How To Call Dubai?

How To Call Dubai
Please point me in the direction of a good app that allows me to make calls internationally. – Without a doubt. You should look into the iPhone® and AndroidTM calling software known as Vonage Mobile®, which was developed for the purpose of making free international calls and has been creating a lot of noise in a very short amount of time.

It is free to download and use; the only requirement is that the person you are contacting must also have the app installed on their device. Click on the link to learn more and start making free calls right away.

You are responsible for all charges and activity on each account, as well as the shipping costs for the adapter and for ensuring compliance with the laws of any country outside the United States in which the Vonage adapter may be used. You can sign up for an additional account by following the instructions on the Vonage website.

Can you make phone calls to Dubai?

Information Regarding This Article – Summary of the Article X Before you may make a call to Dubai, you must first enter the exit code for the nation you are calling from. If you do not already know this code, you can discover it by searching for it on the internet.

  1. After you have entered the exit code, you will need to call 971, which is the country code for the United Arab Emirates;
  2. The United Arab Emirates is home to Dubai;
  3. After you have entered the UAE country code, dial the number 4 to indicate that you are phoning a landline, and then enter the 7-digit landline number;

If you are dialing a mobile phone number, the prefix will already be included in the first nine digits of the cell phone number. Continue reading for advice on how to make use of an international calling card! Did you find this overview to be helpful? Many thanks to everyone who contributed to the creation of this page, which has already been read 290,271 times.

How do I ring Dubai from UK?

Article Downloading Available Article Downloading Available To make an easy call to Dubai from the United Kingdom, dial 00, which is the exit number for the United Kingdom, and then 971, which is the country code for the United Arab Emirates, which is where Dubai is situated. Next, you will be asked to enter the phone number that you wish to call. There are different methods to go to Dubai, and the one you choose will depend on your travel budget and how often you want to visit. Even if the applications that are used to make free internet calls, such as Facebook, WhatsApp, and Skype, are prohibited in the UAE, there are still some alternatives that are available at a lower cost that you may test out.

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  3. 1. Enter 00, which is the exit code for the UK. If you want to call a number that is located outside of the nation, you will need to dial the exit code that is specific to your country. The number 00 is the exit code for the United Kingdom.
  4. 2 Enter 9-7-1. This is the code for the nation. Every nation has its own unique code, which can be anything from one to three digits long. The country code for the United Arab Emirates (UAE), which includes Dubai, is 971. Dubai is located in the UAE. Advertisement
  5. 3 To reach a landline, dial the number starting with 4 followed by the 7-digit area code. The area code for landlines in Dubai is 4, and it only has one digit. Before you dial the number, you should press 4 if you have been given a seven-digit number for Dubai that does not include an area code and you are certain that the number belongs to a landline.
  6. 4 To connect to a mobile phone, first dial 50, then 55, then 56, and finally the seven-digit phone number. It is a mobile phone if the number you are attempting to contact begins with the operator prefix 050, 055, or 056. When phoning from the UK, omit the leading zero.

When you are given a mobile phone number, the operator prefix should already be included in the number.
1 Use Skype or Google Voice to contact a landline or cell phone. Because both Skype and Google Voice are prohibited in the UAE, it is not possible to make free calls to Dubai over the internet. However, if you have a Skype or Google Voice account in the UK, you may make calls to landlines and mobile phones in Dubai for a cost that is calculated per minute.

  • There are charges that are fixed per minute, so check to see how they stack up against the rates you may obtain through your landline or cell phone.
  • You may sign up for one of the monthly subscriptions on Skype that gives you between 60 and 800 minutes of talk time to phones and landlines in the UAE if you plan to make frequent calls to Dubai. These subscriptions can be found on the Skype website.

