When Is A Good Time To Go To Dubai?

When Is A Good Time To Go To Dubai
The months of November through March are the greatest time to visit Dubai since during these months you may enjoy the warmth of the desert-like atmosphere in the United Arab Emirates without experiencing the height of the heat.

What is the cheapest time of year to visit Dubai?


When to Visit Dubai for the Lowest Prices ?

Cheapest Time To Go To Dubai

Expense Oct – Feb Mar – June Jul – Sep
Hostel $21 $29 $31
One Way Flight To Dubai From Europe $188 $390 $376
Private Hotel Room $972 $936 $514
Burj Khalifa ticket (peak hours) $63 $63 $63

The shoulder seasons are often the most expensive times to travel to any given location. That refers to the months of May through August in Dubai, which are considered to be the summer season. This is the time of year when the temperature is just too high to go outside, and your choices for places to visit that provide sightseeing are restricted to those that have air conditioning.