What Is It Like To Live In Abu Dhabi?

What Is It Like To Live In Abu Dhabi
Life in Abu Dhabi is characterized by a variety of swings and roundabouts, peaks and troughs, ups and downs, just like it is in any other city in the globe. The positive aspects of living as an expatriate in Abu Dhabi ultimately outweigh the negative aspects by a significant margin.

Moving to any new area comes with a set of challenges and opportunities, and expats moving to Abu Dhabi will discover that the city is no exception to this rule. The more a person is able to mentally prepare himself for the less desirable parts of living in a foreign country, the more easily they will be able to adjust to the new environment and the more they will appreciate the advantages.

We have outlined some of the advantages and disadvantages of living in Abu Dhabi below.

Is Abu Dhabi a good place to live in?

What would you say is the most enjoyable aspect of living abroad in the United Arab Emirates, and how does Abu Dhabi stack up against Dubai in this regard? – “The most enjoyable aspect of living in the United Arab Emirates is the high standard of living and the numerous possibilities that are available to us as a result of being here.

  • Other advantages include the pleasant climate (even though it is on the warmer side for a significant portion of the year!), the convenient location for travel, and the availability of low-cost services (does anybody need their dry cleaning picked up and delivered?!).
  • It’s the little things like this that add together to create a significant difference.

When I found out that my husband got a job in Abu Dhabi, my first thought was that we would be able to continue living in Dubai, with him travelling to work in Abu Dhabi. However, it turned out that our plans had to change. That just wasn’t going to be doable, so we relocated to Abu Dhabi.

However, after a very short length of time, I rapidly realized the charms and differences of Abu Dhabi, and now I tell everybody who asks that I much prefer Abu Dhabi over Dubai! In comparison to Dubai, Abu Dhabi is a considerably more tranquil and traditional city that places a greater emphasis on family and community.

In the nation’s capital, there is a greater emphasis placed on maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Although Dubai is a wonderful place to shop and it’s convenient to have it so close by, I’ve found that life in Abu Dhabi makes me a lot happier. We had a terrific time in Dubai, and it’s an excellent place to go if you simply want to let loose and have a good time, but after a while, all the activity might become overwhelming.

How much money do you need to live in Abu Dhabi?

Expenses of Daily Life in the United Arab Emirates Despite the sky-high cost of rent, the cost of basic necessities in the UAE is manageable. The monthly cost of maintenance for a family of four comes out to around 12,000 AED on average (3,000 USD). This covers things such as groceries, transportation, recreational activities, and eating out at restaurants.

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Is it worth moving to Abu Dhabi?

The cost of living in Abu Dhabi is rather high; in fact, the city was placed 40th out of 209 in Mercer’s Cost of Living Survey for 2018, and it is tied for second place with Dubai as the most expensive location to live in the Middle East. When compared to Dubai, the cost of living in Abu Dhabi is around 6% less expensive overall.

  • This includes the cost of food, clothing, transportation, personal care products, and entertainment.
  • On the other hand, the cost of housing in San Francisco is 11% more than in Dubai.
  • The price of housing is quite high and will consume almost fifty percent of your monthly pay.
  • It will cost you an average of 5088 AED (£1088) to rent a one-bedroom apartment in the city center, yet just outside the city it will only cost you 3805 AED (£814) The costs of utilities are manageable, coming in around 445 AED (around £95) per month on average.

Because of the higher cost of rent in Abu Dhabi, some expatriates decide to find housing in Dubai and continue their professional lives there. Buying a car is also going to be a significant expense. Even while public transport links are getting better, the vast majority of expats still use their own cars to get about.

What type of people live in Abu Dhabi?


Flag of the United Arab Emirates
Regions with significant populations
United Arab Emirates c.  1.1-1.5 million
Other Gulf countries Varies
Canada 20,990
United Kingdom 12,314
United States 12,000
Australia 4,415
Germany 2,885
Jordan 1,720
Denmark 1,700
Finland 1,424
South Africa 1,000
Arabic ( Emirati , Gulf , Modern Standard , Shihhi , Omani ) English Baluchi Mehri Larestani
Predominantly Sunni Islam Minority Shia Islam
Related ethnic groups
Arabs , Afro-Arabs , Arab-Persians , Kuwaitis , Saudis , Qataris , Omanis , Baharna , Baluchis , Ajam

The Emiratis (Arabic: ) (singular male Arabic: Emarati, feminine Emaratiya) are the native Arab people of the United Arab Emirates and its residents. The word “Emirati” comes from the word “emirat,” which means “emirate” (UAE). Their greatest number of people may be found in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), which is home to around 1.5 million Emiratis.

  1. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) was once known as the Trucial States or Trucial Sheikhdoms.
  2. It is comprised of seven emirates, each of which formerly had a dominant or ruling dynasty.
  3. Dubai was inhabited in 1833 by a branch of the Bani Yas called the Al Bu Falasah; Sharjah and Ras Al Khaimah are the home to the Al Qasimi or Qawasim; Ajman to the Al Na’im; and Fujeirah to the Sharqiyin.

