What Currency Does The Uae Use?

What Currency Does The Uae Use
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What is the main currency in UAE?

UAE Currency Symbols and what they mean

The official currency of the United Arab Emirates is known as the Emirati Dirham, and its abbreviation is AED. Abbreviations such as dh and dhs are not recognized officially. One dirham may be broken down into one hundred fils.

Are dollars used in UAE?

Yes, the United States dollar is commonly accepted across Dubai. To calculate the price, you will need to get it translated into their currency, but other than that, there shouldn’t be any issues.

Is Euro accepted in UAE?

Yes, major currencies may be exchanged for one another at any of the local airports or shopping centers’ currency bureaus. You may choose to pay in HK$, US$, or even sterling if you choose. For instance, http://www. alfardanexchange.com/cindex. asp; however, there are many more firms to choose from, and the prices are comparable for all of them.