out his opponent 3Bidaan with a vicious knockout. Video Loading Video Unavailable In the latest celebrity boxing bout, which took place last night, YouTube star Slim Albaher scored a nasty knockout over fellow social media phenomenon 3Bidaan.

  1. Jake Paul’s backup plan for his fight with Tommy Fury has been verified.
  2. The duo squared off against one another on the undercard of the fight event known as “Social Knockout 2,” which took place at the Coca-Cola Arena in Dubai.
  3. The main event featured Reshad “Money Kicks” Belhasa facing off against Ajmal Kahn.

And with just seconds left in what had been a back-and-forth battle throughout all three rounds, Albaher delivered a magnificent right hand to halt his opponent in a knockout that has since gone viral on Instagram. As soon as Bidaan went down, the battle was immediately stopped, and emergency medical personnel were brought to the site to attend to the social media sensation.

  1. After the fight, in an interview with Mirror Fighting, Albaher expressed his belief that the finish will be on par with the stoppages that Jake Paul scored against Nate Robinson and Ben Askren to become the “most cruel” in the history of professional fighting.
  2. He stated, “I feel as though that was the most gruesome influencer boxing KO that has ever taken place.” “Because of my size, a lot of people grossly misunderstand the strength that I possess.3Bidaan was knocked out by Slim Albaher (Image courtesy of Ex-Sports TV/TK Fight Night).
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During the fight, Albaher was put through the most difficult test of his professional career (Image: Ex-Sports TV/TK Fight Night). “So I’m glad because I feel like this was a major statement to the world to establish that this small man can punch,” the fighter said.

“So I’m happy because I feel like this was a huge statement to the world to prove that this slim dude 3Bidaan, an influencer from Abu Dhabi, had won his debut with a stoppage on the first Social Knockout night. This bout proved to be the most difficult test of Albaher’s three-fight career. After winning his first fight in 2019 against Yousef “FouseyTube” Erakat at York Hall in London, Albaher won his second fight this summer within seconds at the promotion’s maiden event.

Albaher made his debut in 2019 when he stopped Yousef “FouseyTube” Erakat. As a result of his fight against Amir Fotoohi, also known as N&A Productions on social media, which was such an incredible mismatch that the referee halted it within seconds, he now has a perfect record of 3-0 with three knockout victories in the YouTube boxing realm.

  • After the match, he sent a challenge to the Brazilian influencer Faze Temperrr, who is a member of the well-known ESports organization Faze, but he has not yet received a response to his challenge.
  • Temperrr, whose actual name is Thomas Oliveira, has never boxed at any level, and it is quite likely that he would need to compete at least once before taking on a self-assured amateur such as Albaher.

Is the knockout that Slim Albaher scored the most savage in the history of boxing on social media? Leave a comment below and tell us what you think about this topic! The card included the returns of fighters like Belhasa and Adam Saleh, who both picked up significant victories, as well as the debuts of a number of influential fighters who competed in the ring for the first time.

  • The main event fight between Belhasa and Khan ended in the first round with Belhasa scoring the knockout.
  • Khan, who had been knocked down early by the hometown favorite, looked to give up.
  • In the co-main event of a night that also featured the first ever women’s bout in the history of social media boxing, Saleh prevailed over Anas Elshayb through unanimous decision.
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Saleen Ahmed, a TV personality in Saudi Arabia, competed in the first female boxing match ever held on social media, however she was defeated by Tik Toker Jumana Khan. On the other side of the bill, Instagram sensation Niall Ryan’s fight with fitness influencer Ahmed Tyson ended in the third round with Ryan being knocked out.

What time is the Adam Saleh fight UK?

On Saturday, April 30, Evra and Saleh will face each other in the ring in a battle that is set to begin around 8pm British Standard Time (BST) (3pm ET).

Did Adam Saleh win?

On September 29, 2019, Saleh competed on the bill of Fousey vs. Slim and won a professional boxing contest against Marcus Stephenson through unanimous decision. The fight was surrounded by controversy since it appeared to have been fixed. Both Saleh’s manager and Stephenson have since claimed that the fight was fixed and that Stephenson made a deal to lose in exchange for monetary compensation.

Who is Adam Saleh fighting in social knockout 2?

It is speculated that Walid Sharks, an amateur boxer and TikToker, will be Adam Saleh’s opponent for the social knockout event. It is speculated that N&A Productions, a YouTube channel with 3 million subscribers, would compete against Slim.

Who owns social knockout?

His boxing is getting better and better every day; he is talented, and I have no doubt that he will put on a great show for his fans,’ said Tam Khan, CEO of ‘Social Knockout,’ which is held under the banner of TK Fight Nights, and the founder of the TK brand. TK Fight Nights is a series of boxing events that are promoted by TK.