Abu Dhabi was the capital of the Bani Yas tribal confederation.

How strict is Abu Dhabi?

When comparing Abu Dhabi with Dubai, it is clear that Dubai is superior to Abu Dhabi in a variety of ways. It is far larger and offers significantly more opportunities for entertainment, nightlife, activities for families, luxury hotels, and lots of alternatives within budgetary constraints.

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Is it cheaper to live in Dubai or Abu Dhabi?

The cost of living in Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates) is 12% lower than that in Dubai (also in the United Arab Emirates) (United Arab Emirates)

Is food expensive in Abu Dhabi?

Food Costs in Abu Dhabi, Based on Real-Life Experiences from Travelers Like You Although there is some variation in the cost of meals in Abu Dhabi, the daily cost of food in Abu Dhabi is on average 133 AED. If you dine out in Abu Dhabi, you could expect to pay around 53 AED for a typical lunch.

This estimate is derived on the spending patterns of past tourists. Prices for breakfast are often lower than those charged for lunch or supper. At Abu Dhabi, the price of food in sit-down restaurants is often higher than the price of food in fast food restaurants or the price of food sold on the street.

Food 133 AED for two meals on a single day

Do you pay tax in Abu Dhabi?

Tax: If you leave the UK to reside in another country, you will be required to pay tax on your income from the UK. If you move overseas, you will also be required to pay tax on any income you get from the UK. Due to the existence of a double taxation agreement between the UK and the UAE, we strongly advise that you seek the assistance of a tax professional before filing your taxes in the UAE.

In the United Arab Emirates, a person’s salary or compensation is not subject to any kind of income tax. There may be taxes imposed on some services and commodities, as well as municipal taxes and customs fees, however this varies from Emirate to Emirate. Contact the Ministry of Economy for any questions pertaining to the taxation of corporations.

It is possible for you to continue paying into your National Insurance account while you are living outside of the country in order to safeguard your eligibility for the State Pension as well as other benefits and allowances.

Why people move to Abu Dhabi?

What are some of the positive aspects of living in Abu Dhabi for you? – “The climate and the absence of personal income taxes are the two primary reasons why people decide to leave their home countries and move to Abu Dhabi and the United Arab Emirates.

  1. Those are undeniably some of the most significant advantages of the nation, and it’s not at all exaggerated to say that they are true.
  2. The weather is utterly perfect at the moment.
  3. It NEVER rains in this town.
  4. In the past 2.5 years, it has only drizzled a few times here at this location.
  5. That’s fantastic news for pretty much everybody on the planet, wherever they may be from.

The subject of income tax also has to be addressed. Actually, there isn’t any. Coming from a nation in which we paid taxes equal to more than half of our earnings, this is a significant improvement. Because our income is not subject to taxation, we are able to maintain the lifestyle of our choosing while still putting money away for the future.”

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How much does it cost to rent an apartment in Abu Dhabi?

Renting a Home or Apartment If you are interested in renting a house or apartment in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), you should know that the process is straightforward; nevertheless, rental costs are high. The United Arab Emirates is recognized for giving good pay, but a significant portion of these income are used to cover the extremely high cost of living in the country.

Is there a lot of crime in Abu Dhabi?

In comparison to other countries with a higher level of industrialization, the United Arab Emirates has a comparatively low rate of violent and property crime. There are not many instances of minor crimes like pickpocketing in this town. The following is a statement made by the United States Department of State: “Visitors to the UAE need not be concerned about their safety due to the low rate of violent crime.

Can I live with my boyfriend in Abu Dhabi?

The United Arab Emirates has announced new regulations on divorce, inheritance, and alcohol. Rules pertaining to divorce, women’s rights, and the drinking of alcohol are all subject to change as a result of the new legislation. In the United Arab Emirates, it is now legal for men and women to cohabit without fear of legal penalties.

  • Up until recently, it was against the law in the Emirates for unwed couples or even unrelated roommates to live together in the same residence.
  • On the other hand, during the course of the last few years, the authorities have seldom pursued or convicted anyone for breaking the regulation.
  • Additionally, the use of alcoholic beverages will no longer be considered a criminal violation in the UAE.

There will no longer be repercussions for anybody who consumes alcohol, possesses alcohol, or sells alcoholic beverages in designated places without having a valid alcohol license. Nonetheless, a person’s legal age must be at least 21 years old in order to purchase or drink alcohol.

  • Residents of Abu Dhabi do not require a license to purchase or consume alcoholic beverages anymore.
  • The new regulation became law in the month of September.
  • In the meanwhile, I’ll tell you all you need to know to get your driver’s license in the United Arab Emirates.
  • Additional alterations were made to the legislation governing divorce.

Those who file for divorce will now be required to adhere to the laws of the nation in which the wedding took place if the ceremony did not take place in the United Arab Emirates. In addition, those who harass women are subject to heavy sanctions, and anyone who rapes a woman has much worse repercussions.