How Much Is Iphone 11 Uae?

How Much Is Iphone 11 Uae
The iPhone 11 is Apple’s newest and most advanced smartphone. Apple has revolutionized technology and brought it to a whole new level of functionality with the release of the iPhone 11. The iPhone 11, the iPhone 11 Pro, and the iPhone 11 Pro Max are the three models that make up Apple’s eleventh generation of iPhones.

  1. The 64GB version of the iPhone 11 will have a pricing in the UAE that starts at AED 2,949.
  2. The cost will grow proportionally when the amount of available storage space is increased.
  3. You can get an iPhone 11 with 128 GB of storage for AED 3159, while purchasing an iPhone 11 with 256 GB of storage will cost you AED 3579.

An improved color palette, longer battery life, and the much expected A13 Bionic CPU all come at a price range that’s hard to beat! Visit the Jumbo website for for information on the cost of the iPhone 11 model. At Jumbo, we make it a priority to provide you with the most up-to-date options available in the world of cellphones.

How Much Is iPhone 11 in UAE now?

Cost of an iPhone 11 in the UAE

Model Price*
iPhone 11 256GB (PRODUCT)RED AED 3,129
iPhone 11 64GB White AED 2,499
iPhone 11 128GB White AED 2,709
iPhone 11 256GB White AED 3,129

Is iPhone 11 cheap in Dubai?

The starting price of the Apple iPhone 11 in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates is Rs 57,100, which is roughly Rs 7,800 less than in India. After taxes, the Apple iPhone 11 (64GB) retails for 2,949 Dirham in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates. This price is equivalent to around Rs.57,100 in India.

How Much Is iPhone 11 for now?

Price of the iPhone 11: The iPhone 11 will be available for purchase for $699. The retail price of the iPhone 11 Pro will be $999, while the retail price of the iPhone 11 Pro Max will be $1,099. Apple is offering trade-in discounts for older models in order to encourage customers to upgrade.

How Much Is iPhone 11 Pro Max in UAE now?

IPhone 11 Pro Max Costs in the United Arab Emirates

Model Price*
iPhone 11 Pro Max 64GB AED 4,439
iPhone 11 Pro Max 256GB AED 5,069
iPhone 11 Pro Max 512GB AED 5,919

Is iPhone 11 waterproof?

An explanation of IP ratings The iPhone 11 has been given an IP68 rating in accordance with standard IEC 60529. The ingress protection rating, often known as the IP rating, is a standard of measurement that was developed to illustrate how resistant a device is to water, dirt, and dust.

  1. The first number of an item’s IP rating indicates how resistant the item is to solid material, such as dirt and dust; in the case of the iPhone 11, this number is 6.
  2. The IP chart identifies a rating of six as “protection from contact with hazardous dust.” The second number, which on the iPhone 11 is “8,” refers to the device’s “water resistance” and indicates how well it can withstand contact with liquids.

The phrase “protected from immersion in water at a depth of more than one meter” appears next to an eight on the scale. Even though it is not included in all assessments, a time estimate is typically offered; in most situations, this estimate is for around half an hour.

  • This implies that the iPhone 11 is virtually totally resistant to dirt and dust, and it can endure being submerged in water up to 1.5 meters (about five feet) deep for around thirty minutes.
  • Because there is a substantial difference between having something that is “waterproof” and having something that is “water resistant,” you do not want to keep it submerged in a significant amount of water for a significant period of time.

Remember that the water resistance rating only pertains to the product in question. If there is only a small amount of water that gets spilled on the iPhone 11, it should be alright. However, this does not apply to other liquids such as soda, beer, milk, or coffee, which can all cause harm.

  1. With an IP68 certification, the iPhone 11 is one of the gadgets that offers the highest level of protection against water.
  2. However, this does not imply that you should purposefully expose it to wet or moisture because of what it is resistant to.
  3. The resistance of a gadget to water immersion is evaluated using the IP rating.
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In the event that the housing of your iPhone 11 develops any cracks or fractures, water may be able to enter and cause harm to the internal components.

Is iPhone cheap in Dubai?

Is the price of an iPhone reasonable in Dubai? The iPhone 13 costs AED 3,399 in Dubai, which is equivalent to around Rs 68,200 in India. This means that the iPhone 13 costs less than Rs 11,000 in the United Arab Emirates. Similarly, the price of an iPhone 13 Pro in Dubai is AED 4,199, which converts to Rs 84,300 in India.

Is iPhone 11 dual SIM?

Dual SIM functionality is available on iPhone 12 models, iPhone 11 models, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR. This functionality enables users to use both a nano-SIM and an eSIM simultaneously.