2 Ensure that you maintain your presence on social media. Make use of voice and text messaging within the social networking applications. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has, for the time being, placed restrictions on the use of calling functions in popular social media applications such as Facebook and Snapchat, as well as messaging apps such as Viber and WhatsApp.
The usage of any applications that make use of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is now prohibited; however, it is possible that immensely popular apps such as Skype and Facetime will one day be permitted.
3 Take into consideration using an internet service that specializes in international phone calls. The main difference is that you may use your landline instead of your mobile phone or landline to make calls if you link up Vonage to your landline.
You may use the Vonage service to make calls both within the United Kingdom and to other countries, and the company offers a variety of pricing plans and subscription options to choose from based on your need.
1 Before you make the call, ensure sure you are aware of the variation in time zones. Dubai uses Gulf Standard Time, which is four hours ahead of UTC. The United Kingdom observes Greenwich Mean Time (UTC + 0), but because it also participates in Daylight Savings Time, it moves to British Summer Time (UTC + 1) between the months of March and October. Therefore, depending on the season, Dubai will either be three or four hours ahead of the United Kingdom’s standard time.

  • Dubai does not observe the practice of Daylight Saving Time (DST).
  • You can always check the current time in Dubai at if you are confused about the time there.
  • If you want to avoid calling your receiver at an inconvenient time, it is a good idea to arrange the call in advance and find out what time works best for them.

2 If you will need to make calls internationally, purchase an international calling card in advance. Calling cards allow you to make international calls at costs that are more affordable, and you may get a calling card with any amount of talking time that you require. They are also sold at a variety of newsstands and retailers that sell mobile phones, in addition to being available online for purchase.
Verify if you are able to make calls to the UAE by looking at the card’s terms and conditions.

  • 3 Have a discussion regarding overseas charges with the company that provides your landline service. It’s possible that the company that provides your landline service offers calling packages that include the United Arab Emirates. There is a possibility that they provide set prices for calling Dubai, which do not need purchasing a package or adding any additional fees to your regular invoice.
  • 4 If you want to make frequent calls to Dubai, you should discuss the available possibilities with your cell operator. There are several mobile networks that provide add-ons for international phone calls. If you make calls to Dubai on a frequent basis, it may be worthwhile to invest in a plan that includes international calling. They frequently come at a lower cost than those made available by landline service providers.
  • 5 If you do not anticipate making many calls to Dubai, you should make use of the 18185 override. 18185 is a call routing service that allows you to avoid the international costs that are associated with your landline or mobile phone and instead pay the set rates that are listed on the website for You will be required to submit a payment method and register for an account before proceeding. After that, you call their access number, then the number that you want to contact in Dubai, and finally, you hang up.

The prices for each nation are predetermined in 18185. Even though you could definitely find better rates elsewhere, this is still a reasonable choice if you don’t anticipate making many calls to Dubai.
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What is area code for Dubai?

The structure of the number, including:

Number Comments
011 011 is the international prefix used to dial somewhere outside of USA.
971 971 is the international code used to dial to United Arab Emirates.
4 4 is the local area or city code used to dial to Dubai.
97143475588 97143475588 is the local number you wrote.


Why can’t I make calls in Dubai?

The majority of voice over internet protocol (VoIP) services are prohibited in Dubai and the other Emirates, including Abu Dhabi; WhatsApp, with its user-friendly built-in capabilities for audio and video chatting, is not an exception. Obtaining a virtual private network (VPN), which provides users with an IP address in another country, is one method for getting around this barrier.

Is WhatsApp free UK to Dubai?

How To Call Dubai
Are you looking to use WhatsApp to make calls while you’re in the United Arab Emirates? In this piece, we will cover the most reliable virtual private networks (VPNs) that may be used to safely unblock WhatsApp calling in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates. @IanGarlandmost ‘s recent update was on August 8, 2022. In Dubai and the rest of the UAE, WhatsApp, along with the majority of other free VoIP and messaging services, is restricted. Unless you are ready to pay for a government-approved service such as C’Me or BOTIM, this might make it challenging to maintain relationships with friends and family back in your native country.

