Why Did Perez Retire Abu Dhabi?

Why Did Perez Retire Abu Dhabi
Why Did Perez Retire Abu Dhabi
After Verstappen and Hamilton made their first pitstop in the tense title showdown at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, Red Bull put Perez on “Plan B,” which meant they asked him to stay out on worn soft tyres to try and hold off Hamilton and let Verstappen close a seven second gap. This was done so that Perez could let Verstappen close the gap and win the race. On lap 20, Hamilton made advantage of the DRS to come alongside Perez on the run down to Turn 6. However, Perez promptly cut back across and held the Mercedes driver at bay for the whole lap, until he was forced to let him go on lap 21 at the same corner.

The tenacious defense played by Perez earned plaudits from Verstappen, who referred to him as “a legend” as a result of the fact that it enabled him to close the deficit behind Hamilton to just two seconds.

After Verstappen won the Formula One championship in a contentious last lap shootout, Perez stated that he was delighted to perform his role for the team but also admitting that he didn’t want to influence too much in the title chase. This came after Verstappen won the championship.

“I knew that essentially, Lewis had the race under control, he had the virtual and safety car windows pretty much open, and he could have done whatever he wanted at that point,” Perez said. “It was critical at that stage of the race, because I knew that basically, Lewis had the race under control.” Because he was in command of the competition, this moment was of the utmost importance.

But at the same time, I was riding on tires that were decades old. It performed quite nicely. At the end of the day, I’m glad that I was able to assist Max and the rest of the team. It’s a tough call because you don’t want to have too much of an impact on the drivers’ championship, but you also don’t want to be too passive.

  • But I believe that above all other things, my team will always come first;
  • Sergio Perez, Red Bull Racing RB16B, Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes W12 Zak Mauger / Motorsport Images is credited for this photograph;

In response to a question from Motorsport.com Perez said that the possibility of making a mistake in his zealous defense of Hamilton and allowing a collision to potentially determine who wins the title was something that crossed his mind. “Yeah, at the same moment,” he said.

  1. “At the same time.” “However, it is quite clear that I was in a circumstance in which I did not have a lot to lose;
  2. It’s not a situation you ever want to find yourself in, but no matter what, your team will come before anything else in my priorities;

It was a chance because at that time you are essentially just a piece of cake when you are after 18, 19 laps on the soft tyres and Lewis was on new rubber. However, at that point you were on the soft tyres, so it was a gamble. “The most important thing was to get him back out of Turn 6 as quickly as possible.” As I previously stated, I’m just pleased that it turned out the way that it did since I might have cost him a half second at the moment, but I’m just happy that I cost him a bit longer. In related news:
What the regulations for the restart with the safety car in Formula 1 indicate Verstappen: Mercedes F1 protest in Abu Dhabi “sums up this season” Mercedes has filed a protest with the FIA on the restart of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. After a “unbelievable” season in Formula One, Verstappen has expressed his desire to remain with Red Bull for the rest of his career.
Red Bull was concerned that Perez’s Honda engine was close to reach its end of life, therefore they made the decision to pull him from the race with three laps remaining when the race was being decided by a late safety car. This may have led the safety car to remain on the track for one additional lap, which would have prevented Verstappen from passing Hamilton and winning the championship. “At the moment, I was unaware of anything, but obviously, the engine was operating at its maximum capacity,” he continued.

  • “And the last thing that any of us wanted to happen was a failure, which would have meant that Max wouldn’t get the chance to run that lap;
  • It was really on the edge, and you certainly don’t want the engine to explode.” Perez replied as follows after it was brought to his attention that Verstappen had referred to him as a legend: “Well, he’s the legend now, he’s a world champion.;

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Why was Perez asked to retire?

This past weekend in Montreal was a challenging one for Sergio Perez. After crashing into the wall during qualifying for the Canadian Grand Prix and beginning the race in 13th place, the Red Bull driver was forced to retire from the race due to a technical malfunction on Sunday and could not continue. On the eighth circuit, Perez’s car began to slow down, and he exited it after it came to a stop in a run-off area.