Is iPhone 11 a good phone?

iPhone 11 price in UAE: sales offer on iPhone 11 in Dubai.

The iPhone 11 Is Still A Fantastic Buy Despite Its Age – The iPhone 11 has more positive qualities than it has negative ones. It has a strong battery life, powerful cameras, and lots of processing power, and it will continue to get software upgrades for many years to come.

The lower-quality display and absence of 5G connectivity are annoyances, but they are not significant enough problems to dissuade the majority of people from purchasing the phone, especially considering that it costs $499. In 2022, the iPhone SE 3 is the only other iPhone model that can be purchased for less than $500.

In addition to having a more recent A15 Bionic processor, it now boasts 5G connection and costs only $429. However, there is a plethora of drawbacks that accompany it as well. The display on the iPhone SE 3 is significantly smaller and of a worse quality, there is no ultra-wide camera, the battery life is worse, and the device is even less resistant to water. How Much Is Iphone 11 Uae

How Much Is iPhone 11 Pro now?

Best deals in USD, GBP

$ 899.00 $ 1,049.00 $ 1,249.00
$ 568.95 $ 698.95
$ 899.99 $ 1,049.99 $ 1,249.99

How can I get an iPhone 11 for free?

Home Deals Deal (Tom’s Guide is responsible for the image.) Even when compared to its more powerful successor, the iPhone 12, the iPhone 11 is still a highly attractive option for those looking for a new smartphone. During the last several months, it has been offered at some attractive discounts; however, during this year’s back to school sale, the smartphone is being offered at the very lowest price possible: absolutely nothing.

  1. When an iPhone 11 is purchased online from Verizon at this time, the customer will receive a free upgrade to iOS 11 (link opens in new tab).
  2. This is undoubtedly one of the finest discounts that we have seen for a Verizon phone, since it entails a savings of $599, which is a significant amount.
  3. Even though the service provider has previously sold the gadget for as cheap as $299 (together with a $250 gift card for clients who met certain requirements), this price is very impossible to top.

Given the quality of the offer, it is inevitable that there would be some restrictions placed on it. In order to qualify for the $599 savings, you will need to activate a new data line and enroll in one of the unlimited data plans offered by the carrier.

  1. Your bill will reflect the credits over a period of up to 24 months.
  2. In addition to that, there is a one-time activation cost of $35.
  3. Even if the iPhone 11 is no longer the most recent model in Apple’s lineup, it is still an outstanding mobile device.
  4. It is able to surpass many of the greatest Android phones thanks to the A13 Bionic chip that it is powered by.
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The smartphone also includes two cameras on the back that are capable of taking really good photographs. In addition, the battery life of the iPhone 11 is really impressive, and it even manages to outperform its own successor, the iPhone 12, in this regard.

Our assessment of the iPhone 11 included the following statement: “The iPhone 11 provides exceptional cameras, rapid performance, and good battery life, making it the iPhone to purchase for many people.” We also bestowed upon it our Editor’s Choice distinction as a sign of our approval. If you would still want a more modern phone, we are also keeping an eye out for the greatest discounts on the iPhone 12 right now.

Despite the fact that you won’t be able to get the most recent iPhone at a price nearly as low as free just soon. Rory is the Deals Editor at Tom’s Guide, which is based in the United Kingdom. He discusses a wide variety of subjects, but places special emphasis on sales, gaming, and streaming services.

Is iPhone 11 Pro cheap in Dubai?

The Apple iPhone 11 Pro may be purchased for AED 2,727 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, around noon when the price is at its lowest.

What is the price of iPhone 11 Pro in Dubai?

IPhone 11 Pro Costs in the United Arab Emirates

Model Price*
iPhone 11 Pro 64GB Space Gray AED 3,619
iPhone 11 Pro 256GB Space Gray AED 4,199
iPhone 11 Pro 64GB Gold AED 3,699
iPhone 11 Pro 64GB Silver AED 3,843

What is the iPhone price in Dubai?

IPhone Prices in UAE – Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah

Model Price*
iPhone 13 Pro Starting from AED 4,199
iPhone 13 Starting from AED3,399
iPhone 13 Mini Starting from AED 2,999
iPhone 12 Pro Max Starting from AED 4,699

Is iPhone 11 pro cheap in Dubai?

The Apple iPhone 11 Pro may be purchased for AED 2,727 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, around noon when the price is at its lowest.

Which country is iPhone cheapest?

The Most Important Parts of the Story – The recently released iPhone 13 cellphones have fairly high costs due to the local levies that have been implemented. There are not many significant price variations between nations for the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini in their most basic configurations.