  • Even if you choose to proceed in this manner, there is no assurance that the applications in question will keep your actions confidential;
  • In point of fact, considering the nation’s existing stance on encryption, it seems quite improbable that any degree of actual privacy will be maintained;

Therefore, using a virtual private network (VPN) for WhatsApp calling when in Dubai or the United Arab Emirates is your best alternative. You can get around the censorship of the UAE’s internet if you connect to a server located in another country using a virtual private network (VPN).

  1. Because of this, you will be able to utilize services that are often unavailable in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates, such as WhatsApp, dating platforms, and casino websites;
  2. Even better, virtual private networks (VPNs) encrypt your traffic, which means that your employer or Internet Service Provider won’t be able to see what you do when you’re online;

Are you unfamiliar with virtual private networks (VPNs) and unsure of how to get started? Do not be alarmed; getting around censorship on the internet is actually fairly simple. Simply following the methods below will allow you to unblock WhatsApp in Dubai and the rest of the United Arab Emirates. The following is the procedure to follow in order to unblock WhatsApp calling in Dubai and the UAE:

  1. First, if you haven’t already, sign up for a virtual private network (VPN) with one of the providers listed below (we particularly recommend NordVPN ).
  2. You will need to find the version of the app that is compatible with your smartphone and then download and install it.
  3. First, log in, and then connect to a server using a VPN. In general, servers located in the United States are a good choice
  4. nevertheless, you could discover that connecting to servers located in countries that are geographically close to you results in a connection with reduced latency.
  5. Launch WhatsApp, and give the call feature a shot. You should now be able to carry on a conversation as usual. If you are still experiencing problems, you can try erasing all of the app’s data or switching to a new server. Contacting the support team of your virtual private network (VPN) for more assistance is another option worth considering.

Is +44 the same as 0044?

The international dialing code for the United Kingdom is 44. The government of the United Kingdom is headquartered in London.

How to call Dubai from outside the UAE?

Prefixes for mobile phones Mobile phones in the UAE each have their own set of prefixes. These three are now numbered 050, 055, and 056. If you are calling a mobile number from outside of the country, you need to remove the 0 from the beginning of the prefix.

What is the area code of Dubai?

The steps and dialing codes necessary to place an international call to Dubai are provided in the following paragraphs. The following format should be used when dialing a call to Dubai from anywhere in the world other than the United Arab Emirates: The following are the international calling codes and format needed to make a call to Dubai: IDD plus 971 plus 4 plus the number of the recipient The International Direct Dial code, often known as the access code of the country from which a call is being placed, is also known as the IDD.

  • 971 4 is the area code for Dubai, which belongs to the United Arab Emirates’ country code;
  • For instance, the number format to call Dubai from the United States is 011 + 971 + 4 + TEL #;
  • In this example, 011 represents the Exit code for the United States, 971 represents the ISD code for the United Arab Emirates, and 4 represents the area code for Dubai;

TEL # represents the phone number of the person you are calling. The country code for United Arab Emirates is 971, which is also known as the International Subscriber Dialling Code (ISD Code). A nation’s ISD code is sometimes referred to as its country calling code.

How to make a call to Dubai from Canada?

Article Downloading Available Article Downloading Available Calling someone in another country may be a costly and complicated task, especially if you are attempting to keep track of all of the various dialing codes that you need to utilize. If you are calling Dubai from Canada, you will first need to know how to call outside of the nation, then how to get through to Dubai, and then how to connect your call to the appropriate phone in Dubai. You should make preparations for your call in advance, seek for methods to cut costs, and even consider other available options in order to make it as simple as possible to call Dubai from Canada.
1 To make an international call from Canada, dial 011 on your phone. You will be able to make an international phone call rather than a domestic one if you dial the exit code for Canada, which is 011. You may start dialing the number by using the Phone app on your smartphone, or you can start dialing the number on your landline phone by entering 011.

  • If your phone has a display that shows which numbers you’ve already typed, it will be much simpler for you to keep track of where you are in the phone number and what has to come next.
  • Before you start dialing the number, you might find it helpful to work it out and write it down beforehand.
  • You should have called 011-xx-xxx-xxx-xxxx for the phone number you have been using thus far. To construct the whole phone number, you will need to fill in the blanks after each “x” with the appropriate number.

