Where To Stay In Dubai 2016?

Where To Stay In Dubai 2016
In a nutshell, the ideal places to stay in Dubai are either directly along the shore (if you want to spend some time at the beach) or within around 0.5 to 1 mile (0.8 to 1.6 kilometers) of the coast (if you prefer to focus your stay on activities). If you can, book a flight that arrives during the day so that you may sit near to a window.

The scenery is very breathtaking. You will also realize that the city is actually fairly large when you visit here. The coastline of Dubai is about 40 kilometers long, and it takes over half an hour by rail to go from the airport to the marina. The following is a map that includes all of the top places to stay in Dubai.

These are the places that we recommend staying in based on the sort of vacation that you are looking for, whether it be one with your family and children or one that includes some nightlife. The best location to stay in all of Dubai Where To Stay In Dubai 2016 Where to stay in Dubai with a family: you have two options; you can spend your stay in Dubai with kids at the beach, with pools and slides, in a hotel or resort; in this case, you should book your accommodation either at Jumeirah Beach or The Palm. Another option is to stay in a hotel or resort that isn’t on the beach but still has a pool and slides.

If the heat is too much for you (particularly between the months of July and August), or if you just don’t feel like going to the beach, then Downtown is the place to be. There are lots of activities for youngsters, and it is home to the largest retail mall in the world. Find out more about where to stay with your family, including hotels, restaurants, and playgrounds, in the following section.

The neighborhoods of Deira and Bur Dubai are where you will get the most value for your money while looking for a place to stay in Dubai. They are both located in close proximity to the airport, and they each have a Metro station that will link you to the nearby neighborhoods of Downtown (in about 20 minutes) and the Marina (in approximately 40 minutes), in addition to the other beaches.

While Bur Dubai is better equipped to accommodate visitors with its extensive infrastructure, Deira is primarily focused on the commercial sector. Deira and Bur Dubai are the regions where it all began, and there is still a trace of the city’s more traditional vibe in each of these neighborhoods. Learn more about where to stay affordably and where to find the greatest discounts in Dubai by reading the following: The Marina is the newest region of Dubai and one of the most popular ones due in large part to the beaches that are located nearby, some of which are private.

This makes it the best spot to stay in Dubai if you want to experience the city’s vibrant nightlife. You will observe largely individuals from western countries, and alcoholic beverages may be freely obtained. The hotels in this region are often very new and have nice interiors and gorgeous architectural designs.

It is a fantastic location with a diverse range of lodging options, ranging from the most expensive to the most affordable. Find out more about a place to stay in Dubai that’s close to the action below. The best spot to stay as a tourist since it is close to everything: If you want to spend some time at the beach but still have quick access to the downtown area, then Mercato Beach can be the place for you to stay.

Since it is not a very busy neighborhood, there are not too many hotels in the vicinity. You may easily reach Downtown in only 10 minutes if you take a taxi there from here. Find out more about a convenient place to stay by reading the following: Where to stay in Dubai with a partner: if you want a stay that is peaceful and romantic, then The Palm is an excellent choice, while the Aloft Palm Jumeirah is a gorgeous, colorful, and reasonably priced hotel with amazing views.

  • Both of these hotels are located on The Palm.
  • If you want to be closer to the excitement, staying near the Marina is your best bet, and Rove Dubai Marina is another excellent option in the area.
  • The Palm at Atlantis is the place to stay in Dubai for a honeymoon since it is the most calm and romantic of all the hotels in Dubai.
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Beach versus city/downtown: it’s a completely different experience, however you can always go from one to the other for a swim or some shopping. The Emerald Palace Kempinski Dubai is a beautiful resort, and if you want a chaotic day, then head to the nearby Aquaventure Waterpark.

  1. If you are going to be there for a longer period of time (a week or more), the beach could be a better choice; but, if you are just going to be there for two or three days, the city has a ton of activities that are ideal for people who are not like sunbathing.
  2. Continue reading below to learn more about the various distinctions.

Where to stay in Dubai if you want to be near the beach: Jumeirah and JBR are the two beaches that see the most visitors and are considered to be among the best in Dubai. You may learn more about these beaches by reading on. The best places to watch the fireworks and laser shows on New Year’s Eve in Dubai are often at Burj Khalifa in Downtown Dubai and at The Palm.

