Why Did Sergio Perez Retire Abu Dhabi?

Why Did Sergio Perez Retire Abu Dhabi
After Verstappen and Hamilton made their first pitstop in the tense title showdown at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, Red Bull put Perez on “Plan B,” which meant they asked him to stay out on worn soft tyres to try and hold off Hamilton and let Verstappen close a seven second gap.

  1. This was done so that Perez could let Verstappen close the gap and win the race.
  2. On lap 20, Hamilton made advantage of the DRS to come alongside Perez on the run down to Turn 6.
  3. However, Perez promptly cut back across and held the Mercedes driver at bay for the whole lap, until he was forced to let him go on lap 21 at the same corner.

The tenacious defense played by Perez earned plaudits from Verstappen, who referred to him as “a legend” as a result of the fact that it enabled him to close the deficit behind Hamilton to just two seconds. After Verstappen won the Formula One championship in a contentious last lap shootout, Perez stated that he was delighted to perform his role for the team but also admitting that he didn’t want to influence too much in the title chase.

  • This came after Verstappen won the championship.
  • “I knew that essentially, Lewis had the race under control, he had the virtual and safety car windows pretty much open, and he could have done whatever he wanted at that point,” Perez said.
  • “It was critical at that stage of the race, because I knew that basically, Lewis had the race under control.” Because he was in command of the competition, this moment was of the utmost importance.

But at the same time, I was riding on tires that were decades old. It performed quite nicely. At the end of the day, I’m glad that I was able to assist Max and the rest of the team. It’s a tough call because you don’t want to have too much of an impact on the drivers’ championship, but you also don’t want to be too passive.

But I believe that above all other things, my team will always come first. Lewis Hamilton in the Mercedes W12, and Sergio Perez in the Red Bull Racing RB16B. Zak Mauger / Motorsport Images is credited for this photograph. In response to a question from Motorsport.com Perez said that the possibility of making a mistake in his zealous defense of Hamilton and allowing a collision to potentially determine who wins the title was something that crossed his mind.

“Yeah, at the same moment,” he said. “At the same time.” “However, it is quite clear that I was in a circumstance in which I did not have a lot to lose. It’s not a situation you ever want to find yourself in, but no matter what, your team will come before anything else in my priorities.

  1. It was a chance because at that time you are essentially just a piece of cake when you are after 18, 19 laps on the soft tyres and Lewis was on new rubber.
  2. However, at that point you were on the soft tyres, so it was a gamble.
  3. “The most important thing was to get him back out of Turn 6 as quickly as possible.” As I previously stated, I’m just pleased that it turned out the way that it did since I might have cost him a half second at the moment, but I’m just happy that I cost him a bit longer.

In related news: Why Did Sergio Perez Retire Abu Dhabi What the regulations for the restart with the safety car in Formula 1 indicate Verstappen: Mercedes F1 protest in Abu Dhabi “sums up this season” Mercedes has filed a protest with the FIA on the restart of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. After a “unbelievable” season in Formula One, Verstappen has expressed his desire to remain with Red Bull for the rest of his career. Red Bull was concerned that Perez’s Honda engine was close to reach its end of life, therefore they made the decision to pull him from the race with three laps remaining when the race was being decided by a late safety car. This may have led the safety car to remain on the track for one additional lap, which would have prevented Verstappen from passing Hamilton and winning the championship.

  1. “At the moment, I was unaware of anything, but obviously, the engine was operating at its maximum capacity,” he continued.
  2. “And the last thing that any of us wanted to happen was a failure, which would have meant that Max wouldn’t get the chance to run that lap.
  3. It was really on the edge, and you certainly don’t want the engine to explode.” Perez replied as follows after it was brought to his attention that Verstappen had referred to him as a legend: “Well, he’s the legend now, he’s a world champion.

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Why did they retire Perez?

