How Far Is Abu Dhabi From Dubai?

How Far Is Abu Dhabi From Dubai
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  1. The distance between Abu Dhabi and Dubai is around 140 kilometers on average.
  2. Both of these cities have a great deal of notoriety within the United Arab Emirates.
  3. 140 kilometers is the amount of distance that separates the two locations by road.
  4. On the other hand, the distance when traveling by plane is 123 kilometers.
  5. The travel time between the two emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates is typically one hour and thirty minutes.
  6. In addition to the abundance of exciting activities, Dubai is a very secure place to visit.

How much is a taxi from Dubai to Abu Dhabi?

How Far Is Abu Dhabi From Dubai
Taxi – Traveling between Dubai to Abu Dhabi in a taxi is the fastest and most convenient method to do it. Taxi rides in and around Downtown Dubai typically cost between AED 250 and AED 300 for a single journey. If you are traveling during the day, the journey will start out costing you AED 5, and after that, you will be charged an extra sum of AED 1.82 each kilometer.

However, despite the potential financial burden, this is the most convenient option to get to Abu Dhabi. When traveling from Downtown Dubai to Abu Dhabi, you also have the option of using ride-hailing applications such as Uber.

The fare is projected to cost between 380 and 622 AED, and this range is dependent on the choice that you choose on the Uber app. During your cab ride from Dubai to Abu Dhabi, you will be treated to breathtaking vistas.

How far is Abu Dhabi from Dubai by plane?

One of the most time- and cost-efficient ways to go somewhere is to fly. It is risk-free, it moves quickly, and it offers a pleasant experience. The main airport in the United Arab Emirates ensures that all of the country’s major cities are well-connected to one another.

  • The time it takes to travel between the two of them now takes only a few hours at most;
  • When airplanes were first introduced, the process of purchasing tickets was a major source of anxiety;
  • However, with the advent of digitization, this procedure is now much simpler;

Cleartrip goes above and above to provide its consumers with an experience that is speedy, uncomplicated, and stress-free while buying tickets. Because of its intuitive user design, it will only take you a few clicks to have your airline tickets printed and ready to go! If you are interested in traveling from Dubai to Abu Dhabi, your best option is to take the airplane.

The following provides you with all of the information that you require. The airport that is most convenient for getting to Dubai is, and its IATA code is DXB. AUH is the IATA code for the airport that is located closest to here.

There are two active airlines that fly the route between the two cities of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. There are around four flights that go between Dubai and Abu Dhabi every week. The flight time for a direct trip between these two locations is typically close to one hour and twenty minutes.

Flights from Dubai to Abu Dhabi will set you back a minimum of 1,055 dollars. This may go on for another 8725 words. Have no fear! As a Cleartrip user, you are eligible to take advantage of a variety of exclusive discounts on domestic airline bookings.

Cleartrip is committed to provide its customers with a relaxing and trouble-free travel experience. Because it allows you to monitor the status of your PNR, provides a web check-in option, and provides customer service, you can be confident that your trip will be enjoyable.

Therefore, all you have to do is book a flight, and you can relax while we get you to your destination. Tickets for flights from Dubai to Abu Dhabi can cost as little as AED 1055 or as much as AED 8725, depending on when you go.

Note: The Cleartrip Lowest Air Tickets Calendar offers an indication of pricing (per person) for a variety of dates, making it easy for you to view the periods that provide the lowest possible air fares. There is a possibility that the airfares displayed here will not be accessible when you go to book your trip.

Are Abu Dhabi and Dubai are same?

The first question that most people ask when comparing Dubai and Abu Dhabi is, “Is Abu Dhabi in Dubai?” This is the first question that most people ask when comparing the differences between Dubai and Abu Dhabi. To begin, one thing that must not be overlooked is the fact that Abu Dhabi and Dubai are not the same location.

Is Abu Dhabi worth visiting?

Grand Mosque of Sheikh Zayed | Photo Credit: lam chihang/Flickr When planning a vacation to the UAE, the vast majority of travelers instinctively choose Dubai as their primary destination. It has been widely reported that the city is currently regarded as one of the top tourist sites in the whole world.

