How To Call Dubai Cell Phone From Usa?

Please point me in the direction of a good app that allows me to make calls internationally. – Without a doubt. You should look into the iPhone® and AndroidTM calling software known as Vonage Mobile®, which was developed for the purpose of making free international calls and has been creating a lot of noise in a very short amount of time.

It is free to download and use; the only requirement is that the person you are contacting must also have the app installed on their device. Click on the link to learn more and start making free calls right away. You are responsible for all charges and activity on each account, as well as the shipping costs for the adapter and for ensuring compliance with the laws of any country outside the United States in which the Vonage adapter may be used.

You can sign up for an additional account by following the instructions on the Vonage website. The only languages supported by Vonage’s customer service are English and Spanish. The Vonage 911 service is not available in any countries other than the United States.

How do I call a mobile number in Dubai?

Useful Numbers Those who are traveling to Dubai may find the following list of phone numbers to be helpful: 999 is the number to call for the Dubai Police in an emergency. For the contact center of the Dubai Police, dial 901; for ambulance service, dial 998 or 999; for the fire department of the Dubai Civil Defense, dial 997 or 999; and for taxi reservations, dial 04 208 0808.155 or 800 155 is the number to call for Du Customer Care in the UAE.

  1. For international inquiries, please contact Du Customer Care at +971 5 55 678155.
  2. Customer service for Etisalat may be reached from within the UAE by dialing 101, and from outside the UAE by dialing +971 800 2300.
  3. For international passengers arriving at Dubai International Airport, dial +971 4 224 5555.

Emirates (originating from UAE/Dubai) will charge you 600 555 555 whereas flydubai will charge you 600 544 445. Delivery numbers for Burger King, KFC, and Pizza Hut in Dubai are as follows: 600 522 224, 600 522 252, and 600 569 999 for Burger King and Pizza Hut, respectively.

How can I call someone in Dubai?

Information Regarding This Article – Summary of the Article X Before you may make a call to Dubai, you must first enter the exit code for the nation you are calling from. If you do not already know this code, you can discover it by searching for it on the internet.

After you have entered the exit code, you will need to call 971, which is the country code for the United Arab Emirates. The United Arab Emirates is home to Dubai. After you have entered the UAE country code, dial the number 4 to indicate that you are phoning a landline, and then enter the 7-digit landline number.

If you are dialing a mobile phone number, the prefix will already be included in the first nine digits of the cell phone number. Continue reading for advice on how to make use of an international calling card! Did you find this overview to be helpful? Many thanks to everyone who contributed to the creation of this page, which has already been read 290,510 times.

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Which country code is 971 52?

United Arab Emirates, with the international dialing code of 971

What area code is 971 50?

United Arab Emirates telephone numbers

Country United Arab Emirates
Type closed
Typical format 0x xxx xxxx (landline) 05x xxx xxxx (mobile) xxx xxxx (special services)
Access codes
Country calling code +971
International call prefix 971
Trunk prefix

In the United Arab Emirates (UAE), a closed telephone numbering plan is used for all of the country’s phone numbers. ITU-T has provided the United Arab Emirates with the international dialing code of +971. The number of digits in a telephone number is predetermined to be seven, and the number of digits in an area code is predetermined to be two or three.

Is VoIP legal in the United Arab Emirates?

Article Downloading Available Article Downloading Available The United Arab Emirates, sometimes known simply as the UAE, is a dynamic nation as well as a popular tourism destination. You could have to make an overseas call because you need to get in touch with a company or because you have relatives and friends living abroad. 1 In order to make an international call, you will need to enter the exit code for your country. Because each nation has its own unique exit code, the telephone number that you need to dial will be slightly different depending on where in the world you are.

  • 0011 is the international exit code for Australia, for instance. When dialing a phone number in the United Arab Emirates, the format is 0011+XXX+X+XXX-XXXX.
  • Some nations have numerous exit codes. For instance, in Brazil, every single phone service provider has their very own unique exit code.
  • If you are calling from a mobile phone, the plus button should be located somewhere on the keypad. When it is pressed, the exit code is entered automatically. It is not necessary for you to manually type it in later.

2 To reach the United Arab Emirates, enter 971 on the telephone keypad. A special three-digit code is assigned to each and every nation on the planet. Simply calling 971 will get you through to any number in the UAE. Additionally, the country code is dialed after the exit code regardless of the nation you are calling from.

  • Make sure that you input the appropriate code for the country. If you enter the code incorrectly, you might wind yourself talking to someone in a completely different nation!
  • After you have entered the country code, the phone number that you have dialed can appear like this: 0011+971+X+XXX-XXXX.

Advertisement 3 Include the area code for the city in the United Arab Emirates that you intend to contact. The United Arab Emirates (UAE), much like a number of other nations, is broken up into service areas. Area codes with only one number serve most of the major cities in the United Arab Emirates, including Dubai.