The driver, who is 32 years old, did not finish the season’s first race in Bahrain owing to a problem with his fuel pump, thus this will be the 32-year-second old’s race in which he did not finish. Max Verstappen, who is also leading the championship standings, took the pole position for the race that was held on Sunday at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve.

In the meantime, Mick Schumacher of the Haas team was also forced to pull out of the race on lap 20 due to a technical issue.

Why did Red Bull retire Perez’s car?

After a collision on Lap 1 with Mercedes’ George Russell, which caused Sergio Perez to withdraw from the Austrian Grand Prix early, the Mexican driver was understandably irate. The driver for Red Bull regretted the fact that this was his second failure to finish in the last three races, which has caused him to slip farther behind Charles Leclerc in the drivers’ championship.

Perez had begun the race in fifth position, having worked his way up from thirteenth in the Sprint, and he had attempted to make a move on Russell going into Turn 4, with the goal of getting into the fight for the podium spots.

However, Russell was able to stave off the challenge. Perez, though, was knocked into the gravel as he sought to make his way around the outside of the Mercedes driver. READ ON FOR MORE: After having “confusing” tyre degradation difficulties in P1, Verstappen said that he was “pleasantly surprised” by P2’s performance.

Red Bull made the decision to retire Perez’s car on Lap 24, despite the fact that he was allowed to pull into the pit lane and could continue racing. This left the Mexican driver in last place. And in light of the fact that his race was cut short, Perez commented, “It is incredibly aggravating.

The first lap of the race has just been completed, and I believe it was vital for there to be no mishaps out there. It’s a terrible waste that our race has to be cut short at such an early stage. Because I still had the majority of the race to go and I believed that I had some promising prospects on the horizon, it was a source of great anguish for me.

Because the automobile was severely damaged and we were unable to make any progress, we were forced to give up. After making contact with Russell on the first lap of the 2022 Austrian Grand Prix, Pérez goes spinning off into the gravel and finishes in last place.

Regarding the incident that occurred on Lap 1 with Russell, who was penalized for triggering the accident with a five-second time penalty, Perez stated that he tried all in his power to avoid making contact with the British driver and insisted that he “gave him enough room.” “There was nothing, to be honest, I could have done differently, other than going right into the gravel to make sure he has a free path!” stated Perez.

  1. “There was nothing, to be honest, I could have done differently.” “I left him enough distance, he had enough room to perform that move, and it was really up to him to drive the vehicle, while I was just obviously ahead of him,” I said after the race;

I’m at a loss for words; I was obviously in the lead, I held the position, and it was entirely up to him to stay out of harm’s way. SAINZ IS FRUSTRATED AS HIS “EASY 1-2” GOES UP IN FLAMES AT THE RED BULL RING AND SAINT SAINT SAINT SAINT SAINT SAINT SAINT SAINT SAINT SAINT SAINT SAINT SAINT SAINT SAINT SAINT SAINT “On the first lap, I did all I could to give George as much space as possible.

There was plenty of room for both cars to go around one other without colliding, but regrettably, we did. I’m at a loss to understand what else I could have done in that situation. Pérez on his collision with Russell on the first lap: “I gave him plenty space.

It was up to him to avoid making contact with them. Charles Leclerc’s victory on Sunday put him above Sergio Perez into the second place in the standings, which allowed Ferrari to cut Red Bull’s advantage in the constructors’ title down to 56 points. Perez is now 57 points behind his teammate Max Verstappen in the drivers’ championship.

  1. Perez, though, was not very concerned since he anticipated that the competition between the two would continue for the remainder of the season;
  2. “Today has harmed us in both championships and maybe we can regain the ground,” he remarked after finishing in fifth place at the Austrian Grand Prix;
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READ MORE: Ocon celebrates Alpine’s “great weekend” after finishing in fifth place at the Austrian GP. “It has been the same way throughout the entire season; sometimes we are quicker and sometimes Ferrari is,” the driver said. Although it is still extremely close, their vehicle was noticeably the faster of the two today.