However, Abu Dhabi is only an hour and a half away, and travelers should strongly consider going to this great city instead of Dubai because it has so much more to offer. Because it is home to some of the most remarkable tourist destinations in the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi is likely the best place for visitors to stay while they are in the country.

In addition to serving as the nation’s capital, the city of Abu Dhabi takes up around 80 percent of the country’s total land area. Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the President of the United Arab Emirates, resides in this city as well. In point of fact, every head of state in this nation has to be from the Al Nahyan family, which is originally from Abu Dhabi. When traveling to the United Arab Emirates, it is imperative to spend some time in the nation’s capital and perhaps even to stay there.

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Do I need PCR from Dubai to Abu Dhabi?

If you are completely vaccinated, you will no longer be required to take a test in order to board a flight to Abu Dhabi after February 26, 2022. This is a change from the previous requirement, which stated that you needed to take a test in order to board a flight.

  • If you are not completely immunized, you are required to show either a COVID-19 recovery certificate or a negative PCR test result that was obtained within the previous 48 hours;
  • Your recovery certificate has to contain a QR code and be dated within the last 30 days prior to your departure;

Children under 12 are excluded. At the Abu Dhabi International Airport, passengers are not required to submit themselves to a PCR test upon their arrival any longer. However, the testing facility will continue to be located at the airport for any tourists who desire to take a PCR test in order to activate their Green Pass in the Al Hosn app and get entry to Abu Dhabi’s public areas and activities for tourists.

Can unmarried couples stay in a hotel in Dubai?

Are there restrictions on unmarried couples sharing hotel rooms? It is against the law in Dubai for unmarried couples to spend their vacations together in the same room if they are not already married. In practice, this is not tightly enforced, and it is quite rare that anybody will confront you about it.

What is the dress code in Abu Dhabi?

Things You Should Know Before Traveling to the United Arab Emirates – Let’s begin with the most fundamental question. The United Arab Emirates may be found in the middle of the Middle East, and they share a border with Saudi Arabia and the Gulf of Oman. Consider each of the seven ’emirates’ to be a state inside this country, with Abu Dhabi serving as the country’s capital.

  • A neighboring emirate that is equally as glamorous as Abu Dhabi, Dubai can be reached by automobile in around one hour and fifteen minutes;
  • It is not unexpected that the United Arab Emirates has such a large expat community because it is highly cosmopolitan and diversified; in fact, over 80% of the UAE’s population is made up of foreign nationals;

Because the environment in this area is desert-like, which means that the sun shines for the majority of the year, it is important to take this into consideration while making plans for your vacation. (Stay tuned for more on this!) Even though both Dubai and Abu Dhabi are Muslim emirates, they are unquestionably more tolerant than many of the other emirates in the region.

This assertion is qualified with the word BUT. Even if it is not necessary to cover up from head to toe, it is crucial to ALWAYS BE RESPECTFUL of the culture of the place you are visiting, and this is true regardless of where in the globe you may be.

Always keep in mind that you should dress in a way that is respectful of the culture and customs of the area you are visiting. This means choosing clothes that are sophisticated, stylish, and classic. Even though there is no mandatory dress code and Abu Dhabi and Dubai are known for their laid-back and accepting attitudes, visitors should be aware of a few things while they are in public areas.

I have been to the United Arab Emirates more times than I can count, both to see relatives and because it is a great spot for a luxury trip. As a result, I have compiled the following advice on what to dress in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, with no embellishments or other unnecessary information.

Warning: the information in this guide does not apply to the entirety of the UAE. As was noted, the United Arab Emirates is comprised of seven emirates. While the dress rules in Abu Dhabi and Dubai are renowned for being more relaxed, the dress regulations in the other emirates, such as Sharjah, are known for being much more conservative. Although I have not been to Sharjah myself, based on the research I did for this piece, this appears to be the consensus among travelers.

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Which city is richer Abu Dhabi or Dubai?

• Placed in the Political Institutions and Politics sections of the encyclopedia | Difference Between Abu Dhabi and Dubai Abu Dhabi against Dubai The fact that Dubai has been able to successfully promote itself, in contrast to Abu Dhabi, is one of the most significant distinctions between the two cities.

