How Much Is Dubai Coin?

How Much Is Dubai Coin
DBIC Price Live Data – As of right now, the live price of DubaiCoin is $ 7.5287538 per (DBIC / USD), and it has a market cap that is currently equal to $ 38.62M USD. The volume of trade during the course of 24 hours is $ 599,262.88 USD. The value of DBIC for one US Dollar is kept up to current in real time.

Change Amount %
Today $ -1.2184309 -16.18%

How much is Dubai coin worth today?

At the moment, one DBIX can be purchased for $1.13552.

Can you buy Dubai coin?

How to acquire DubaiCoin: As of right now, DubaiCoin is not currently accessible on any major exchanges. However, interested investors who are wanting to buy the cryptocurrency will need to do so by trading it for Bitcoin or Binance Coin at exchanges where the coin is still available.

Who owns Dubai coin?

Following the trend, Dubai has introduced its own own cryptocurrency, which is known as DubaiCoin (DBIX). The cryptocurrency, which is based on a public blockchain, is currently trading on a limited number of platforms. Individuals will be able to mine their very own DubaiCoins because to the availability of public blockchain.

The price of the cryptocurrency has increased by a factor of one thousand in the past twenty-four hours. As of May 27, 2018, the price of DubaiCoin had increased to $1.13 from its previous price of $0.17, as reported by Nevertheless, the Government of Dubai has made it clear that the digital coin has not been sanctioned in any way by a legitimate governing body.

The digital money known as Dubai Coin was never sanctioned by any government institution. Phishing is a sort of online fraud in which sensitive information, such as passwords and credit card numbers, is fraudulently obtained from unsuspecting victims.

picture of the tweet: Dubai Media Office (@DXBMediaOffice) May 27, 2021 Arabianchain Technology, which is situated in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), was the business that introduced DubaiCoin. It asserts that it is the first public cryptocurrency in the Arabic world that is built on blockchain technology.

According to a statement released by the firm, DubaiCoin will soon be acceptable payment for a wide variety of goods and services, both offline and online. Additionally, it will be able to take the place of conventional bank-backed currencies. According to the statement made by the corporation, “Circulation of the new digital money will be managed both by the city itself and by licensed brokers.” It would appear that DubaiCoin will operate in a manner that is considerably distinct from that of standard cryptocurrencies.

  • For example, mining would make the coin more volatile, but Arabchain has stated that the city of Dubai is regulating its pricing.
  • This is despite the fact that mining would make the coin more volatile.
  • It is possible that it may be accepted as a digital money by a central bank.
  • It is the item that comes closest to the official digital Yuan that is being tested in China right now, and it is being used there.

There are other nations that are contemplating adopting digital variants of the flat country format. Nearer to home, the Indian cryptocurrency platform known as Polygon has been generating a lot of buzz recently. Mark Cuban, known for his role as a billionaire investor on the television show “Shark Tank,” has made an investment in Polygon.

  1. Matic, the platform’s native token, just surpassed a market worth of $10 billion and is currently ranked among the top 20 most valuable cryptocurrencies in the world.
  2. In addition, the value of cryptocurrencies had an upward trend on Friday after trading at a lower level on Thursday.
  3. At around 9:25 in the morning, the price of bitcoin was trading slightly above $38,000.

Despite China’s ongoing crackdown on virtual currency, it is still having trouble breaking the $40,000 barrier. Bitcoin’s value has decreased by almost 30 percent this month as a result of China’s regulatory crackdown and Elon Musk’s concerns on the impact of cryptocurrency mining on the environment.

What do Dubai money look like?

It is highly recommended that you familiarize yourself with the local currency before going to the Dubai Mall or participating in Dubai’s exciting nightlife scene. The United Arab Emirates dirham is the currency that is used in Dubai. The formal abbreviation for the United Arab Emirates dirham is AED, although most people just abbreviate it as Dhs or DH.

  • One dirham is equal to one hundred fils.
  • There are ten different denominations of dirham notes: five (brown), ten (green), twenty (blue/green), fifty (purple), one hundred (red), two hundred (brown), five hundred (navy blue), and one thousand (green/blue).
  • In general, you will only find coins worth 1 dirham, 50 fils, and 25 fils in circulation, and the majority of businesses will round their prices up to the nearest 25 fils.

You should make an effort to have smaller notes with you at all times. Not only are they convenient for tipping, but it might be difficult to receive change for bills bigger than 100 dirhams in taxis and certain convenience stores.

What do UAE coins look like?

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What images are shown on the coins of the United Arab Emirates? – There are three different denominations of coins used in the United Arab Emirates: the 1 Dirham coin, the 50 fils coin, and the 25 fils coin. On the front, or obverse, of each of these coins is a distinctive emblem, and below it is the year the coin was struck, written in both the Hijri year and the Gregorian year.

  • You can also discover various commemorative coins that are made expressly to showcase rulers of the UAE as well as other designs to highlight significant occasions.
  • These coins can be found in a variety of denominations.
  • Along with the coin’s value, the inscription “United Arab Emirates” is minted on the reverse (back) of all UAE coins.

This inscription is in both English and Arabic. The numerals on all of the United Arab Emirates coins are written in Arabic script. An explanation of each of the one-of-a-kind emblems that may be found on United Arab Emirates coins is provided below.