What happened to Perez in Bahrain?

Back to all videos 20 Mar 2022 After Sergio Pérez of Red Bull spun out during the final stages of the 2022 Formula One Bahrain Grand Prix at the Bahrain International Circuit, Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes moved up to third place and passed Sergio Pérez to take third place.

What happened to Perez in the Canadian Grand Prix 2022?

On lap 9 of the 2022 Canadian Grand Prix, Pérez suffers a loss of drive and is eliminated from competition. At the beginning of the Canadian Grand Prix, Sergio Pérez was in thirteenth place, but his race was gone by the ninth lap when the drive on his Red Bull failed and he was forced to pull off the circuit.

Why is Perez out of Canadian Grand Prix?

Because of a technical issue, Red Bull Racing’s Sergio Perez will not be able to compete at the Canadian Grand Prix. At the eighth lap, the Mexican driver decided to withdraw from the competition. Christian Horner, manager of Red Bull, stated that he was having trouble with the gearbox.

Mick Schumacher, who was driving for Haas, was the next to leave the race on lap 20, again due to what is believed to be mechanical problems. Yuki Tsunoda of AlphaTauri was up next, and on Lap 49, he became the second driver to slide onto the grass and subsequently into the wall.

After being forced to be canceled in both 2020 and 2021 due to COVID-19, the Canadian Grand Prix will be held at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve once again beginning in the 2022 season.

How rich is Sergio Perez?

Sergio Pérez Is a Mexican Racing Driver That Has a Net Worth of $30 Million Sergio Pérez is a racing driver who comes from Mexico. Checo Pérez, born Sergio Pérez (Mendoza), was born on January 26, 1990 in Guadalajara, which is located in the state of Jalisco in Mexico.

Sergio “Checo” Pérez got behind the wheel of a go-kart for the first time when he was just six years old, but he was almost a product of the motorsport industry. His grandfather Antonio was also a racing car driver, and later managed the career of driver Adrián Fernández, who competed in Indycar and sports cars.

Sergio was already a champion in the junior shifter kart categories when he was just nine years old when he began his racing career. At the age of 14, he moved up into single-seater vehicles and competed in the US-based Skip Barber National Championship.

  • The Mexican business billionaire Carlos Slim’s Escuderia Telmex provided financial support for him at this time;
  • In 2005, he made the move to Europe in order to race in Formula BMW;
  • During his time there, he stayed for four months in a restaurant that was owned by the manager of his team;

At the age of 17, he uprooted his life and moved to Oxford, where he started competing in British Formula 3 for the next two years. Pérez won the National Class in 2007, which was for older chassis, and he finished fourth in the International Class in 2008, which allowed him to advance to the Formula One feeder series GP2 via the GP2 Asia Series.

In his very first race, he won from lights-to-flag in Bahrain, making him the youngest driver ever to do so. In only his second year in GP2, Sergio won races in Monaco, Silverstone, Hockenheim, and Spa-Francorchamps, ultimately finishing second to Pastor Maldonado in the standings.

Why Sergio Perez Retired From The 2021 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

After that, both drivers moved up to the Formula One category, and as a result, Sergio became the first Mexican driver since Héctor Rebaque in 1981 to race in the Formula One World Championship. Pérez made his debut in Formula One in 2011, finishing in the points for the Sauber team.

  1. He quickly established a reputation as a fierce competitor, even challenging Fernando Alonso’s Ferrari for the lead in the Malaysian Grand Prix in 2012 and running at the front at Monza;
  2. Pérez’s F1 debut was a success for the Sauber team;

The design of Perez’s helmet is derived on a Mexican flag, and it is updated for each new season.

Why did Perez retire in Bahrain?

