What Is The Population Of Dubai 2022?

What Is The Population Of Dubai 2022
The Surge in the Number of People – The population of this country has gone through a number of significant shifts during the course of recent history. The country’s economy received a significant boost as a result of the finding of oil. In recent months, the government of the UAE has been actively pushing a tourist and knowledge-based economy in an effort to stimulate the existing economic activity.

  • According to thisisinsider.com, Dubai was the sixth most visited city in the world in 2017, receiving 16 million tourists.
  • This places Dubai among the most visited cities in the world.
  • The diversification of the economy of the UAE has reportedly resulted in an increase in the number of specialized job openings, as reported by recruiting firms.

The expansion of new companies and organizations in the UAE has resulted in the creation of employment opportunities for qualified individuals in a variety of industries, such as medicine and healthcare, tourism and hospitality, information technology, artificial intelligence, education, digital marketing, SEO, ecommerce, web design and development, to name just a few.

  1. The rise in the total number of available employment across all industries has resulted in an increase in the number of employees at all levels and of all nationalities.
  2. The overall population increased by around 5 million people during the course of a single decade.
  3. This surge in population may be attributed, in large part, to the ever-increasing number of immigrants and those living abroad.

The United Arab Emirates has the greatest net migration rate in the world, and over 88.52 percent of its population is made up of expats and immigrants. When we take into consideration the fertility rate in the UAE, this becomes even more obvious. Despite the fact that there are more people in the world now than there were ten years ago, the average number of kids born to fertile women has been falling over the past decade.

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What is the population of the United Arab Emirates in 2022?

The population growth rate of the United Arab Emirates is far higher than that of any other Middle Eastern country. The population of citizens has expanded as a result of a high birth rate, a low mortality rate among nationals, and a greater life expectancy as a direct result of the availability of high-quality medical services.

  • In addition, a major portion of the country’s population increase may be attributed to the continued movement of expatriates into the country.
  • Because there are so many work prospects in the UAE, an increasing number of people from other countries are deciding to make the UAE their permanent home.
  • We may anticipate a further rise in the number of people from other countries in 2022, particularly as a result of Expo 2020’s contribution to the expansion of employment opportunities.
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According to an expansion by Worldometer of the most recent statistics published by the United Nations, the population of the United Arab Emirates as of January 2022 is 10,069,862 people. As 2022 unfolds, we are going to conduct an in-depth investigation on the demographic statistics of the UAE.

What is the population density in the United Arab Emirates?

Population of the UAE, Broken Down by Nationality in 2021 – It has been estimated that there would be 9.9 million people living in the UAE in 2021, including expats. The overall number of expatriates living in the UAE has recently reached 8.84 million, which accounts for almost 89% of the country’s total population.

Nationality Population
India 2.75 million
Pakistan 1.27 million
Bangladesh 0.74 million
Philippines 0.56 million
Iran 0.48 million
Egypt 0.42 million
Nepal 0.32 million
Sri Lanka 0.32 million
China 0.21 million
All other countries 1.79 million
Total Expat Population 8.84 million

There are individuals of more than 200 different nationalities living and working in the United Arab Emirates, as can be seen by taking a closer look at the population of the UAE broken down by nationality. At this time, there are 2.75 million people of Indian descent living in the UAE. What Is The Population Of Dubai 2022