How Much Is The Rent In Dubai?

How Much Is The Rent In Dubai
Renting in the United Arab Emirates as a Foreign National – Rental agreements in the UAE normally have a duration of one year and are difficult to terminate. If you are lucky enough to live in a state with favorable housing laws, your rights will be preserved even if your landlord chooses to terminate your lease before the end of the term.

It is possible to discover flats that are either fully furnished or unfurnished. It all boils down to how much time and money you have available. The price of a furnished apartment is much more than the price of an empty apartment, and it is not difficult to obtain furniture at reasonable prices at stores located all across the UAE.

On the other hand, if you just want to remain in the UAE for a year, renting an unfurnished apartment may be the best option for you because it will be easier to move in and move out of the apartment. The majority of employers in the UAE will either directly supply housing or provide their workers a housing allowance.

How much does rent cost in Dubai?

Housing, Rental, and Utilities: Residential expenses will rely on where you choose to live, and where you choose to live in Dubai will be largely dependant on where you will do business. Housing, Rental, and Utilities: Residential costs will depend on where you choose to live. The following is a reference of what you might anticipate in terms of the monthly expenditures associated with renting a residential property.

Type of Apartment Cost of rent per month
Apartment (1 bedroom) in City Centre AED 5,141. 89 (USD 1 399. 92)
Apartment (1 bedroom) Outside of Centre AED 3,281. 72 (USD 893. 47)
Apartment (3 bedrooms) in City Centre AED 9,766. 53 (USD 2 659. 01)
Apartment (3 bedrooms) Outside of Centre AED 6,792. 74 (USD 1 849. 38)
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One of the most sought-after neighborhoods in Dubai is called Jumeirah Lakes Tower, sometimes known as JLT. In addition to Dubai Marina, Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR), and Dubai’s Old Town, this neighborhood is quite popular with expatriates. Rental costs in these areas are comparable to one another. It costs around AED 66,236 (USD 18032. 23) each year to rent a one-bedroom apartment in JLT, which comes out to approximately AED 5,519.

How much does rent cost to live in Dubai?

Renting a Home or Apartment If you are interested in renting a house or apartment in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), you should know that the process is straightforward; nevertheless, rental costs are high. The United Arab Emirates is recognized for giving good pay, but a significant portion of these income are used to cover the extremely high cost of living in the country.

Is Dubai rent cheap?

Viewing a $1,000 & $1,500 per month apartment in Dubai 2022 (viewing vlog)

When it comes to renting an apartment, everyone is constantly seeking for a better offer. Also, if you’re looking to relocate to Dubai, it’s a good idea to shop about and see if you can find a better bargain than the one you’re now considering. According to a report by the real estate company Asteco, the cost of renting an apartment in Dubai would decrease by 14% in 2020, while the cost of renting a villa will decrease by 7%.

  1. In addition, the highest rentals in the city are found in sites that are close to the city center or near a beach, as well as at residences that include private gardens and facilities like as swimming pools and fitness centers;
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Are you looking for the most reasonably priced rental options in Dubai? We are listening. According to Asteco, International City is the neighborhood in the city with the lowest average monthly rent prices. The typical beginning monthly rent for an apartment with one bedroom is Dhs25,000 in this region.

  • Following that, we have Jumeirah Village, Dubai Sports City, and Deira, all of which have average monthly rates beginning at 35,000 Dirhams for a one-bedroom flat;
  • Discovery Gardens, Business Bay, and Jumeirah Lake Towers are the next more inexpensive neighborhoods, with rentals for a one-bedroom apartment average between Dhs37,000 and Dhs47,500;

These neighborhoods are somewhat more costly than Downtown Dubai. You now know where to search if you are going to be moving soon or if you are looking for a cheaper apartment to rent.

Is living in Dubai expensive?

Is it Affordable to Live in Dubai? The Mercer Cost of Living indicates that Dubai is a city with a high overall cost of living. It came in at number 23 on the list of the 209 most expensive places to visit. On the other hand, the cost of living here is around 25% lower than in New York City, and approximately 4% lower than in neighboring Abu Dhabi.

How much is Dubai Monthly?


Housing COST (PER MONTH) Studios: AED 2,583 (Al Nahda), AED 4,166 (Dubai Marina)
Groceries COST (PER MONTH) AED 480
Utilities COST (PER MONTH) AED 750 – AED 1k
Total COST (PER MONTH) AED 3k – AED 5k
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How much should you spend on rent Dubai?

Having a good understanding of your finances – The typical person’s housing costs make up the greatest portion of their monthly expenses. It’s recommended that you spend no more than thirty percent of your income on housing as a general rule of thumb. On a monthly wage of AED 20,000, for instance, a sum of AED 6,000 or less ought to be set aside for housing. This amounts to AED 72,000 on an annual basis.

Having said that, the financial predicament of each person is unique. It’s possible that you’ll have more wiggle space in your housing budget if you keep your spending on transportation and entertainment to a minimum.

“Dubai residents are finally seeing rents reduced to a level that is considered affordable, and as a result, their cost of living is going down,” said LYNNETTE ABAD, DIRECTOR OF RESEARCH & DATA, PROPERTY FINDER. “As the Dubai property market matures, residents are finally seeing rents reduced to a level that is considered affordable.” In Deira, a studio apartment may be rented on an annual basis for as little as AED 18,000.

How much is Dubai Monthly?


Housing COST (PER MONTH) Studios: AED 2,583 (Al Nahda), AED 4,166 (Dubai Marina)
Groceries COST (PER MONTH) AED 480
Utilities COST (PER MONTH) AED 750 – AED 1k
Total COST (PER MONTH) AED 3k – AED 5k