After both he and his teammate Sergio Perez were forced to withdraw from the Bahrain Grand Prix owing to what is believed to be fuel pump difficulties, Max Verstappen lashed out at the reliability problems that Red Bull has been experiencing. After the race, Verstappen’s frustrations came to a head, and the champion from the previous year stated that at the highest level of competition, withdrawing from races “shouldn’t happen.” Beginning on March 18, you’ll be able to watch every practice, qualifying, and race of the 2022 FIA Formula One World ChampionshipTM live, beginning with the 2022 Bahrain Grand Prix.

New to Kayo? Free Trial for the Next 14 Days’ “Of course, there’s always a chance that something bad may occur, and there’s also the possibility of retiring,” Verstappen remarked. “However, at this level, after already having so much information about engines and other things, I believe that it shouldn’t happen.” It was the last blow in what had been an otherwise unsuccessful race for Verstappen, who had fought with his crew over the radio after experiencing a series of difficulties throughout the race, including steering and battery troubles.

The unfolding of events became dramatic when Verstappen, in an effort to compete in a more aggressive manner, made two separate requests to race leader Charles Leclerc to let him through. After both of his pit stops, he was given the instruction to take it easy on his out lap, which was a decision that left Verstappen seething on the team radio.

  • On the 32nd circuit, he commented, “OK, this is now the second time that I take it easy on the out-lap, that I might have been in first place.” “I will never, ever do that again in my life.” MORE ‘WHAT THE F***’ NEWS Regarding Formula One: As the 910-day wait for Ferrari is finally over, Max fumes in the Red Bull tragedy;

McLaren’s horror is summed up by a sad picture of Daniel Ricciardo holding a sign that reads “LONG WAY OFF.” F1 TALKING POINTS: McLaren has nowhere to hide, and Red Bull is facing its “worst nightmare.” After the race, Verstappen commented to Sky Sports F1 that he “didn’t really push” on his out lap.

“I had two opportunities to get in front.” Christian Horner, the team principal, described the finale of the race as “brutal,” although he did not agree with Max Verstappen’s assessment of how it went.

Horner stated, “I believe there is always a very tiny window of opportunity.” “He believed that he was capable of doing more, and I believe that, in conjunction with a little quicker stop than the Ferrari had, brought us very near to them. However, I believe that even if we had been able to make the pass, they would have still been able to overtake us since their pace was such that it was simpler for them to do so now.

  1. That was far from the only tense moment involving Verstappen, who then started to grumble after running into steering troubles following his last pit stop;
  2. On lap 43, he relayed the following information to the race engineer Gianpiero Lambiase: “Mate, my steering wheel is now really heavy.” On the 44th circuit, he commented, “I almost can’t steer,” but Lambiase did not respond to his statement;

He asked Max, “Let me know if we need to box,” and he responded with his request. He said angrily, “No, just f***ing tell me what’s wrong and I’ll try to address it.” “Max, is the [steering] wheel heavy in both directions, meaning that both your left hand and your right hand will be needed to turn it?” Lambiase inquired on lap 46.

“Everywhere, everywhere,” was the frantic response that Verstappen gave. “Even worse than that, it’s not smooth. As if I were forced to ***** (censored) even while I was being straight. Lambiase responded by saying that they would be withdrawing from the competition and added that Red Bull did not consider at that moment that it was a “reliability problem.” Following the deployment of the Safety Car, it appeared as though Verstappen had a chance of edging off Leclerc for first place at that point in the race.

After that, though, the Red Bull pistol began to report that it was having battery problems. At the 52nd lap, he questioned Lambiase, “What’s going on with the battery?” Lambiase responded by informing him that the battery is “good.” “No, it’s not. What the f*** is this?” “No, it’s not.” After giving his response, Verstappen was finally overtaken by Carlos Sainz of Ferrari and was forced to exit the race into the pit lane.

After being informed by Lambiase that Red Bull could see there was a problem but that it was “not battery related,” Verstappen said, “It’s s***ing itself.” Lambiase had previously stated that Red Bull could see there was a problem.