  • For instance, the area code for Dubai is 4, whereas the number to dial in order to reach Abu Dhabi is 2.
  • Since the area code is always dialed after the country code, the number that you have dialed will appear as 0011+971+4+XXX-XXXX. This is because the area code comes after the country code.
  • When calling a telephone number that starts with 0, skip the 0 at the beginning of the number. You could, for instance, come across a Dubai number that begins with the area code 04. Only dial it in if you are phoning from within the UAE, as the 0 is reserved only for calls made within the country.
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4 If you’re contacting a mobile phone, make sure you use an area code that begins with 5. No matter where you are or where you’re calling from, mobile phone numbers always use a different area code. It is necessary to know the other person’s service provider in order to obtain the necessary code.

  • For instance, Etisalat’s customer service lines start with either 50 or 54. Frequently, Du will cover numbers that start with either 52 or 55.
  • You will need to dial something like 0011+971+55+XXX-XXXX in order to reach a mobile phone number.
  • If a phone number starts with a zero, you should avoid calling 0 like you would with a landline. You will not need to dial it unless you are making a call within the United States.

5 To finish the call, you will need to type in the phone number. In the United Arab Emirates, the length of a phone number, without counting the area code, is seven digits. You will need to either inquire about that phone number or locate it online in order to proceed with the call. The whole phone number will be formatted as something along the lines of 0011-971-4-XXX-XXX. Using this number will initiate a call from Australia to Dubai. Advertisement 1 If you make a lot of calls, you should talk to your phone provider about getting a calling plan. Take note of any costs that may be included in the terms of service by your phone provider. Examine all of your possibilities before deciding on a carrier because international calls are typically rather expensive. 2 If you don’t make many phone calls, you should enroll in a prepaid calling plan. Many of the main phone carriers provide pay-as-you-go options for their customers. You will determine in advance the total number of minutes that you intend to purchase.

  1. When your allotted minutes are used up, you will be unable to make calls unless you purchase additional data.
  2. If you want to make international calls but don’t want to pay for a monthly plan, prepaid plans are an excellent option.
  3. Because the number of phone calls you may make is dependent on how much you pay for them, you will need to carefully manage your time.

However, if you choose a restricted data plan, you won’t wind up spending too much money on lengthy phone conversations. 3 If you make brief calls, you can save money by purchasing calling cards at discounted rates. You may purchase an international calling card from a telephone service provider or place an order for one online. You can find out how many minutes are on the card as well as the rate it costs to use it by reading the front of the card.

  • It is possible that you will be able to purchase cards from supermarkets, convenience stores, and other establishments, but this will depend on where you reside. Visiting the United Arab Emirates? The country’s telecom firms sell prepaid cards that continue to function normally even if you use them outside of the UAE.
  • If you want to find out what fees are associated with placing calls, it is important to carefully read the small print on the back of the cards.
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4 If you make regular phone calls, you should invest in a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone. Find a service provider such as Vonage that offers phone plans that use VoIP technology. Phones that use the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology route calls via the Internet rather than through regular phone lines.

  • There are certain businesses that provide adapters for conventional phones that enable users to make VoIP calls using those regular phones. You may make calls through either your computer or your landline by using the adaptor.
  • One downside of using VoIP phones is that they require a constant internet connection to function properly. When you use a connection that is fast, the quality of your phone conversations will improve.

5 If you want to make high-quality video calls over the internet, you should download a legitimate program. The government of the UAE determines which mobile phone applications its residents are permitted to use for voice and text communications. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) applications are widespread all over the world; BOTIM and C’me are the names of the VoIP apps that are popular in the UAE.

  • Both Botim and C’me require users to pay a monthly subscription in order to access their respective apps, which can become prohibitively expensive for the majority of citizens. These applications not only provide standard phone calls but also video calls, which is a definite benefit.
  • Apps like Skype and FaceTime are not permitted to be used in the UAE as of the year 2018. It’s possible that this will change in the not-too-distant future, but for the time being, the government of the UAE wishes to discourage its inhabitants from using free services.

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  • Before you pick up the phone, make sure you check the time difference. The United Arab Emirates observes Gulf Standard Time, sometimes known as UTC + 4, which places it four hours ahead of London, in the United Kingdom.
  • Because the government in the United Arab Emirates monitors phone conversations, the country has severe regulations regarding the kind of calling applications that can be used. Bear in mind that the discussions you are having might be overheard by other individuals.
  • Even though the majority of VoIP and video applications are officially prohibited in the UAE as of the year 2018, this could change in the near future. Maintain an awareness of current events in order to discover additional free or low-cost options to make phone calls.

Show Further Suggestions We appreciate you sending in a suggestion for our consideration. Advertisement The law in the UAE allows the country’s telecom providers to restrict access to certain applications, such as Skype and FaceTime. Even while many citizens are still able to use these applications, you should carefully consider the repercussions of doing so before attempting to circumvent the limitations.