How Dubai Created Fake Rain?

How Dubai Created Fake Rain
The United Arab Emirates’ (UAE) government has used a practice known as cloud seeding as part of its plan to alleviate the nation’s severe water shortage. There are a few different names for cloud seeding, including “man generated precipitation,” “artificial rain creation,” and “cloud seeding.” The United Arab Emirates was one of the first nations in the Arabian Gulf area to implement cloud seeding technology, making it a pioneer in the field.

Because of the country’s severely dry environment, UAE researchers have begun to implement cloud seeding technology in an effort to alleviate the country’s severe water shortage. They do this by using weather radar to keep a constant eye on the atmosphere around the country. It has been predicted by meteorologists and other experts that cloud seeding operations can increase rainfall by up to 30–35% in an environment with low levels of humidity, and by up to 10-15% in an atmosphere with higher levels of humidity.

Because it is impossible to anticipate the long-term global repercussions of this practice, it has given rise to worries over the influence that it will have on the environment.0:27 Cloud seeding showers in Dubai

How does Dubai create artificial rain?

Did It Cross Your Mind? – Prince William and Kate Middleton hired cloud seeding services to ensure that their wedding would not be rained off, since they were concerned about the persistently wet weather in England. At the Beijing Olympics in 2008, China prevented rain by manipulating clouds via cloud seeding. How Dubai Created Fake Rain

How does Dubai’s’shocking clouds’create rain?

Dubai has conducted tests of a rain-enhancing technology that involves drones releasing electrical charges into clouds in order to cause them to create rain. This comes at a time when temperatures in the United Arab Emirates may reach up to 50 degrees Celsius.

  1. Video Loading Video Unavailable The technique known as “cloud shocking” was used to produce rain in Dubai.
  2. In an effort to alleviate the effects of a heatwave that has reached 50 degrees Celsius, Dubai has devised its own system to produce rain in the absence of assistance from mother nature.
  3. A city in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has developed a system involving drones that “shocks” clouds into creating rain.
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It is part of a multi-million dollar attempt to combat the searing temperatures and increase the meager annual rainfall average of barely four inches in the Middle Eastern country. The country, which is one of the driest on Earth, is presently experiencing a heatwave that is causing citizens to frequently experience temperatures of 50 degrees Celsius or higher.

As a direct consequence of this, the country’s National Center of Meteorology has begun testing the use of the drone technology, which injects electrical charges into clouds. What are your thoughts on this matter? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below. Drones are being used to give electric pulses to clouds in the hopes that the clouds would create rain.

Because it does not require the utilization of chemicals, the drone system is considered to be a more environmentally responsible choice. This technique, which is also known as cloud-seeding, causes the clouds to congregate and eventually turn into precipitation.

  • The National Center for Meteorology (NCM) has shared some breathtaking film that depicts monsoon-like downpours smashing automobiles as they travel across roads.
  • These are views that are often only seen in South East Asian nations; however, the UAE is not one of them.
  • And the drones appear to have been so successful in their mission that a yellow weather warning has been issued in other regions of the country where the technology has already been tested in pilot programs.

As the effectiveness of the system becomes more apparent, heavy rain can be seen pounding on automobiles. The United Arab Emirates is providing funding for this research, which is one of nine rain-enhancing initiatives now underway. According to Wired, there was a moment during the storm that the intensity of the rain became so great that many began to wonder if the technology had gone too far, seeing as how it had created floods.

Since 2017, Professor Maarten Ambaum from the University of Reading has been contributing to the cloud-seeding initiative, which is one of the nine different ways in which the United Arab Emirates is funding efforts to increase rainfall. By subscribing to the Mirror’s free newsletters, you can get the latest news sent to your inbox.

Visit to choose the email service that best suits your needs. Earlier in the year, he gave an interview to the BBC in which he stated, “The water table is lowering rapidly in UAE and the goal of this is to attempt to help with rains.” According to him, there are sufficient clouds in the UAE for the technology, which functions “like dry hair to a comb,” to be successful. How Dubai Created Fake Rain

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Is Dubai’s Rain creation Experiment a greener alternative?

Dubai artificially creating rainstorms with drones and electricity

Because the electric charge was distributed by battery-powered drones in the Dubai trial, it is being hailed as a more environmentally friendly alternative to the conventional procedures that have been used up until now. In 2017, the UAE Research Program for Rain Enhancement Science contracted the University of Reading to carry out the rain-making experiment in Dubai.