“What exactly is it that you want me to do?” After being informed by Lambiase, Verstappen responded, “There’s not a much we can do.” Because of this, Verstappen was left in a plainly irritated state and forced to answer questions from the media that he would have preferred to answer himself.

  1. “It wasn’t even that the steering wheel suddenly became cumbersome,” Verstappen explained afterwards;
  2. “It was just about hard to steer, and the quicker I was driving, there was a delay, so every time I was turning right, it took a long before anything was happening,” the driver said;
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“It was just about impossible to steer.” It was quite difficult out there, and there were a lot of various challenges that we had to deal with. Of course, this is not what you want to have to deal with on the first race weekend that you participate in. The pace wasn’t really impressive.

What happened with Perez in Canada?

Sergio Perez’s difficult weekend at the Canadian Grand Prix went from bad to worse after he retired from the race with a gearbox issue. This brought an end to the Mexican driver’s seven-race streak of finishing in the points. Sergio Perez crashed into the barriers during the qualifying session in Montreal.

  • Perez started the race in P13 as a direct result of his collision in Q2, but he had worked his way up to 10th place after a fast start when, on Lap 8, he was forced to pull over at Turn 8;
  • This caused him to lose valuable positions in the race;

It was determined that there was a problem with the gearbox, which brought an end to a weekend that Perez would not look back on with a great deal of love. “It’s been a weekend to forget,” remarked Perez. “We believe there was a problem with the gearbox, and regrettably I became trapped in gear.” I was off to a good start, I was on the hard tyre, and I was gaining headway.

  • Things appeared to be going in the right direction;
  • READ MORE: Six Victors and Five Losers in the Canadian Grand Prix: Who Dominates the Track? Gilles Villeneuve? “I had finally gotten Daniel [Ricciardo] out of the DRS zone in the McLaren, and it should have been a race where I could have pushed my way through the pack, so it’s a huge tragedy that I couldn’t do that;

I got the feeling that I had a lot of opportunity to come back in my race and make up a lot of ground as well as reclaim some excellent points. This is now Sergio Perez’s second retirement of the season, after he did so in Bahrain. This makes it Red Bull’s fourth retirement overall, following Max Verstappen’s exits from the race in both Bahrain and Australia.

  1. Perez pleaded with his team to address their dependability concerns so that they could win both titles, which they did;
  2. Perez, who despite the DNF kept his P2 position in the standings but is now 46 points behind Verstappen, stated, “We need to be on top of the dependability because a zero, when you are battling for the championship, is really painful and costly.” When you enter a new regulatory environment, there will inevitably be new challenges for you to overcome;

This day has caused me a lot of pain, and overall, this weekend has been a terrible experience for me; thus, I want to forget about today and go on to Silverstone. READ ON FOR MORE: After fending off Sainz’s challenge and extending his lead in the championship in Montreal, Verstappen said, “It was actual racing.” Christian Horner, the principal of the Red Bull team, expressed sympathy for his driver’s frustration and stated that the team intended to investigate the situation in order to try to ensure that it does not happen again.

Red Bull is currently ahead of Ferrari in the constructors’ standings by 76 points. “We assume he had a suspected gearbox issue, and it was a terrible weekend for Checo,” added Horner. “It was a frustrating weekend for Checo.” “So, in order to figure out what went wrong, we are going to need to bring the automobile back.

Since he has now had the same number of mechanical problems as Max, it is imperative that we comprehend the situation and take appropriate action.

How is Perez out?

Why Did Perez Retire Abu Dhabi
The Mexican driver Sergio Perez has been eliminated from the Canadian Grand Prix. (Image: Twitter / F1) Invalid email We will use the information you supply at sign-up to both present content in the manners to which you have given your assent and to enhance our knowledge of you. According to our knowledge, this may include advertisements not just from us but also from third parties.

