What Time Is The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix On Sunday?

What Time Is The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix On Sunday
When is the Formula One Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi? The Formula One Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi is scheduled to start at 17:00 local time (+3 GMT) at the Yas Marina Circuit in 2021. The date is the 12th of December on a Sunday in 2021. Start time is 17:00 in your local time zone, which is 13:00 in GMT, 14:00 in CET, 15:00 in SAT, 16:00 in EAT, 08:00 in ET, 05:00 in PT, 00:00 in AEDT (Sunday), 22:00 in JST, and 18:30 in IST.

What time does the F1 race start in Abu Dhabi?

The starting timings for each of the confirmed races on the Formula One calendar for the year 2021 have been released, and it has been announced that Grands Prix will once again begin on the hour rather than ten minutes past the hour as they did in 2018.

  • The inaugural free practice session of the Formula One season will get under way in Bahrain on Friday, March 26, at 14:30 local time.
  • The season will officially get underway in Bahrain on March 26.
  • Historically, FP1 and FP2 have each been held for a duration of 90 minutes; however, beginning with this season, both FP1 and FP2 will only be held for a duration of 60 minutes, the same as the duration of Saturday’s FP3 session.

READ ON FOR MORE: The 2021 Formula One season will feature new tyres, revised aerodynamics, and a cost cap, among other rule and regulatory changes that are important to be aware of. Because of the reduction in practice time of one hour, the teams will need to maximize their time on the track in order to bring their vehicles into optimal configuration for the race and the qualifying session.

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What time is the Grand Prix tomorrow UK time?

Formula 1 schedule 2022

Date Race Start time
June 12 Azerbaijan Grand Prix 7 a.m.
June 19 Canadian Grand Prix 2 p.m.
July 3 British Grand Prix 10 a.m.
July 10 Austrian Grand Prix 9 a.m.

What channel is the F1 on today UK?

Sky Sports and Sky Sports F1 are your best bets for following Formula One in the UK in 2022. – Sky is the only owner of the rights to broadcast live Formula One races in the United Kingdom until at least 2024. This implies that starting in 2022, the only option to watch Formula One races will be to subscribe to Sky Sports.

On Sky Sports, there are two different methods to watch the Formula One races. Either the standalone Sky Sports F1 channel or the Complete Sky Sports package may be added to your existing TV subscription in order to watch Formula One races. We will explain the differences between the two, but before we do, you should know that any choice requires you to already have a fundamental Sky Signature package.

The previous moniker for Sky’s Basic TV bundle has been changed to Sky Signature. This comes with the finest of both Sky TV and Netflix on devices that are compatible and costs £26 per month. The Sky Signature service requires a minimum commitment of 18 months from new subscribers, who will also be subject to a one-time setup cost.

  1. After you have subscribed to Sky Signature, you will have the ability to add Sky Sports F1 to your television.
  2. Sky Sports F1 will serve as the authorized broadcaster for each and every Formula One event during the 2022 season.
  3. For the low, low price of £25 per month on a rolling 31-day subscription, you can watch every practice, qualifying session, and race live in HD.
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On the other hand, if you are someone who enjoys watching sports in general, you will benefit more from purchasing the Sky Sports package, which also costs £25 a month. This not only comes with the Sky Sports F1 channel as a standard inclusion, but it also comes with eight other Sky Sports channels that are all in high definition.

This means that you will be able to watch high-profile matches from the Premier League, the English Football League, the Scottish Premiership, golf majors, the National Football League, the National Basketball Association, live international cricket, franchise cricket tournaments like the Indian Premier League, and more.

Another option available to new subscribers is a plan that includes Sky TV and Sky Sports and costs £44 per month. You will also be required to pay a one-time setup charge of twenty pounds in addition to being bound to an agreement lasting eighteen months.