2 When prompted, enter 971 to go to the United Arab Emirates. Dubai is located in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), which has the country code of 971. This is also the area code for Dubai. After entering the exit code for Canada, immediately punch in 971 to connect to the United Arab Emirates.
The correct number to use for the phone is now 011-971-xx-xxx-xxxx.
Advertisement 3 When dialing a cellphone, make sure to provide the appropriate mobile area code. Find out which is required to call the person you are attempting to reach, and then enter it into the appropriate space on your phone’s keypad.

  • If you are phoning someone within the UAE from anywhere else. Before entering the mobile code, you will need to enter the digit 0 first.
  • The telephone number should now seem to be something along the lines of 011-971-50-xxx-xxxx.

4 If you are contacting a landline, add 4 to the number before dialing it. You will need to dial the area code whenever you make a landline call in order to let the receiving party know that you are calling from Dubai and not from another part of the UAE. To connect your call to a landline in Dubai, you will need to dial the number 4 on your phone.

  • If you are calling from within the United Arab Emirates, the area code that you will need to enter is 04.
  • The correct number to use for the phone is 011-971-4-xxx-xxxx.

5 To begin the call, dial the local phone number and then press the call button. The last seven digits of the phone number are the local phone number for Dubai, which will enable your call to be routed to the appropriate individual there. This is the phone number that you would use to call the individual if you were located within Dubai, and it is also the number that you most likely received. To continue the call, dial the remainder of the number and then press the button on the phone.

  • If you were calling the number for a mobile phone, the sequence of numbers that you would see on the keypad may appear something like this: 011-971-55-123-4567.
  • In Dubai, the phone number for a landline may look something like this: 011-971-4-987-6543. If you were dialing this number, you would be in the UAE.

1 If you make a lot of calls to other countries, you should establish an international calling plan. The vast majority of domestic phone plans, both landline and mobile, will have extremely high rates for international phone calls, making these calls extremely pricey. Talk to your phone carrier or check online to discover a plan that allows for more frequent and inexpensive international calls if you want to contact someone in Dubai on a regular basis. If you are going to call someone there frequently, you should do so.

  • Plans that provide cheaper international calling will typically cost more overall, or they may limit the number of local calls and messages you are allowed to make. When picking a plan, it is important to consider the ratio of the number of times you phone individuals within Canada to the number of times you call people outside of Canada.
  • If you do not wish to move to a plan that includes international calling, you should investigate the prices that are involved with making international calls using the plan that you are presently using. Others could begin with a set cost, while others would charge extra for each minute worked over the allotted time.

2 If you don’t make regular calls to Dubai, you may consider purchasing an international calling card. If you only need to make one or two calls to Dubai, it is possible that purchasing an international calling card would be more cost effective for you. Inquire in your neighborhood grocery shop or department store, search online, or ask your phone service provider about purchasing a calling card. When placing the call, refer to the instructions printed on the card.

  • Your call will be routed through the supplier of the calling card, rather than through the provider of your phone plan, when you use an international calling card. This will typically enable you to make calls to other countries at a much more affordable rate.
  • Once you have connected with the calling card service, the majority of calling cards will need you to manually dial the number in question. Before making the call, jot down the number so that you can dial it more quickly. If you dial the number using the address book on your phone, rather than using the calling card service, your phone will utilize the service provided by your phone carrier.