  1. You are free to cancel your subscription at any time;
  2. Find out more here;
  3. After suffering from mechanical issues early on in the race for the Canadian Grand Prix, Sergio Perez has decided to pull out of the competition and retire;

At the eighth corner, his vehicle came to a stop, prompting the deployment of the virtual safety car (VSC) while the Red Bull was removed off the track. Perez announced his predicament over the team radio, saying, “I’ve lost the engine man, I’m stuck in gear.” The VSC caused a flurry of activity in the pitlane, with Max Verstappen making an early pit stop as a result.

Christian Horner, the head of Red Bull, commented on Perez’s retirement by saying that the team felt the problem was caused by a gearbox malfunction. He went on to Explain: “It is simple to see that he has no desire.

We believe there is a problem with the transmission, but unfortunately, we needed the car back. It must be quite disheartening for Checo since he had the potential to be very fast out there today.” Horner responded with the following when asked whether they were concerned that the issue may grow on Verstappen’s car: “Of course, it is always a cause for worry, but at this point all we can do is put our heads down and provide Max the best care we can.

It is clear that he is employing a different strategy than the two vehicles that are in front of him, so it will be fascinating to see how that plays out.” READ ON FOR MORE: Fernando Alonso has George Russell’s support in his bid to win the race against Max Verstappen.

Sergio Perez had to drop out of the race early due to a mechanical issue (Image: Sky Sports F1) The retirement of Perez is a devastating blow to his chances of winning the title. Perez was 21 points behind his teammate going into the weekend, but it is probable that this margin will widen now that the weekend has passed.

In light of the fact that the weekend went poorly for the Mexican driver, a victory for Verstappen would put 46 points between them. Yesterday afternoon, during the second leg of qualifying, Perez had an accident that resulted in him being eliminated from the race.

He had a problem with his front tires and slammed into the barrier at turn three. Because of this, Perez had no choice but to begin the race in the thirteenth place. It is the fourth mechanical failure for Red Bull this season, and it is Perez’s second time experiencing it.

At the opening race of the season, the Bahrain Grand Prix, the Mexican driver was one of two members of the team that did not finish the race due to mechanical issues. DO NOT MISS “Oh S***” — Lewis Hamilton nearly misses falling off car in F1 blunder [INSIGHT]; DO NOT MISS IT.

During the drivers’ procession at the Canadian Grand Prix, the audience jeered at Sebastian Vettel. [COMMENT] Lewis Hamilton is said to have accused George Russell of “making a tiny point” to him [ANALYSIS]. After the deployment of the VSC, Max Verstappen made an early pit stop (Image: Twitter / Formula 1) This season, Verstappen has also suffered with failures, as seen by the fact that he was eliminated from competition at both Sakhir and the Australian Grand Prix. Mick Schumacher also had to pull out of the race later on due to mechanical problems and did so in the same location.
Why Did Perez Retire Abu Dhabi
Why Did Perez Retire Abu Dhabi.

What happened to Perez in the last lap?

Why Did Perez Retire Abu Dhabi
After the Mexican driver worked his way up to P2 following a great scrap with Charles Leclerc and Lewis Hamilton – having been in last place at one point – Sergio Perez said that the “epic” final laps of the British Grand Prix reminded him of his junior formula career. The Mexican driver had been in last place at one point. Perez was forced to pit for a new front wing after he was involved in a collision with Leclerc during the race restart. This resulted in him falling to P17, which was the last position, and required him to complete a monumental 35-lap stint on a set of medium tyres.

  • The original start of the race had been delayed due to a crash that occurred in Turn 1;
  • But the Mexican eventually got what was coming to him when a safety car on lap 39 gave him the opportunity to pit for fresh softs;

From that point on, he participated in an exciting battle (below) with Lewis Hamilton and Charles Leclerc, with Perez eventually coming in second place, behind the rookie champion Carlos Sainz. Read more about how Leclerc “cannot disguise his displeasure” after slipping to fourth place at the end of the British Grand Prix here: “It was looking good for victory.” “It was getting tough towards the end of the stint to retain that speed, trying to open up a bit of a gap to Fernando [Alonso] and Lando [Norris], trying to get the window on them, and then when the Safety Car came out, it meant that we were in P4, so it was a fantastic chance.