  • This is one of the main reasons why we have heard so little about Abu Dhabi in comparison to Dubai;
  • Dubai is well-established in terms of international investment interests and the real estate market, but Abu Dhabi is growing more appealing than Dubai in terms of long-term investment plans;

This is because Abu Dhabi offers better opportunities for diversification. The prices of real estate in Abu Dhabi are expected to continue their upward trend, according to experts. When compared to Abu Dhabi, the real estate market in Dubai is considered to be overpriced.

On the other hand, the real estate market in Abu Dhabi is believed to have tremendous opportunity for development, and it is more costly than the real estate market in London. When compared to Dubai’s judicial system, Abu Dhabi’s is considered to be more stringent.

The city of Dubai is well known for its vibrant nightlife and party scenes, whereas the city of Abu Dhabi is recognized for its calmer and more serene evenings. While Dubai is known for its retail malls and late-night entertainment options, Abu Dhabi is known for its tree-lined avenues, spacious roadways, and gorgeous parks.

  • Dubai is also known for its high levels of noise;
  • Both of these cities suffer from overcrowded traffic hours and traffic jams, and there has been a noticeable increase in the number of accidents that have occurred on the roads in Dubai;

There is almost any difference in temperature between the two cities, despite the fact that their distance from one another is only two hours. Dubai is the most western-influenced and cosmopolitan of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) states, while Abu Dhabi is more traditional.

Dubai is the destination of choice for vacations and other types of leisure activities, while Abu Dhabi is the city of choice for residents. The population of Abu Dhabi is far lower than that of Dubai, although Dubai is a lot busier overall.

When it comes to the cost of food, Abu Dhabi once again comes out on top of Dubai. In Abu Dhabi, you may consume the same cuisine at a rate that is far less expensive than in Dubai. Tourists typically choose taxis whenever they need to go between cities since it is the most convenient option.

Taxis are not hard to come by while traveling from Abu Dhabi to Dubai, but it might be challenging to acquire one when traveling back to Abu Dhabi from Dubai. It is generally thought that Abu Dhabi is wealthier than Dubai since it is home to more than eighty percent of the UAE’s total landmass.

Because it is the capital of the United Arab Emirates, despite its size it is far more politically significant than Dubai. When compared to Dubai, Abu Dhabi’s levels of net income are greater, and they are still growing, thanks to the country’s abundant oil resources.

Summary: 1. Abu Dhabi is the political center of the United Arab Emirates and serves as the country’s capital. Compared to Abu Dhabi, Dubai is more active, has a larger population, and has higher living costs.

Many different types of businesses, both domestic and international, have their headquarters in Dubai. Compared to Dubai, Abu Dhabi has a higher standard of living and is experiencing a faster increase in its level of disposable income. The city of Dubai is more influenced by western culture, whereas the city of Abu Dhabi is known for its more traditional traditions.

Is Abu Dhabi expensive?

You thought it would be expensive to live in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, didn’t you? Hold off till you look at this list. Mercer, an American asset management company, has announced the findings of its Cost of Living survey for the year 2021, which identifies the locations across the world that will be the most and least costly to live in respectively.

  • The ranking for 2021, which includes 209 cities located on five continents, measured the relative prices of more than 200 different goods and services in each location;
  • The results of the survey revealed that the city with the highest overall cost of living for 2021 will be Ashgabat, which is located in Turkmenistan;

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot has changed in the previous year, and Mercer has undertaken particular assessments on the categories of items that have seen a relative rise in demand as a result of the pandemic’s impact on consumer shopping patterns.

The pricing investigation concentrated on three distinct categories of goods: well-known “comfort foods,” household cleaning supplies, and entertainment options for the home. The cost of living in Dubai, which was previously listed at number 23, has increased to the point that it is now the 42nd most expensive city in which to reside in 2021.

The cost of living in Abu Dhabi also decreased significantly, falling from the 39th most expensive city in the world to the 56th most expensive city in the world for the year 2021. The following cities are among the top 20 most expensive places to live in the world right now, as ranked by Mercer’s Cost of Living city rating for 2021: 1.