3 Before making the call, check sure you have the time in Dubai calculated correctly. Due to the fact that Dubai is located in the GMT+4 time zone, the city will be between seven and a half and twelve hours ahead of various regions in Canada. Look it up online or just figure what time it is in Dubai before you pick up the phone. Before you pick up the phone, check the time to ensure that it is a period during which you won’t mind getting a call. The following is a list of the time zones that are used in Canada:

  • Due to the fact that Newfoundland is located in the GMT-3:30 time zone, it is 7.5 hours behind Dubai’s time.
  • Due to the fact that Halifax lies in the GMT-4 time zone, Dubai is 8 hours ahead of Halifax.
  • Due to the fact that Ottawa is in the GMT-5 time zone, Dubai is 9 hours ahead of Ottowa.
  • Both Winnipeg and Regina are located in the GMT-6 time zone, which indicates that both cities are 10 hours behind Dubai’s time.
  • Due to the fact that Edmonton lies in the GMT-7 time zone, Dubai is 11 hours ahead of Edmonton.
  • Due to the fact that Vancouver lies in the GMT-8 time zone, Dubai is 12 hours ahead of Vancouver.
  • Add the amount of hours that your current time is behind GMT to the current time in order to compute the difference in time that exists between your location in Canada and Dubai. The time in Dubai may then be determined by adding four hours to that figure.
  • For instance, if you were to make a call from Vancouver at seven o’clock in the evening, the time in Dubai would be seven o’clock in the morning!

4 Make sure to schedule your call ahead of time. It could be helpful to set the timing of your phone call before you call them so that you don’t end up calling at an inconvenient time and squandering your calling credit in the process. You should send the person you wish to call an email, text, or message to locate a time that is convenient for both of you.
You should be able to reach a company or other organization at any time throughout their operating hours if you are phoning to inquire about their products or services.
1 To make the phone call, you should use Skype. Skype is a platform for online communication that enables users to make voice calls to other Skype users, as well as traditional landlines and mobile phones. Install Skype on your desktop or mobile device, create an account, then add some calling credit to get started. You may initiate the call by typing the number into the appropriate box on the Skype dial pad.

  • When you open the dial pad, there will be a menu choice for you to choose from that allows you to add credit to your account. You will be able to make phone calls to mobile phones as well as landlines using this.
  • If the person you are attempting to reach also has Skype, you are able to make free calls to them using Skype as long as they are also users of the service. Through the text area labeled “Search Skype,” you may add them as a contact, and then you can click on their name to call them.

2 Make the call using an internet-based program such as FaceTime or WhatsApp to communicate with the recipient. It is possible to make a call to another person using your mobile data or WiFi connection using any one of an infinite number of applications and tools. You may start chatting to the person you want to call by getting an app like FaceTime or WhatsApp, adding them as a contact on the app, and then pressing the call button on the app.

  • Yahoo Messenger, Google Voice, and Facebook Messenger are all capable of making internet phone calls and offer similar features.
  • There are a lot of apps out there that will let you make video calls in addition to traditional audio conversations. Before initiating a video call with someone, you should first ascertain whether or not they are at ease participating in such a call.

3 Rather than talking in person, keep in touch through e-mail or social media. Emailing someone is a terrific method to remain in touch with anyone anywhere in the globe, despite the fact that it is neither as immediate nor as direct as making a phone call to that person. Try utilizing an alternative network instead, such as Facebook Messenger, Twitter, or WhatsApp, if you want to either save money or maintain frequent contact with a certain person. Advertisement
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  • Although English is a common language in Dubai, the national language of the United Arab Emirates is Arabic. In the event that you are unable to converse in Arabic, it is highly recommended that you seek the assistance of a translation.
  • UAE does not observe the practice of Daylight Saving Time (DST). This indicates that the time difference will fluctuate depending on the season, when you make the call, and whether or not daylight saving time is currently being observed in Canada.

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If your phone plan doesn’t contain any discounted rates for international calls, placing a call to another country on the other side of the world might be a very pricey endeavor. Before placing an overseas call, you should consult the terms of your plan with your current phone service provider.

How to call Dubai (Dubayy) from Australia?

Calling Dubai (Dubayy), in the United Arab Emirates, from Australia is as follows: Exit code for calls made from Australia to other countries is 0011. Incoming calls to the United Arab Emirates use the dialing code 971. 4 is the city code for Dubai (sometimes spelled Dubaiy).