After then, there were some very memorable closing laps. Those laps brought back fond memories of the junior series, when we would all compete against one another while having a great time.” It has been so long since we had a good fight so it was great to have him back and also with Charles, who was very aggressive but fair, and I’m sure the fans enjoyed it.

Those final laps featured a great fight between Lewis and Charles – it has been so long since we had a good fight so it was great to have him back.” In a “unbelievable” three-way race in the 2022 British Grand Prix, Hamilton, Pérez, and Leclerc go wheel-to-wheel with each other.

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The Mexican driver, who is still second in the championship but is now 34 points behind teammate Max Verstappen (P7 at Silverstone), stated that he took the “worst portion” of the struggle between Verstappen and Leclerc at the restart of Lap 3 of the race.

“It was unfortunate with Charles on the first lap; there was not much room for three cars, and unfortunately I took the worst part of it, I got front wing damage, which on these cars, it’s said, it doesn’t affect that much – but for me, I had no front-end, so I was forced to pit, and basically I went all the way to last, and just recovered from there lap after lap.” “It was unfortunate with Charles on the first lap; there was not much room for three At one time, it appeared as though we might place fourth or fifth, and then we were in the running for third place, so we decided to go for it.” READ ON FOR MORE: After the first-lap accident in the British Grand Prix, both Zhou and Albon were aware when they were carried to the medical center.

  • After the 2022 British Grand Prix, Perez extends his congratulations to Sainz on his maiden victory in Formula One;
  • The F1.com Driver of the Day did however confess that despite passing both Leclerc and Hamilton, eventual winner Sainz was just too far ahead for him to catch up to;

“It was beyond of reach. At one point, I believe he was three and a half seconds behind, which means that he was simply too far behind at that moment.” The next race will be in Austria, which is Red Bull’s namesake site and the track on where Perez has achieved his highest F1 result of P6.

Do Verstappen and Perez get along?

F1 News – Outside of competition, Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez have a nice time joking about with each other, but Christian Horner maintains that teammates can never be true friends with each other. The Mexican driver, who is now more at ease in the Red Bull vehicle, has expressed his desire to win the world championship just as his teammate, Max Verstappen.

  • According to Horner, this results in a distinct dynamic among the members of the team;
  • During an interview with Cambridge Union, the question was posed to Horner on how the team manages its two drivers who both have the same goal of winning;

This presents a conundrum for the head of the Red Bull team, who notes that the team is only compensated for its position in the constructors’ championship. There is no further compensation given to drivers based on their position in the drivers’ championship.

  • “The drivers are independent contractors hired by the team; their primary purpose is to provide services for the team;
  • The concept of a teammate is a misconception and represents them in their worst possible form;

They are not friends at all since the guy in the other car is the only person who either of them are evaluated in comparison to. Because he is the only one who has access to the identical tools, he will determine the success or failure of your profession “, Horner argues.
Why Did Perez Retire Abu Dhabi.

What was wrong with Verstappens car?

Jul 4, 2022
Laurence Edmondson F1 Editor Close
• Became a journalist covering Formula One who is certified by the FIA in 2011 • Joined ESPN in 2009
The decline in performance shown by Max Verstappen A piece of debris from an AlphaTauri became trapped in the floor of his Red Bull during the British Grand Prix. This caused him to crash out of the race. When Verstappen suddenly began to struggle with his performance, he allowed both Ferraris to pass him and take over the lead in the race. Because the unexpected loss of grip was so severe, Verstappen reported that he had a puncture.