After a collision on Lap 1 with Mercedes’ George Russell, which caused Sergio Perez to withdraw from the Austrian Grand Prix early, the Mexican driver was understandably irate. The driver for Red Bull regretted the fact that this was his second failure to finish in the last three races, which has caused him to slip farther behind Charles Leclerc in the drivers’ championship.

Perez had begun the race in fifth position, having worked his way up from thirteenth in the Sprint, and he had attempted to make a move on Russell going into Turn 4, with the goal of getting into the fight for the podium spots. However, Russell was able to stave off the challenge. Perez, though, was knocked into the gravel as he sought to make his way around the outside of the Mercedes driver.

READ ON FOR MORE: After having “confusing” tyre degradation difficulties in P1, Verstappen said that he was “pleasantly surprised” by P2’s performance. Red Bull made the decision to retire Perez’s car on Lap 24, despite the fact that he was allowed to pull into the pit lane and could continue racing.

  • This left the Mexican driver in last place.
  • And in light of the fact that his race was cut short, Perez commented, “It is incredibly aggravating.
  • The first lap of the race has just been completed, and I believe it was vital for there to be no mishaps out there.
  • It’s a terrible waste that our race has to be cut short at such an early stage.

Because I still had the majority of the race to go and I believed that I had some promising prospects on the horizon, it was a source of great anguish for me. Because the automobile was severely damaged and we were unable to make any progress, we were forced to give up.

  • After making contact with Russell on the first lap of the 2022 Austrian Grand Prix, Pérez goes spinning off into the gravel and finishes in last place.
  • Regarding the incident that occurred on Lap 1 with Russell, who was penalized for triggering the accident with a five-second time penalty, Perez stated that he tried all in his power to avoid making contact with the British driver and insisted that he “gave him enough room.” “There was nothing, to be honest, I could have done differently, other than going right into the gravel to make sure he has a free path!” stated Perez.

“There was nothing, to be honest, I could have done differently.” “I left him enough distance, he had enough room to perform that move, and it was really up to him to drive the vehicle, while I was just obviously ahead of him,” I said after the race.

  • I am at a loss for words; not only was I clearly in the lead, but I also held the position; it was entirely up to him to stay clear of any physical contact.

There was plenty of room for both cars to go around one other without colliding, but regrettably, we did. I’m at a loss to understand what else I could have done in that situation. Pérez on his collision with Russell on the first lap: “I made sure he had ample space.” It was up to him to avoid making contact with them.

  • Charles Leclerc’s victory on Sunday put him above Sergio Perez into the second place in the standings, which allowed Ferrari to cut Red Bull’s advantage in the constructors’ title down to 56 points.
  • Perez is now 57 points behind his teammate Max Verstappen in the drivers’ championship.
  • Perez, though, was not very concerned since he anticipated that the competition between the two would continue for the remainder of the season.

“Today has harmed us in both championships and maybe we can regain the ground,” he remarked after finishing in fifth place at the Austrian Grand Prix. READ MORE: Ocon celebrates Alpine’s “great weekend” after finishing in fifth place at the Austrian GP.

Why did Red Bull retire Checo?

Checo was forced to withdraw from this race as a result of body work injury sustained as a result of collision with RUS.

Why is Sergio Perez out?

After receiving a penalty for leaving the track without a justifiable reason, Sergio Perez drops from fourth and is set to start 13th for Saturday’s Sprint race; watch all the action live on Sky Sports F1 – with the Sprint race beginning at 3.30pm on Saturday and build-up beginning at 2.30pm; the race itself begins at 3.30pm on Saturday.