  1. Ashgabat, Turkmenistan 2;
  2. Hong Kong, Hong Kong 3;
  3. Beirut, Lebanon 4;
  4. Tokyo, Japan 5;
  5. Zurich, Switzerland 6;
  6. Shanghai, China 7;
  7. Singapore, Singapore 8;
  8. Geneva, Switzerland 9;
  9. Beijing, China 10;
  10. Bern, Switzerland 11;
  11. Seoul, the Capital of South Korea 12;
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Shenzhen, China 13. Ndjamena, Chad 14. The Big Apple, United States of America 15. Tel Aviv, Israel 16. Copenhagen, Denmark 17. Guangzhou, China 18. The capital of the United Kingdom, London 19. Lagos, Nigeria 20. Libreville, Gabon And what are the 10 cities that will have the lowest cost of living in 2021? 200.

Banjul, Gambia 201. Karachi, Pakistan 202. Gaborone, Botswana 203. Tashkent, Uzbekistan 204. Windhoek, Namibia 205. Brasilia, Brazil 206. Tunis, Tunisia 207. Tbilisi, Georgia 208. Lusaka, Zambia 209. Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan Do you want to find out where the city you call home ranks? You may view the whole list of rankings by clicking on this link.

Head on over to this page for the most up-to-date information on what’s going on in Dubai. may be accessed in the following manner: for Abu Dhabi, click here; for Sharjah, go here. Take a look at some of the best bargains, offers, and discounts that are available this summer.

This summer, you may save money by staying in and enjoying activities like going to the pool or joining beach clubs. You may learn more here. If you’ve recently relocated to Dubai, there are 21 things you really must familiarize yourself with.

Something new in Dubai? Or have you simply been absent for a long and feel the need for a review? The following are some short details concerning your arrival in Dubai that you need to be aware of. You may learn more here. Are you all set to go? You may now use your Emirates ID to demonstrate that you have completed both the PCR and immunization requirements with Emirates.

Is there a train between Dubai and Abu Dhabi?

Now connected is the Etihad Rail track line running between Abu Dhabi and Dubai – The direct rail link between Abu Dhabi and Dubai, which was being constructed by Etihad Rail, has now been finished. News & Media.

Is Dubai safer than Abu Dhabi?

Is Abu Dhabi safer than Dubai? – Travelers won’t have to worry about their safety in either Dubai or Abu Dhabi. It might surprise you to learn that both of these emirates consistently receive high rankings among the safest places in the world. According to the most recent available data, the United Arab Emirates has an average murder rate of only 0.3 percent per 100,000 population, and armed robberies are relatively uncommon.

Can Dubai taxi enter Abu Dhabi?

Moving between the two cities of Abu Dhabi and Dubai Buses make their way to the city’s primary locations, and individual tickets cost 25 AED. You may also go from Abu Dhabi to Dubai via cab. You may make a reservation for a cab using the Abu Dhabi taxi app or one of the many alternative apps that provide on-demand ride-hailing services.

Is Uber or taxi cheaper in Dubai?

Ride-sharing applications like Uber and Careem have lately become popular in Dubai, posing a threat to Dubai Taxi’s position as the market leader. You have the option of using Uber or Careem, a homegrown firm that presently operates in 53 locations across the Middle East, North Africa, and South Asia.

Careem is currently the largest ridesharing platform in the region. However, which option should you pick? The prices of Uber and Careem are often higher than those of taxis in Dubai. The advantage of using Uber is that it charges a flat fee, which means that even if there is traffic and you are traveling a long distance, it will still cost the same amount.

In general, while traveling shorter distances, Careem is more cost-effective than Uber, and Uber is more cost-effective when traveling greater distances.

Can Abu Dhabi Taxi go to Dubai?

Taking a cab from Abu Dhabi to Dubai will take 1 hour and 13 minutes and cost between AED 220 and AED 270. This will be the shortest option to travel between the two cities.

Is there a train between Dubai and Abu Dhabi?

Now connected is the Etihad Rail track line running between Abu Dhabi and Dubai – The direct rail link between Abu Dhabi and Dubai, which was being constructed by Etihad Rail, has now been finished. News and the Media.