  1. However, when he returned to the pits, the team discovered that all four tyres were completely filled, but a piece of debris was stuck beneath the vehicle, which caused it to lose performance;
  2. Red Bull was unable to clear the debris during the pit stop, so they sent Verstappen back out onto the track in the hopes of salvaging a result;

Verstappen went on to finish in seventh position, earning six points for his efforts. Christian Horner, the principal of the Red Bull team, stated afterwards that the debris had reduced the vehicle’s downforce by twenty percent. He also disclosed that the car had been abandoned on the circuit after a collision involving the drivers of Red Bull’s sister team AlphaTauri, Yuki Tsunoda and Pierre Gasly.

“He did not have any holes in his tire. There was no evidence of a puncture “Horner elaborated more. According to him, the pain was so severe that it almost seemed like a puncture. On lap 11, he collided with a piece of debris that turned out to be an AlphaTauri component that was involved in the incident that they had.

As a result, he had to continue the race with a modified floor that included a piece of an AlphaTauri end plate lodged beneath the bottom of the vehicle. It remained inside of there. “It has slid below and jammed itself, functioning very similarly to an obstruction.

  1. Therefore, for the remainder of the race, he had to contend with a rather significantly modified floor, and as a result, he suffered a significant loss in downforce.” After Verstappen informed Horner of the decline in performance, Horner stated that the team’s goals had shifted from winning the race to coming in seventh place;

Horner offered an explanation, saying, “He claimed a puncture, but we couldn’t see it on the data. However, you’ve got to believe the driver. As a result, he pitted as a preventative measure.” “And then we noticed that there was debris, and I remember Carlos Sainz stated as he was following him that chunks were coming out of the bottom of Max’s vehicle,” we continued.

  • “And then we saw that there was debris.” Then, on the medium tyre, he was fighting as hard as he could [after the pit stop], but your race suddenly becomes very focused on the cars that you are racing against, which were primarily Alpines and Astons at that stage, so we then pitted for the hard tyre to get to the end of the race because we felt that was our best way of finishing in position number seven.” It was a question of, well, we’ve got nothing to lose, we’ll either finish out the points or stick a set of softs on, and he actually managed to pass a couple of cars and then fought extremely hard to maintain that seventh place, which is six valuable points;

He struggled, particularly with the wounded car, on the hard tyre even more. Consequently, when we got to the safety car, it was a question of, well, we’ve got nothing to lose,” Even though Verstappen finished seventh, his adversary for the Ferrari driver’s championship, Charles Leclerc, finished fourth despite being in the lead of the race until a late Safety Car.

Verstappen only lost six points to Leclerc. Horner stated that the outcome was not as disastrous as it might have been because the other Red Bull car, driven by Sergio Perez, finished the race in second place following an incredible recovery performance after suffering wing damage on the first lap.

“In point of fact, on a day in which we had two cars that were not in good shape at different points in the race, Sergio has actually extended his lead over Charles, consolidating second place, and Max has only conceded six points to Charles and, in the constructors’, I think only 13 points.

What happened to Perez car in Abu Dhabi?

What exactly was it about Perez’s car that made it so dangerous that Red Bull couldn’t risk letting him complete another lap with the green flag flying? – What happened was that Red Bull discovered that Perez’s engine was over the limit, and had it expired while the race was under the safety car, there would have been absolutely no chance of getting the race restarted, and therefore Verstappen would not have had the chance to pull off what he pulled off on lap 58.

What happened was that Red Bull discovered that Perez’s engine was over the limit. This is what Perez had to say about the situation, as stated in the following. “At the time, I was unaware of anything, although it is clear that the engine was operating at or near its maximum capacity.

And the last thing that any of us wanted to happen was a failure, which would have meant that Max wouldn’t get the chance to run that lap. It was really on the edge, and you certainly don’t want the engine to explode.” It’s possible that the team would not have retired Perez’s vehicle if they believed they still had a fighting chance of taking home the constructor championship.

Is Checo leaving Red Bull?

‘Retaining his speed, racing craft, and experience was a no-brainer for us, and we are thrilled that Checo will continue to compete for the team until 2024,’ said the team.