  • – Latest Update: August 7th, 2011 11:03 PM Please use Google Chrome as your browser since it has a more user-friendly video player.
  • Johnny Herbert does an analysis of the circumstances behind Sergio Perez’s canceled lap, which is the subject of an ongoing inquiry.
  • Johnny Herbert does an analysis of the circumstances behind Sergio Perez’s canceled lap, which is the subject of an ongoing inquiry.
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After the qualifying for the Austrian Grand Prix, Sergio Perez was given a penalty, which caused him to fall to the 13th spot on the grid for Saturday’s Sprint race. Replays indicated that Perez ran outside of the white lines at Turn 8 on his quickest lap of Q2, but despite the fact that the F1 stewards took notice of the incident, the Red Bull driver completed the session and finished qualifying in the provisional fourth position. Why Did Sergio Perez Retire Abu Dhabi Verstappen clinches an incredible pole position while Mercedes crashes out. WATCH as Hamilton and Russell are eliminated from the shake-up for the third qualifying round of the Austrian Grand Prix: When can you see the action on Sky Sports? Why Did Sergio Perez Retire Abu Dhabi Please use Google Chrome as your browser since it has a more user-friendly video player. Sergio Perez was not happy with his performance in Friday’s qualifying, in which he finished in fourth place; nonetheless, he remains optimistic about his chances in Sunday’s race.

  1. Sergio Perez was not happy with his performance in Friday’s qualifying, in which he finished in fourth place; nonetheless, he remains optimistic about his chances in Sunday’s race.
  2. Following the completion of qualifying, Perez was asked to appear before the stewards for a “alleged breach of Article 33.3 of the Formula 1 Sporting Regulations – Leaving the track without a justifiable reason at 17:39,” and as a consequence, all of his lap times from Q3 as well as his final lap from Q2 were thrown out.

This indicates that he will begin the Sprint from the thirteenth position, which is where his previous fastest time from Q2 would place him. Although Red Bull made the point that leaving the track is not a case of “gaining a lasting advantage,” the FIA said in a statement that it is “leaving the track without a justifiable reason,” which is another section of the rule that is being applied.

What does Checo mean in Mexican?

Why Did Sergio Perez Retire Abu Dhabi Why does everyone call Sergio Perez “Checo”? – The origin of Perez’s nick name is not complicated at all; in fact, it’s rather straightforward. According to the guy himself, the name Sergio is so common in Mexico that everyone with that name is given the nickname “Checo.” It is interesting to note that the name ‘Pepe’ is also used for persons in Mexico whose given name is Jose Luis, with Jose sometimes serving as a short form for Joseph.

Perez provided an explanation in 2013 as follows: “It’s not actually that complex or intriguing.” My own country of Mexico has a tradition that requires all people named Sergio to be referred to as “Checo.” I’m sorry, but there isn’t any backstory behind it!” Max Verstappen, Perez’s teammate, thought it would be funny to give the Mexican driver a new moniker after he battled Lewis Hamilton for numerous laps in the 2021 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

Because he came out on top in the race, Verstappen would be the one to take home the Drivers’ Championship trophy. The Dutchman is heard referring to Perez as “The Minister of Defence” in a film produced by Red Bull. Despite this, people haven’t taken to using the term too often.

Why was Perez penalized today?

Why Did Sergio Perez Retire Abu Dhabi The Formula One stewards handed Sergio Perez a severe penalty for breaking track restrictions at Turn 8 during the Q2 qualifying session. (Twitter is responsible for the image) After the qualifying session for the Austrian Grand Prix on Friday, Red Bulls driver Sergio Perez was given a penalty, which caused him to fall from the fourth place on the grid to the thirteenth position for Saturday’s sprint race.

  1. During the Q2 session, Perez committed a violation of the F1 sporting regulation.
  2. The F1 stewards handed the Red Bulls driver a severe penalty for breaking track restrictions at Turn 8 on his best lap of Q2, which has therefore led to the deletion of the driver’s last lap of Q2 as well as all of his lap timings from Q3.

According to the statement released by the stewards after the session, “Perez abandoned the track at Turn 8 on his last flying lap of Q2, just prior to the end of the session.” The Red Bull team presented data to demonstrate that “leaving the track is not a clear advantage.” (Leaving the track is not a clear benefit.) The stewards were very clear that this was not a case of “gaining a durable advantage,” but rather “leaving the track without a reasonable cause,” as they said repeatedly.

