What Is Dubai Area Code?

What Is Dubai Area Code
+971-4 99.5 °F

City Dial Codes
Dubai +971-4
Falaj-al-Moalla +971-6
Fujairah +971-70
Khawanij +971-48

Nog 10 rijen

What is Dubai Country Code?

What is Dubai Zip Code and Dubai Postal Code 2022?

The country code for the United Arab Emirates is 971. The Worldometer.

How do I call a number in Dubai?

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What are the United Arab Emirates cities and area codes?

Information Regarding the United Arab Emirates Cities in the United Arab Emirates Area Codes for the United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi 2 Ajman 6 Al Ain 3 Aweer 58 10 more rows

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What is the ISD code for United Arab Emirates?

The steps and dialing codes necessary to place an international call to Dubai are provided in the following paragraphs. The following format should be used when dialing a call to Dubai from anywhere in the world other than the United Arab Emirates: The following are the international calling codes and format needed to make a call to Dubai: IDD plus 971 plus 4 plus the number of the recipient The International Direct Dial code, often known as the access code of the country from which a call is being placed, is also known as the IDD.971 4 is the area code for Dubai, which belongs to the United Arab Emirates’ country code.

  • For instance, the number format to call Dubai from the United States is 011 + 971 + 4 + TEL #.
  • In this example, 011 represents the Exit code for the United States, 971 represents the ISD code for the United Arab Emirates, and 4 represents the area code for Dubai.
  • TEL # represents the phone number of the person you are calling.

The country code for United Arab Emirates is 971, which is also known as the International Subscriber Dialling Code (ISD Code). A nation’s ISD code is sometimes referred to as its country calling code.