How Much Do Cars Cost In Dubai?

How Much Do Cars Cost In Dubai
How Much Does a New Car Cost in Dubai? – As you might expect, the price of a new car in Dubai can vary greatly based on the model and manufacturer of the automobile that is being purchased. You should budget upwards of one million AED for a luxury automobile, while the price range for a more modest and wallet-friendly car is between one hundred fifty thousand and three hundred thousand AED.

On the other hand, the cost of a brand-new automobile is determined by a number of different elements. When you have chosen the make and model of the automobile that you want to buy, the next step is to investigate the going rate for cars that are comparable in Dubai. It is important to keep in mind that the total amount of taxes that you will be responsible for paying will be based on the kind of car that you choose to purchase.

You will also need to take into consideration any costs that may be imposed by the government for licensing or registering your business.

How much does a car cost in Dubai?

The United Arab Emirates had an average listing price for a car in 2019 of around 102 thousand Emirati dirhams. This was the case for the year 2019. When compared to the average price of a car listing in 2018, which was 103,7 thousand Emirati dirhams, this represented a drop.

Are vehicles expensive in Dubai?

August 26, 2021 2 min read In the United Arab Emirates, purchasing a pre-owned vehicle rather than a brand-new one is the superior and more cost-effective option. This information was provided by, which is a place in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) where you may sell your automobile quickly and effectively.

Vehicles in the UAE lose between 20 and 30 percent of their value during the first year of ownership. After then, it falls between 15 and 20% per year on average. As a result of the substantial reductions in price, motorists in the UAE are in a position to purchase more desirable and distinctive automobiles.

used cars in dubai 2020

These are the kinds of automobiles that they would never be able to afford in other markets. Even though they are considered to be pre-owned, used cars come with their own service contract and warranty, something that is not available with brand new automobiles.

  1. According to one particular survey, the cost of a 2011 Porsche Cayenne in the United Kingdom is around AED 106,000.
  2. On the other hand, in the UAE, the identical car manufacturer and model would only set you back AED 88,000.
  3. The same thing goes for the Nissan X-trail, which can be purchased in the United Kingdom for AED 38,000 but can be purchased in the United Arab Emirates for only AED 28,500.

If we go in other markets and compare them, the research shows that the 2013 Ford Explorer can be purchased in Germany for 110,000 AED. On the other hand, the same automobile can be purchased in the UAE for the price of AED 80,000. This shift in pricing is visible all the way to India, where you can now purchase a 2013 Honda Accord for the equivalent of 55,000 AED.

  • In contrast to this, the United Arab Emirates need merely 40,000 AED to acquire the identical automobile.
  • A vehicle may be purchased in Dubai for a price that is ranked among the lowest in the world by Mapping the World’s Prices Report 2018, which was released in 2018.
  • According to the survey, you would need a total of $21,854 to cover the city, but in Singapore, the most costly place, you will need a total of $86,412.
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The supply of models on the used automobile market in Dubai is more than the demand for such cars. Even on the most expensive of automobiles, it is possible to obtain outstanding prices by not haggling too much.

Are cars cheaper in USA or Dubai?

Should I bring my own automobile to Dubai or import it there, or should I just purchase a brand new one there? – As was previously said, bringing a car into Dubai through the process of importing it is typically not the most cost-effective choice. Since automobiles in Dubai are relatively more affordable than those in the western hemisphere, it is more cost-effective to sell your current car and buy a new one on the local market rather than incurring the various fees associated with shipping and importation taxes.

Having said that, if you are dead bent on bringing your car into the nation, you will be delighted to learn that Dubai’s taxes on the importation of vehicles are relatively cheap when contrasted with levies of a similar nature imposed in other parts of the world. In addition to the costs associated with insurance and registration, persons who import automobiles are simply need to pay a flat tax rate that is equivalent to 5% of the vehicle’s market value.

The car’s original purchase price is factored into Dubai’s assessment of the vehicle (factoring in depreciation and wear and tear). To import a car, you’ll need numerous documentation. You must produce a bill of sale for your car, a valid picture identity, a clear and current title, and proof of UAE residency in order to import a vehicle.

  1. If you do not have a residency visa, you will not be able to import a vehicle.
  2. In order to purchase insurance and register your car, you will need to provide extra documentation, such as utility bills indicating your address, to prove that you are a resident of the state.
  3. The United Arab Emirates will not accept the registration of your vehicle if the steering wheel is located on the right side of the vehicle.

The UAE will only accept vehicles whose steering wheels are located on the left side of the vehicle. Find a shipping firm with a good reputation that can deliver your automobile to Dubai in a secure manner. The majority will be able to provide aid with the operations of exporting and importing, frequently handling the activities totally for your convenience.

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Which car is best to buy in UAE?