  • Max Verstappen of Red Bull went on to win the pole position for Saturday’s sprint race, while George Russell and Lewis Hamilton, both drivers for Mercedes, were eliminated in the third qualifying round due to accidents.
  • As a result of Sergio Perez’s fall, Russell will start in fourth place, while Hamilton will begin in ninth.
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Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz, both drivers for Ferrari, will get off to a second and third place start, respectively. Racing Team Red Bull Sergio Perez Austrian GP ENJOY A WONDERFUL DAY WITH THE LATEST NEWS FROM AROUND THE WORLD OF SPORTS!

Did Perez get a penalty in Austria?

Why Did Sergio Perez Retire Abu Dhabi Russell collided with the side of Perez’s Red Bull on the exit of Turn 4, which caused the Mexican driver to leave the track and resulted in a collision between the Mercedes driver and Perez, who was vying for fourth position at the time. As a result of the collision, Russell received a penalty of five seconds, while Perez ultimately decided to withdraw from the race owing to the damage that was incurred by his Red Bull.

The Mercedes driver, who also needed a front wing replacement after the incident, came back to finish fourth in the Austrian GP, although he felt hard done as he had “nowhere to go” on the inside of the curve. Despite this, he fought back to finish fourth. Russell stated, “I’ve seen the video, and I believe it portrays a brutal reality.” “You are racing at the start, and there are automobiles all around you.

It was a courageous move on Checo’s part to walk around the outside in that manner. It was obvious that he had done it before; only the day before, he did it with Valtteri, and in order to escape him, Valtteri had to climb well up on top of the curb, which is precisely what I attempted to do.

  1. But because Carlos was in front of me, there was a limit to how much I could brake and how much I could swerve, and in the end, there was nowhere for me to go.
  2. I’m sorry to have to cut him out of the race.
  3. There was most likely more space for him on the outside, and as I already stated, I was doing all in my power to help.

I was already near the edge of my car’s capabilities before he reached a specific point, so I knew what was going to happen as soon as he reached that position. Therefore, it boils down to a question of risk against return; he faced this conundrum with Lando the year before, and it was quite close with Valtteri the day before.

  • The transfer that took place today with me was precisely the same as these other two, therefore it must have been one of them.
  • Sergio Perez, Red Bull Racing RB18, George Russell, Mercedes W13, Kevin Magnussen, Haas VF-22, Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes W13 Andy Hone / Motorsport Images is credited for this image.

Perez held an opposite viewpoint of the event because he believed that Russell had lost control of his Mercedes, which was the cause of the collision, despite the fact that Perez believed that he had allowed Russell sufficient room on the track. According to Perez, “I was obviously in the lead, and it was up to George to actually manage his car, which he obviously couldn’t do, and we ended up colliding with each other.” In related news: Why Did Sergio Perez Retire Abu Dhabi At the Austrian Grand Prix, Vettel called for life bans to be given to aggressive F1 spectators. Verstappen: Too much tyre deterioration caused a total loss. Dreams of winning the Austrian Grand Prix F1 Grand Prix d’Austria: Leclerc breaks his winless skid despite a late scare with the throttle. “There was nothing else I could have done under the circumstances. I made sure he had enough space to turn the corner, and I made sure I gave him enough room to do so by positioning myself extremely near to the gravel before we even started. It’s extremely frustrating for me, and it’s also a very bad outcome for our team, because clearly there were a lot of possibilities today.

“I’m quite shocked at that maneuver, considering George’s level, but regardless, it’s very upsetting for me and it’s also very terrible for our team. As a result of Charles Leclerc’s victory at the Austrian Grand Prix, Perez has fallen to third place in the F1 drivers’ world championship, while Russell has moved up to fifth place in the standings.

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