How To Get Around Dubai Without A Car?

How To Get Around Dubai Without A Car
Bus: If you want to see the city on a budget, using the bus is a great alternative. At each and every one of Dubai’s airport terminals, there is a bus stop where you may board a bus to one of the many major neighborhoods in the city. They operate around the clock, up to once every half an hour; nevertheless, you will need to consult a map in order to fully comprehend the comprehensive network.

What is the best way to go around in Dubai?

Taxis and the public metro system are your best bets for getting about Dubai. Although costs in Dubai are generally rather exorbitant, taking a taxi here or there won’t put a significant dent in your finances. In addition to this, they provide you the ability to go at your own leisure without the stress of having to deal with traffic.

Taxi Taxis are the most cost- and time-efficient means of getting around Dubai. You can easily spot cabs by their tan bodies and red roofs; the pink-topped cabs are designated for female and family passengers only (they are also driven by women). All taxis are metered, with rates starting at 12 dirhams (roughly $3.25) and increasing by about 2.82 dirhams (around $0.75) per mile. Because Dubai addresses do not include building numbers, you’ll have to specify your destination based on an intersection or a nearby hotel or landmark. Taxis also service Dubai International Airport for a flat rate of 20 dirhams (roughly $5.50). Uber also operates in Dubai. Dubai Taxi Corporation Uber
Bus The Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) operates more than 100 routes in Dubai. Like the metro, bus fares range depending on which of the seven zones you plan to travel through. You can pay using a Nol Card , which you can purchase at select bus stations, ticket vending machines and RTA service centers throughout the city. Although buses run frequently, you will need to factor traffic delays and frequent stops into your travel time. Bus no.8 tends to be one of the most useful routes for travelers since it makes stops at some of the tourist hot spots, including the Burj Al Arab and the Dubai Marina. RTA Buses
Metro Dubai’s metro consists of two lines: the red line and the green line. Both lines together service nearly 50 stations, including the airport. The routes are divided into zones, and fares vary depending on which zones are traveled through. You can pay for your trip with a Nol Card , which is valid on Dubai’s metro, buses and waterbuses. You can purchase a Nol Card in all metro stations. Hours of operation depend on the day and line, but they usually start operating around 5 or 5:30 a.m. and run until midnight or 1 a.m. the following day. However, on Fridays it’s important to note that metro trains don’t start operating until 10 a.m. Dubai Metro
Boat Boats have always played a primary role in Dubai transportation, and today, they are still frequently used by both locals and tourists who need to cross Dubai Creek. For 1 dirham (roughly $0.27) per trip, you can cross the creek via abra , the traditional wooden boat that has graced Dubai’s waters for years and years. You’ll find abras lining the creek in the downtown area. Just make sure to carry cash, as drivers don’t accept cards. The Roads & Transport Authority also operates a boat service known as the Dubai Waterbus. These are more spacious and high-tech than abras (and provide air conditioning), and they service stations outside of the immediate downtown area. One-way trips cost 2 dirhams (roughly $0.54), and you can pay using your Nol Card . Abras Dubai Waterbus
Car Dubai’s roads are well maintained and clearly labeled; however, it can be difficult to maneuver through all the constant construction and traffic. You should also keep in mind that finding parking can be troublesome too. That being said, a car will come in handy should you want to venture outside of Dubai city. You can rent a car in town or at the Dubai airport. To drive here, you will need to obtain an international driver’s license .
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Is Dubai Metro expensive?

How much does it cost to purchase a Metro ticket in Dubai? Using the Dubai Metro won’t break the bank at all. The network that makes up the Dubai Metro is divided into seven zones, and the final price of your trip is determined by the total number of zones you traveled through during your ride.

There are also day permits available that allow for unrestricted travel. The red card and the silver card are the most practical choices for a traveler to choose in this situation. The red card may be purchased for for 2 AED. It has a validity period of up to ninety days and may be loaded with as many as ten journeys or five daily passes at a time.

The day pass may be purchased for a total cost of 20 AED. The Silver Card: Alternatively, you can pay 25 AED to purchase a silver card. It will be pre-loaded with 19 AED and will have the ability to be recharged whenever necessary. The silver card has a validity period of five years and may be used even if you plan to return to the area in the near future.

A look at the Gold Card: You will be able to travel in the more luxurious gold class with this card. The cost to acquire this card is 25 AED, and upon activation, you will get a credit of 20 AED. In my experience, the red card and the day passes are the most difficult to understand, therefore I would recommend upgrading to either the silver or the gold card instead.

In addition, for some unknown reason, the red card has a higher per-mile cost attached to it. The tickets are also available in tiers 1, 2, and 3, with each tier having a different price than the previous one. Single trip within the same zone constitutes Tier 1.

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Silver Card Gold Card Red Card
Tier 1 3 AED 6 AED 4 AED
Tier 2 5 AED 10 AED 6 AED
Tier 3 7.5 AED 15 AED 8.5 AED

img class=’aligncenter wp-image-189362 size-full’ src=’’ alt=’How To Get Around Dubai Without A Car’ /> Another term for the electronic ticketing card (also known as the red, silver, or gold cards) that is used to get admission to the Dubai Metro is the NOL Card. The term “fare” can be translated from Arabic as “nol.” Cards issued by Nol may be used on all of Dubai’s several public transportation networks.

Cards and tickets for the Nol system can be purchased at any of the city’s metro or bus stations, as well as in select supermarkets like Spinneys and Carrefour. The card can have more value added to it by utilizing the ticket counters or the vending machines located within the metro stations. Please bear in mind that there will be no reimbursements issued for any money that is unused.

Therefore, only do so in modest increments.

How do most people travel in Dubai?

1. The Metro is the Finest Alternative for Visitors Traveling Long Distances The metro is the best option for tourists traveling long distances. There is a metro train that arrives at your station every few minutes. You are eligible to purchase a red NOL card if you plan to remain in Dubai for an extended period of time.

Can tourists use Dubai Metro?

The Silver Nol card, which can be filled with up to AED1,000 in credit and is the most popular choice among visitors, is one of the many ticket alternatives that can be purchased. This is the best choice if you want to make frequent use of Dubai’s public transportation system during your time there.

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Is it safe to take taxis in Dubai?

Indeed, it is very risk-free. When you are exiting the arrivals area, look for signs directing you to the taxi stand. There will be a line-up system in place, as well as a steady stream of beige cabs with red tops. All of these are put through the meter, and the airport beginning fee is 25 dirhams.

How can I get Dubai Metro Card?

How to acquire your NOL card quickly and easily – Your NOL card may be obtained in a variety of easy and simple methods. You may get your card through approved sales agents, ticket offices, ticket vending machines, RTA customer satisfaction centers, or even buy it online. Ticket offices and ticket vending machines are other options.