  1. If you buy it from the United States of America, Hong Kong, Australia, the United Arab Emirates, or any of the other nations listed, you may save a significant amount of money.
  2. As a result of the recent announcement on the iPhone 13 pricing in different countries, consumers all around the world are excitedly anticipating the imminent launch of Apple’s newest iPhone 13 Plus.

Nevertheless, as of right now, consumers in some regions of the world will be required to pay a price that is noticeably more than the price of the new iPhone 13 in other regions of the world. This price hike might practically treble the amount that the new iPhone 13 could cost in a region like India or Brazil, where there is a lot of competition.

  • Check also this related article: What’s the Difference Between the OnePlus 9RT and the OnePlus 9R? A chart comparing the cost of purchasing the new iPhone 13 in various regions has just been made available.
  • The United States of America is the region where you can get any model of the iPhone 13 series at the lowest price, as indicated by the list.

However, if you live in some countries, such as Brazil, you could decide against purchasing an iPhone. In Brazil, several iPhone models can be purchased for their utmost possible cost. Several iterations of the iPhone have exhibited the pattern during the course of Apple’s product lifecycle.

  • Beginning on September 24, 2021, the smartphones will be made available for purchase in India.
  • In India, the iPhone 13 costs Rs 79,900 for 128 GB, while the iPhone 13 mini is the most economical alternative at Rs 69,900.
  • Both of these prices are in Indian rupees.
  • On the other hand, the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max each have a price tag of Rs 1,19,900 and Rs 1,29,000, respectively.
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In the next section, we will explore which countries offer the iPhone 13 at the best price and where you can get it. You might be be interested in reading: iQOO Z5 Series India Launch Teased; 5000mAh Battery Confirmed

What is the price of iPhone 12 in UAE?

IPhone 12 Prices in UAE – Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah – The Apple iPhone 12 is now available in the UAE, with pricing beginning at AED 3,399 for the iPhone 12 64GB model. Other configurations of the iPhone 12 may be purchased at prices beginning at AED 3,609 (128GB) and AED 4029.

Model Price*
iPhone 12 64GB (PRODUCT) RED AED 3,399
iPhone 12 64GB White AED 3,399
iPhone 12 64GB Green AED 3,399
iPhone 12 64GB Purple AED 3,399
iPhone 12 64GB Black AED 3,399
iPhone 12 64GB Blue AED 3,399
iPhone 12 128GB (PRODUCT) RED AED 3,499
iPhone 12 128GB White AED 3,499
iPhone 12 128GB Green AED 3,499
iPhone 12 128GB Purple AED 3,499
iPhone 12 128GB Black AED 3,499
iPhone 12 128GB Blue AED 3,499
iPhone 12 256GB (PRODUCT) RED AED 4,029
iPhone 12 256GB White AED 4,029
iPhone 12 256GB Green AED 4,029
iPhone 12 256GB Purple AED 4,029
iPhone 12 256GB Black AED 4,029
iPhone 12 256GB Blue AED 4,029

Price includes 5% of the VAT

Is 64GB enough for iPhone 11?

So, which model of the iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 Pro should I get: 64 gigabytes, 128 gigabytes, 256 gigabytes, or 512 gigabytes? – The 64GB storage capacity of the iPhone 11/Pro/Max is more than sufficient for storing all of your apps, as well as filming and storing tens of thousands of images and endless hours of video footage.

  • If you want to capture a lot of 4K videos and download a lot of movies, games, and music onto your phone, then you definitely need to think about upgrading to a storage choice that has more space available.
  • Those may eat up 64GB fairly rapidly.
  • On the other hand, if you stream everything that you watch or listen to and don’t play more than five or six huge games at a time, a 64GB iPhone 11 will be more than plenty for your requirements.

If you use your iPhone for everything, including business and pleasure, you should give some thought to the 128GB and 256GB storage choices that are available on the iPhone 11/Pro/Max. You will also be better off with one of these storage options if you are unsure as to whether 64GB will fit all of the games you want to play, the movies and shows you want to download and watch offline, or your music collection, especially if it is a large one.

  • In this case, you will be better off going with one of the options that offers more storage space.
  • The storage capacity of 512 gigabytes on the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Max is excessive for the vast majority of consumers and represents a needless investment.
  • On the other hand, if you want all of your movies and shows, as well as an infinite number of songs and games, this is the storage choice you should go for on your phone.

People who want to record continuously in 4K at 60 frames per second without having to worry about storage space, as well as gamers who want all of the games they could possibly require stored on their device, will find that 512GB is the ideal option. How Much Is Iphone 11 Uae