The following is a list of the 12 greatest automobiles that can be purchased in the United Arab Emirates with a price ranging from AED 76,900 to AED 395,000. The Toyota Land Cruiser, the Mitsubishi Attrage, the MG ZS, the Toyota RAV 4, and the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado are projected to be the most popular automobile models in August 2022.

Model Price List
Mitsubishi Attrage AED 41,900
Toyota Land Cruiser AED 231,900 – 362,900
MG ZS AED 42,900 – 52,900
Toyota Land Cruiser Prado AED 129,900 – 204,900
Toyota RAV 4 AED 93,900 – 133,900
KIA Seltos AED 68,000
Toyota Fortuner AED 122,900 – 165,900
Toyota Corolla AED 73,900 – 95,900
Hyundai Tucson AED 80,900
Nissan Patrol AED 195,000 – 395,000
Hyundai Creta AED 59,500 – 76,900

Why car prices are so high in UAE?

70% of sales are made through customer financing. – Date of Publication: Tuesday, June 28, 2022, 2:52 p.m. This page was last modified on Tuesday, June 28 2022 at 10:41 PM. Used vehicle prices in the UAE have increased by 20% since 2022, and this trend is projected to continue since there is a lack of new automobiles, exponential rise in population, and the requirement for personal mobility during the post-pandemic period.

  1. Executives in the automotive business have observed that there is now a shortage of automobiles, and as a consequence, many people who own cars are keeping them for a length of time that is somewhat longer than what has been typical in the past.
  2. They also concluded that rising gasoline costs and an increase in interest rates would not have a significant influence on the sales of previously used vehicles in the nation because 70 percent of automobiles are purchased with the help of auto loans.

Abhinav Gupta – Cars24 “After the pandemic, the pre-owned automobile industry in the UAE has seen an exponential increase in demand. This has been made possible by Expo 2020, which has resulted in a major increase in the number of tourists as well as the number of jobs.

  1. In addition, as a consequence of the pandemic’s effects, the need for personal mobility has increased, which has led to an increase in the number of people purchasing their first or second cars.
  2. As a result of the worldwide scarcity of chips, the used vehicle market has also continued to show robust growth “Abhinav Gupta, the CEO of Cars24’s Gulf Region, made this statement.

In spite of the fact that costs have gone up, Gupta said that the market sector is still quite reasonably priced in comparison to new ones. “The new expatriates want to be mobile as early as they can,” said Gupta, whose company has rolled out approximately 7,000 cars since it started operations in UAE last year.

“Therefore, that has also had a positive impact on the used car market,” Gupta said. “The new expatriates want to be mobile as early as they can.” Iqbal Dawood According to Iqbal Dawood, the managing director of Abu Mousa Motors, prices of used automobiles as well as new car costs are growing as a result of the exponentially high freight rates and the lingering effect of the pandemic.

“Since the beginning of the epidemic, the availability of freight has been a significant obstacle for importers of previously used automobiles. For instance, scheduling a container to travel from Japan to Africa is very hard, and even if we are successful, the freight costs are exorbitantly high.

How much is a Ferrari in Dubai?

List of Prices for Ferrari Vehicles –

Ferrari Models Price List
Ferrari GTC4Lusso AED 1.2 – 1.35 Million
Ferrari GTC4Lusso T AED 1.26 Million
Ferrari 812 Superfast AED 1.7 Million
Ferrari 488 Spider AED 1.3 Million
Ferrari 488 GTB AED 1.15 Million
Ferrari Portofino AED 850,000

7 Ferraris Can Be Found in the UAE

Can I buy a car in Dubai?

It appears that having a car in Dubai is an unspoken need for foreigners to live there. In Dubai, not only do the vast majority of non-locals own a car, but the city’s generally more affordable housing and transportation options also encourage expatriates to purchase automobiles that serve more as status symbols than as practical necessities.

  • Nevertheless, there are few options for public transportation, and when it comes down to it, owning a car in Dubai is essential, regardless of whether one prefers to travel in comfort or in a more understated manner.
  • It is important to acquire a residency visa in order to purchase a vehicle in Dubai.

If you do not possess a valid driver’s license and want to make a purchase, you are required to go to the local police station, explain the situation, and ask for permission. Cars in the UAE are slightly more reasonable than those in the United Kingdom or the United States.

  1. In addition, as an additional perk of living in an oil-rich country, expatriates will discover that both the cost of gasoline and the cost of routine maintenance are within their price range.
  2. The city of Dubai is home to a huge number of new and used automobile dealerships, not to mention a big number of expats who are continually moving in and out of the city, which creates a large network of private sellers.

It is in your best interest to do as much research as possible and to take the following into consideration before purchasing a vehicle in Dubai: Even if the car appears to be in pristine condition on the outside, you should still consult a mechanic and read the vehicle’s service history record.