  • If you want to have the finest possible view, you should aim to book your accommodation in one of these two places.
  • You will also get a glimpse of the city skyline from the Aloft Palm Jumeirah hotel, which is located in The Palm.
  • This hotel is a terrific solution.
  • When looking for a place to stay in Dubai Marina, keep in mind that this district is home to the city’s most exciting nightlife as well as JBR Beach, which is widely regarded as one of the city’s most beautiful beaches.
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Below you will find further reading on the Dubai Marina. Downtown is without a doubt the finest location to reserve a hotel for shopping, so if you plan on doing any shopping, you should definitely stay there. Consider the fact that The Dubai Mall, which is the largest shopping center in the world, might easily cause you to get disoriented for several days.

  • Click here to read more about Downtown.
  • Where to spend a single night: If you just have time for a one-night stay, Downtown could be the ideal option, since it offers a wide variety of activities in addition to a trip to the Burj Khalifa (the famous skyscraper with a viewing deck).
  • Mercato Beach is the best spot to stay in Dubai for two nights since it offers both a relaxing atmosphere and convenient proximity to the city center.

You will be able to accomplish two things at once. The Marina is the place to go if you want more excitement and quick access (20-30 minutes) to the downtown area by Metro. Where to stay in Dubai for three nights: The Marina is an excellent location to be based for three days as you will have access to a wide variety of restaurants and pubs during the evenings.

  • If you are interested in a more elite solution, Jumeirah Beach is another alternative that you could consider.
  • Where to stay in Dubai during a stopover: the Dubai International Terminal Hotel is the most convenient option because you will not be required to leave the airport at any point throughout your stay.

Another fantastic option that is available for a portion of the cost is the Flora Inn Hotel, which is located just a few hundred meters from the airport and provides free shuttle service to the terminal. The top five things to do and see in Dubai are: A Camel safari with bbq in the desert, something unique that you can experience only on this side of the world if you are in Dubai than why not living it in style with a Luxury Yacht Tour from the Marina area if you are in Dubai than why not living it in style with a Camel safari with bbq in the desert if you are in Dubai than why not living it in style (food included) Dubai has undergone a tremendous amount of development and transformation.

  1. Twenty years ago was the first time I passed through Dubai on a flight.
  2. This City Helicopter Tour is really incredible, and it offers the finest opportunity to get a bird’s-eye view of the area.
  3. Hold on, because if you think that high tea is dull in any way, you haven’t seen anything until you’ve seen this incredible High Tea in the Sky, which is actually hanging 50 meters above the earth and is ridiculous.
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Why not spend a day at the Atlantis Aquaventure and Lost Chambers Aquarium on a hot day? There are plenty of days like that. You may save money by purchasing the tickets in advance. Where To Stay In Dubai 2016 The lengthy beach that may be found in Dubai

Is Deira a good area in Dubai?

The advantages of making Deira your home Cons of making Deira your home The common proverb “Old is Gold” is especially apt to be applied to Deira, the section of Dubai that has the highest historical significance. The area has been the city’s primary center of business activity for decades.

  1. Deira, which is located to the north of Dubai Creek and to the south of the border with Sharjah, provides its citizens with an intriguing combination of modernism and tradition that is shown simultaneously.
  2. This neighborhood is known for its low costs of living and high quality of job opportunities, and it is home to a number of historic sites that are important to the history of the United Arab Emirates.

Before making the move to Deira, it is only natural to evaluate the benefits of living in Deira; nevertheless, before making the move, it is important to also think about the drawbacks of living in Deira. You will have a better understanding of the possibilities available to you after reading this summary of the benefits and potential negatives of this important neighborhood in Dubai.

Is Deira better or Bur Dubai?

4. Re: Bur Dubai Vs Deira In the year 2009 The scenery around the brook is quite lovely. Deira is the neighborhood that you would most likely find yourself in if you are seeking for a hotel with a view of the creek. There is not much of a distinction between Deira and Bur Dubai.

Is Deira safe for tourists?

The simple answer is that it is. It is safe for foreigners to travel to Dubai, particularly American tourists. Although tourists have classified Dubai as one of the safest cities in the world in 2020, it is essential for westerners to be mindful of the local rules and traditions while they are in Dubai. Dubai is an oasis in the Persian Gulf.